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Morning Coffee with Jesus - February 5, 2010

Updated on February 4, 2010

Greetings loved ones.  Welcome to Friday.  As we in the northeast “batten down the hatches” in preparation of a winter storm, I am suddenly thankful that I don’t have to go anywhere on Saturday morning! 

Today's "Morning Coffee with Jesus" comes from Proverbs 29:25 "Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe."


God has brought us into this time.  If we are not fit to cope with what He has prepared for us, we are unfit for any condition that we imagine for ourselves.  In this time we are to live and wrestle, not in any other time.  Let us humbly, in full reality, look forward, not backwards.  If easy times are long gone, remember, it is that the difficult times that make us more certain that we cannot rely upon ourselves.


I often wonder how many times people have said "If I could only have lived during the years _____ to ______."   Some people want to go back to the times of what we now know as ancient history.  Some want to walk along the road with Jesus.  Some want to be a part of Washington's army during the fight for independence and some want to live in the future. 


But if you think about it, the times that God has chosen for us in which to live is the perfect time in history for us.  If we lived during the time Jesus was on earth we might be killed for our belief in Him.  If we became a part of Washington's army we might be shot - and certainly would not know the outcome of the high cost of such a fierce fight.


No, God puts us in the period of history in which we are supposed to be existing.  He does this so we can impact our world, our history for those around us and for our children, grand children, and great grand children and so on. 


As Christians we are to carry the torch for our children until they get to that point in their lives where they can carry it on.  God doesn't make mistakes and therefore you and I were not put in the wrong time in history.  THIS time is history.  With the world all around us going crazy, with the economy shaken and falling apart more and more, NOW history is happening.  As each day begins, we have the opportunity to make history in someone's life - either through positive exchanges or negative ones.  What we say and what we do will be impressed upon someone's heart and mind.  The "history" you leave with that person will be remembered by them.


If I were to die tomorrow, I would want those at my funeral to say that I had such a positive impact on their lives.  The size of the legacy you leave behind will be equal to the size of the effort you put into positive relationships.  Blessing others in deed and in spoken words is how we leave a legacy.  History is in the making.  Let's do it right!!!


Have an awesome weekend in Jesus!  Go MAD in someone’s life this weekend!  I’ll catch you back here on Monday for another sip of “Morning Coffee with Jesus!”





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    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 

      8 years ago from Virginia

      What a good lesson in this hub, Elisa! Sometimes we are so discontent and for what? We always want what we can’t have. Had we lived any other time, we still would be unhappy!


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