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Morning Coffee with Jesus - January 11, 2010

Updated on January 10, 2010


Greetings loved ones!  Happy Monday!

Today’s “Morning Coffee with Jesus” comes from John 10:11. “I am the good shepherd.”

Yesterday at church, we were discussing Psalm 23.  The Psalm focuses on the Lord being our Shepherd.  Focusing on this Psalm caused me to truly stop, think about and research the role of a shepherd in relation to his flock.

While most of us assume that the shepherd is responsible for only the care of the animals, the fact is that it is far different.  A shepherd’s role can vary from diplomat to negotiator, spokesperson to EMT.  He often meets with other shepherds to negotiate where he’ll lead his flock next.  He negotiates with the landowners to secure a place with fertile and plentiful grass.  He checks the hooves of the sheep and takes care of a sheep who has suffered snakebites, poison grass or tainted water.  He often barters milk and cheese for needed items in return.  He protects the sheep from predators, bad weather, extreme heat, drought, etc.  However, Jesus is, and does, more than that.  Jesus is the good shepherd.  What’s the difference?

In John 10 Jesus speaks of a hired helper who is helpful only until there is danger.  Once the wolf comes, the hired help disappears, leaving the sheep vulnerable to danger, even to death.  Jesus, as the Good Shepherd lays down His life so His sheep are forever protected from the enemy.

Think about what predators come into your life to kill, steal, and destroy it.  We’re faced with them every day.  Envy, jealousy, hatred, deception, cheating and gossip, are just a few.  These predators can kill your witness as a follower of the Good Shepherd, steal your faith, and destroy your relationship with Jesus.  When a predator comes, we, the sheep, need to let the Good Shepherd take control and let Him handle these situations.  As our Shepherd, He will deal with those predators accordingly.

As you go through your day today, take note of the “predators” which will try to do you harm.  Give them over to Jesus to deal with accordingly.  We need not fear if the Shepherd is near!  He’s always watchful, always listening, always ready to rescue one of His flock and will do so at any cost.  Read the following sentences using the bolded words for emphasis.  Notice how the words in bold change the meaning of the sentence.

I am the Good Shepherd.
I am the Good Shepherd.
I am the Good Shepherd
I am the Good Shepherd
I am the Good Shepherd

Remember, Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  He loves you, cares for you and protects you and He wants to lead you to the best places to graze.  Listen to His voice and follow closely and you will never stray!

Have an awesome Monday in Jesus.  Go MAD in someone’s life today!

Stay sweet,
stay broken,
stay His!



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