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Morning Prayer - Ton Serviteur Mon Dieu

Updated on November 16, 2016
Morning prayer
Morning prayer | Source

Prayer is the breath of a Christian. Praying early in the morning gave much benefit to our spiritual life. People believe that to begin and ended the day should did with pray. Jesus Christ does pray early in the morning (Mark 1:35 KJV). Morning prayer is one of the best time to communicate with God.

Waldenses people, who live in the Valley of Piedmont Mountain in France, have a habitual tradition to start their daily routine. After woke up early in the morning, Waldenses people look toward the mountain and they called out together, “Ton Serviteur, Mon Dieu”. It means: “Here is your servant, my Lord”. I do not know whether this tradition still continued until today. Daily devotional in the morning will rejuvenating our faith and work spirit. Most of people who did a morning prayer are able to endure his work without complaining. Spiritual advice said that if you begin your day with thanks and gratitude, you will more able to control your day.

Morning Prayer Benefits

Greeting new day will make your day easier. You should make it as your amazing start, do not just habitual or tradition. Each new day is blessing from God. Morning is the perfect time to have conversation with God. Quite and calm morning make your mind will focusing toward God. Moning prayer is breakfast for our soul before bread for stomach. In morning prayer, set your goal and commitment about what you are going to do today and ask God to give you strength and patient.

Ton Serviteur Mon Dieu

You can begin your “Ton Serviteur, Mon Dieu” in your life. Greeting the God with a simple morning prayer. If you do not know how to begin, just pray and say thank you for all you have. You can say, “Ton Serviteur, Mon Dieu”. Read your Bible and rejoice that you meet God at early day. Morning prayer makes us healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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