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Moses and Aaron were servants

Updated on July 29, 2010

Moses and Aaron were servants


As I study the Old Testament, I became aware that there were a number of times that the children of Israel face some challenging times during the exit from Egypt.  There were times that they were very dissatisfied with things.  I don’t know the totality of the situation because I was not there. I can only go mainly by what I have read in the scriptures.  In this article I will cover only one area of interest. The area I will cover is that Moses and Aaron were servants of Yahweh.


Firstly, let us look at the great number of people that left Egypt with Moses and Aaron. It appears that it was some rough going for some of the people.  These rough goings caused them to become angry with Moses and Aaron. Perhaps this is because a large group of people would require a large amount of resources, I don’t know, for sure.  It was written that they became angry with Moses and Aaron form time to time during their exodus.  Anytime there is change there is fear and uncertainty. 


Here is the central point of my article. It is not good to mutter or be angry with the servants of Yahweh. Even if we disagree with them or are angry with them, it is good to be cautious when it comes to the truly called servants of the most high.  The people on occasions became so angry with Moses and Aaron that they began to mutter against these servants of Yahweh.  They even reach the point of wanting or considering stoning Moses and Aaron.  These actions or thoughts were big mistakes. 


When the people reached a certain point of muttering and complaining, Yahweh seems to break out against the people with a variety of devastating and decisive actions. The repercussions of going against Yahweh’s servants brought sever and powerful consequences.  Ask yourself, do I truly know who are Yahweh’s servants?  If not, walk with caution and be careful of who you mutter against or become angry with. 


To their credit, Moses and Aaron stood up for the people on several occasions to appease and turned back the full wrath of Yahweh’s hand.  They had a sincere love for their fellow man.  I think they knew that Yahweh is all powerful.  The truly humble man doesn’t look for revenge, but he seeks peace.  Moses and Aaron demonstrated their love by actions and not words only.   


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    • renskei profile image

      renskei 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      who was Moses? Moses was from the tribe of Levi. He was saved from Pharaoh's edict to destroy the Hebrew male infants by his mother's cleverness and by the intercession of Pharaoh's daughter.He was raised at court and trained in the "wisdom of the Egyptians". He later fled Egypt for the land of Midian in the Sinai wilderness. There he married Zipporah the daughter of Jethro. After meeting God at the burning bush on Mount Sinai, Moses returned to Egypt to lead the great Exodus of Israel back to the Promised Land.

      Who was Aaron? Aaron was the brother of Moses and a descendant of Levi. He was commissioned by God to serve as Moses' spokesman to Pharaoh. He held up Moses' hands, with Hur's assistance, as Israel prevailed over the Amalekites. He was later consecrated and anointed as high priest, a position he served throughout the remainder of his life. Later, the budding of his rod was a testimony against those who rebelled against his authority, and the rod was kept in the ark of the covenant.