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Morning Coffee with Jesus - December 11, 2009

Updated on December 11, 2009

 Hello loved ones.

Today’s “Morning Coffee with Jesus” comes from Psalm 37:5-6.  “Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”

Well, have you done it yet?  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  Yes, I know we have not gotten to Christmas yet but it is not too soon to begin thinking about what you hope to achieve in 2010. 

Studies show that New Year’s resolutions typically don’t last beyond the month of January but there are ways to keep those New Year’s resolutions on track.

First, don’t set unusually high expectations for yourself.  An unusually high expectation might include competing in a 15k race in the spring when, for years, you have only walked a few hundred yards twice a day from your car to your office building and vice versa.  Make your expectations reachable.  Set them in small, bite-size pieces and then go after them a little at a time.  When you begin to consider a goal, ask yourself what is your motivation for wanting to achieve this goal.  Many Christians want to lose weight but why?  Is it for health reasons or for vanity, to honor yourself?  Examine your heart and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Second, write down your goals.  Keep them in a place where you can see them and refer to them often to assess your progress. 

Third, be accountable to someone! An accountability partner relationship certainly is one that will keep you on your toes!  When it comes to support and general encouragement an accountability partner truly is the next best thing to sliced bread!  Share your goals with your accountability partner and meet with your accountability partner on a pre-determined basis to assess your progress. 

Before you adopt these goals as yours and share them with others, let God have a say.  Ask Him to grant you wisdom.  Ask Him what His plan is for you in the coming year and then pay close attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  You may find that your goals line up exactly with what God is showing you.  Recognize, too, that the possibility exists that God may “tweak” your goals.   

Finally, celebrate milestones!  Celebrating gives you the encouragement to keep going towards reaching your goal. 

The New Year’s resolutions you make today could be the key to growth in specific areas of your life in 2010.  It is none too soon to begin thinking about those resolutions.  Enjoy the planning process.  Here’s to your success!

Have a SUPER weekend!  Go MAD in someone's life this weekend.

Stay sweet,
stay broken,
stay His!



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