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Top 5 Haunted Dolls

Updated on October 6, 2015

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in ghosts? I do. I encountered a non-benevolent entity when I was fourteen years old and I don’t plan to meet up with anything like that again. That is why I don’t go on eBay and buy freaky, haunted dolls. Surprisingly this is hugely popular thanks to some real haunted dolls that have been sold there in the past. Most, however, are just regular dolls sold at a high price with the premise that they are possessed by evil spirits. It has turned into a scam for the most part, but you will not find me purchasing a haunted doll there any time soon. Either you are bringing a demon into your house or you get majorly ripped off, no thanks!

What’s so scary about a doll anyway? When I first heard of Annabelle and other famously haunted dolls I laughed. I really thought it was funny that people were afraid of toys - that is until I began doing my own research. What I found was pretty freaky, even downright disturbing and I didn’t sleep well for several nights. I shut down my computer and vowed not to do anymore research on haunted dolls. My plan was to do an article on the most haunted dolls in the world, but seeing how it affected me I decided not to. However, most of the research had already been done so here it is! These are the top 5 most haunted dolls in the world:


#5 Okiku

Okiku is a Japanese doll that was sold at the beginning of the 20th century to a teenage boy as a gift for his baby sister, Okiku. Okiku loved the doll dearly and took her everywhere she went. Unfortunately, Okiku died a year later unexpectedly leaving her family and the doll behind. In honor of their little daughter and sister the family placed the doll on Okiku’s altar where they prayed for her every day. However, they were disturbed to discover that the doll’s hair grew and that it looked and even felt like real human hair. The doll now resides in a Japanese temple where the workers have to upkeep the appearance and trim the hair. Many believe that the hair growth is evidence of the girl’s restless spirit residing in the doll, but truth remains a mystery to this day.


#4 Robert

Robert the doll is one of the most famous and haunted of all the haunted dolls. He now resides in the Key West Martello Museum in Florida (go check him out!) where he is taken good care of by the staff (and where cameras stop working when focused on him). Robert’s original owner was the artist Robert Eugene Otto. He was gifted by one of the maids to young Robert when he was a young boy. Robert loved his doll and played with it every day and took it everywhere he went. He was reported to speak to the doll and answer himself in a totally different voice. This didn’t seem so strange to his parents, but soon other things began to happen that caused panic and alarm.

Robert was often seeing running around the home, heard laughing, and neighbors reported that he would stare at them through the window and that his expression would change. He was finally locked up in the attic for all of his threatening behavior (turning over furniture in the middle of the night). When a new family moved in, their little girl found Robert and made him her own. However, she came to experience the doll’s sinister intentions and to this day believes that Robert wanted to kill her.


# 3 Annabelle

Annabelle is perhaps the most famous of all of the haunted dolls. You have probably seen the movie and heard your fair share of stories about Annabelle. For that reason I will keep this one brief. Notice how even though she is extremely haunted and has the most attention, she is still not number one on this list. That means that there is an even more haunted doll than her? Creepy! Creepy indeed. Annabelle was gifted to a girl named Donna by her mother in the 1970’s. Initially she seemed like a harmless rag doll, but things began to slowly change. She began to switch positions, move around the house, and even left messages on parchment paper for her roommates (who never owned parchment paper to begin with!). Donna and her friends even found blood on the doll once and they believed that she was possessed by a demon disguising itself as a young girl in distress. Annabelle was even reported to scratch and strangle people, which is probably why she now has horror movies dedicated to her.


#2 Harold

Harold the haunted doll is even more dangerous and haunted than Annabelle. Harold was first sold at a flea market and subsequently changed owners on eBay after a string of terrorizing events. The man who sold the doll at the flea market claimed that it belonged to his son who died at a very young age. He said that the doll would cry and sing and that he tried to destroy it with fire, but it would not burn. He tried to prevent the shopper from purchasing the doll, but In the end the shopper went home with Harold and quickly realized that it was a mistake.

His cat died soon after, his girlfriend left him, he experienced chronic migraines, and heard children laughing and crying in the basement of his home. Worst of all, a friend who came to see the doll quickly developed a brain tumor and died. Another of Harold’s visitors tripped and fell down the stairs and died soon after. The owner sold Harold again on eBay and Harold has since changed owners many times and has travelled all over the world. It is said that he moves, produces voices, changes his expression, and even screams.


#1 Peggy

This doll is number one on this list because she is even more haunted than Harold and Annabelle, if you can imagine. Peggy has cropped up in more recent years, though nobody knows her true origins or cause of haunting. What makes this doll so haunted is the fact that she can reach people without them even being in her presence. it has been reported that she can cause migraines and hauntings even just by looking at her image through a computer screen. For this reason I did not include her picture here (you’re welcome!). Look it up at your own risk, but do not say I didn’t warn you.

Peggy has been known to cause chest pains, nausea, and migraines which have been experienced by thousands who have come into contact with her pictures or videos online. The original owner claimed to have terrifying nightmares while in possession of the doll. She also began suffering from hallucinations and became quite ill, leading her to seek help from paranormal experts. Peggy has been examined by several psychic mediums in regards to the possessing spirit’s origins but it seems as if Peggy’s story is still in the making and that her most terrifying schemes are yet to come.

I personally have not experienced paranormal activity with a doll or any other toy for that matter. I have seen a ghost which looked like a doll (ironically) and that is enough to make me believe that there is something about dolls that attracts the attention of spirits. There are probably some dolls out there that are attached to good or benevolent sprits, but they don’t get nearly as much attention as the mean ones do.

I hope this hasn’t scared you too much and I hope that you can get to sleep tonight because I probably won’t. If you notice one of your dolls moving around or worse, sell that thing on eBay before it wreaks havoc on your life!

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