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Morning Coffee with Jesus - February 27, 2010

Updated on February 25, 2010

Greetings loved ones from “Snowacane” country, the northeastern US!

Last night I watched a movie “A River Runs Through It” starring a very young Brad Pitt.  The movie was a bout a Preacher and his family living in rural Montana and the boys’ lives as they grew up being boys, going to church, getting into trouble and learning from their father how to be expert fly fishermen.  As much as I enjoyed the movie I came away scratching my head. What was the lesson from the story??  For me there really wasn’t one.  

Today’s “Morning Coffee with Jesus” comes from Psalm 37:3 “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”

Have you ever known anyone who worked so hard but the efforts showed no results?  It may be that the person was doing, and going, and being, apart from the will of God.  There have been times in my life when that has happened.  

I recall several years ago I was involved with my kids’ elementary school.  As is typical, the school budget had been cut and several key programs (music, art, computers) faced elimination.  To raise additional money for these programs several moms banded together to form an Education Foundation.  On a whim, I agreed to help.  After 4 years of long nights, thankless efforts and little financial improvement to the school, I took the entire situation to God in prayer and then realized that I was not focusing on what He wanted me to do.  I had missed God’s will for me entirely! 

When we bow our hearts and souls to God and say “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord,” and ask “Lord, what would You have me do?” light from Heaven will stream down on our daily tasks revealing grains of gold where yesterday all seemed as dust; and His hand shall sustain us.

Today’s challenge is to examine all that you do.  Ask yourself if what you’re doing is in keeping with God’s will.  If it is, in the end you will leave a legacy and there will be a lesson in the “story” of  your life – unlike last night’s movie. 

Have a wonderful weekend in Jesus!

Stay sweet
Stay broken

Stay His!





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    • Elisa Yager profile image

      Elisa Yager 7 years ago

      I totally agree! I'm not a Pitt fan - never was, never will be so I wonder why I spent time watching a movie that I hoped would have a lesson....but perhaps the lack thereof enabled me to write this devotional so in the end, there was something good that came from the movie after all. Go figure!!

      Blessings Ann~


    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 7 years ago from Virginia

      OMG..I remember that movie! I am not so gung ho over Pitt but I think -if I remember correctly- that the only part I remember is a scene with a train? And I probably walked away the same as you did. Wondering....?????

      Another great hub, Elisa!