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More wealth is NOT more happiness!

Updated on September 24, 2017

Good character...

No man who is greedy is really happy!

It is a ‘myth’ that a large house means more happiness; heavy bank balance means exhilaration; a bigger car means much joy. When we think deeply, it is a mere imagination of the mind, an illusion of the mind. The taste of sweetness does not linger on the tongue for more than a minute. Similarly all the acquisitions are mere tinsel and trash which cannot accompany us to the other world when we die; what we are going to carry is the effects of good and bad deeds done during this life on our own volition. Yes, there is a way to perform tasks; the results won’t bind us to the cycle of births and deaths. Surrendering the effect of all deeds to the Lord and remaining unconcerned. This is what Lord Krishna taught to Arjuna during the great war of Mahabaratha.l “Perform your duty keeping me in mind. No sin will affect you. Surrender is the main teaching of Bagawat Gita! To whom we should surrender? We should surrender only to God! In this world, everyone has a duty to perform. It is the duty to family, parents, preceptor and to the society. We are indebted to our parents, preceptor, society and god! The human life is not meant for eating, drinking, sleeping and mating! All other species of living beings share the above. The intelligent mankind should not waste their precious life in mean and vain activities. No doubt, for living we have to eat, drink and sleep for rest. For the propagation of mankind, mating is a part of life but it is not the sole aim of life. Our life is meant for higher attainments. It is given to us for ultimate merger in the supreme self using our faculties, intellect and intuition. We

Rules of happiness!

Comparison is a bad habit.

We have a bad habit. It is comparing our life with that of others. When we compare our life with those of higher status, we get jealousy and this trigger unhappiness and grief. If at all we compare, we may compare our life with the unfortunate lot who are penniless, who hanker for a morsel of food, have no decent clothing or a roof over their head. There are billions of such unfortunate beings in this world. But god has provided us with basic items of survival and other amenities and hence it is wiser to count our blessings compared to those who are unfortunate. We should not hanker for more and more which is nothing but ‘greed’. Even a little amount of greed will distance us from god ward journey. Holding something involve efforts. Relinquishing something which is held in our grip is a relief. Hence we must free ourselves from unwanted burdens of wealth and properties. It is enough to have the means of leading just a comfortable existence. Look at the billionaires! Are they happy? Really no rich man is happy! Wealth and happiness is not vouchsafed simultaneously by god. If one wants to be wealthy, he has to forgo happiness from the life. If one wants happiness, he should be content with what little he possesses. Man is sustained by food and water, protected by cloth and sheltered from sun and rain. This is the basic need of any human being. But majority of human beings have many desires which have no relevance to happiness. For instance, the gadgets of present day breed more fear and anxiety in the minds of children and young people. These additional acquisitions are addictions like drug and liquor. Today 90% of the people flaunt a mobile phone! A mobile phone is meant for talking and messaging. The company manufacturing mobile sets unnecessarily added many unwanted features in the handsets. The results are even life threatening as in the case of ‘blue whale games’. By knowing latest news and cricket scores, what the youngsters are going to gain? It is mere fantasy and nothing else. Why spend a fortune for talking and messaging? The myriads of applications embedded in the phones are mere waste of money time and energy! We have to contemplate on the above truths very often! Life is not for enjoyment, it is given to us for enlightenment. We have to evolve from sensual individuals to intelligent intellectuals who can distinguish from temporary and permanent. Life is a big river, on one bank we have humanity and on the other bank, it is God’s Kingdom. To cross over the turbulent river we have to use a boat with discipline and contentment as the oars. Faith in god’s love and grace will take us forward across the turbulent river. We must avoid the crocodiles of attachment crossing our route. If we rely on the inner self, it will safely take us across the river of life. The forces which impede our progress in the journey are Ego and Selfishness, Greed and pride, Lust and anger! When we become equal minded, treating every experience as a gift from god, our progress will be swift. Detachment, discrimination and devotion are the impelling qualities which will see us through the turbulent journey to the other shore safely. Rely upon god, have complete faith in him and love him selflessly without demanding anything from him! We always implore god for wealth and prosperity, we seek him for health and happiness, we always wants his blessings for material gains! Instead of seeking from god all this perishable goods, seek him alone! This is the highest penance! God alone must be the sole aim of our life.

Things that define you!

Few wise words which will guide us in this mundane existence!

The wealth we earn and hoard assiduously will not help us on our death bed. The kith and kin who say that we love you do so for your wealth and properties. None loves us selflessly as god. God has bestowed upon humanity plenty of resources for happy living, sharing with one another! But many people seek wealth for them alone without caring for the unfortunate poor who lack food and clothing! Feeding the poor is the highest virtue. We should partake food after feeding the unfortunate souls. Even in this Dark Age, there are many noble souls who takes care of the poor brethren on the streets. They collect food from functions, marriage halls, hotels and restaurants, the excess food remaining unutilized and distribute the food to the huts in various localities by van taking the assistance of volunteers. This is the highest service we can engage. It is only willing participation. God is most pleased when the hunger of the poor is appeased through such service activities. Here I remember a stanza, "BEAR ALL AND DO NOTHING, GIVE ALL AND TAKE NOTHING, HEAR ALL AND SAY NOTHING, SERVE ALL AND BE NOTHING"!

This may seem the toughest advice but there is no harm in trying and practicing!

The virtue of contentment!


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      12 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Yes, what you say is true, but it is better to live in a safe, clean house than a violent, dirty tent. I try to use a little common sense along with religion. If you and your friends would like to test the theory about wealth and happiness, send me some money and I will advise you whether it brings me happiness.


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