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Morning Coffee with Jesus - November 18, 2009

Updated on November 18, 2009


Hello loved ones.  Welcome to our Wednesday edition of “Morning Coffee with Jesus.”

Today’s “Morning Coffee with Jesus” comes from Colossians 3:15.  “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

Every so often, I catch myself complaining.  I complain about my property taxes.  I complain about utility bills, the lack of employment, I complain about government, how violent television has become, how the lack of morals affects America, and on and on.  I simply need to stop complaining!

Recently while in prayer, the Holy Spirit assured me that God would provide for my needs.  Of course, my wants are significantly greater than my needs, but I have learned to be satisfied with less.  I think most of us could agree that, in this economy, doing with a little less has not been terribly difficult and in fact, in some ways, provides a certain “freedom” we may not have previously experienced.

During this season of Thanksgiving, I am making a concerted effort to think positively – to look around me and be thankful for all I have versus all I do not have.  I will have my family with me on Thanksgiving while many American families celebrate Thanksgiving with a loved on the other side of the world, fighting in a war.  I will enjoy a lovely meal with my family while many here in America go hungry.  I will be able to kneel in prayer and thank God for my children, and pray for future generations just as generations before me prayed for my generation.  As I allow the peace of the Holy Spirit to invade my soul, thanksgiving comes easily.

Today, during this season of Thanksgiving, stop for a moment and say thank you to God because we can live in a country where we can freely worship God without fear of retribution.  We are a nation who has been the recipients of God’s graciousness.  Let’s thank Him for all we have and stop complaining about all we don’t have!  America, bless God!

Have an awesome day in Jesus.  Go MAD in someone’s life today.

Stay sweet,
stay broken,
stay His!



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    • Elisa Yager profile image

      Elisa Yager 8 years ago

      Hi DeBorrah. Thanks for your feedback. How many times do I complain!! I'm trying to change that but you know what it says about old dogs and tricks............


    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago

      Elisa Yager, Nice uplifting hub! In spite of whatever is going on I think we can always find something to be Thankful for! I won't complain! Yes, through His Holy Spirit I know that God will supply all my needs! Thank you for sharing, Blessings!