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Most Haunted Places in the World - How Many Are There?

Updated on October 16, 2017
Ghost Woman of Highgate Cemetery
Ghost Woman of Highgate Cemetery | Source

I have always been intrigued by hauntings and paranormal stories. I will watch or read anything I can find in the subjects. In doing some research I discovered 16 places around the world, mostly in the United States, that are haunted. I would like to share with you what I found.

First let me list for you the 16 places I found:

1. The Myrtles Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisana

2. The Tower of London - London, England

3. Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. The Queen Mary - Long Beach, California

5. Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Louisville, Kentucky

6. The Whaley House - San Diego, California

7. Raynham Hall - Norfolk, England

8. The White House - Washington, DC

9. Rolling Hills Asylum - East Bethany, New York

10. The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado

11. General Wayne Inn - Merion Station, Pennsylvania

12. Gettysburg Battlefield - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

13. Moss Beach Distillery - Moss Beach, California

14. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - Los Angeles, California

15. Sallie House - Atchison, Kansas

16. Highgate Cemetery - North London, England

I find all of these places to be quite interesting. Some of them don't surprise me that they are haunted, some just by the fact of their locations or their names. Some of these places I never heard of or would consider to be haunted. I would like to share with you my personal favorites with you here.

Highgate Cemetery in North London, England

This cemetery is known for its ghosts, strange activities, and other weird stuff. In addition it's also known for the famous people that are buried there. Some of those famous people: Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and Charles Dickens' parents. A seven foot phantom has been seen in the cemetery as well as other ghosts and a ghoul with glowing red eyes.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California

This hotel opened in 1927 and Hollywood's stars began hanging out here when they were in town. The hotel is famous for two big name ghosts, Marilyn Monroe and actor Montgomery Clift. Monroe's ghost is said to be in the ballroom and room 229 where her reflection can be seen in the mirror. Room 928 seems to still be occupied by Clift's ghost as he stayed here while filming the movie "From Here To Eternity".

The Tower of London in London, England

From my readings on this building, numerous executions, murders, and torture occurred here over the last 1,000 years. Dozens of ghost sightings have been reported all around the tower. People were hacked to death and beheaded here. Ann Boleyn is probably the most famous person here who was beheaded. Her ghost is said to still be here, seen carrying her head at times, on the Tower Green and on the Tower Chapel Royal.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky

The original sanatorium was two-stories, built of wood, and opened in 1910. The larger structure seen today is constructed of brick and concrete which was completed in 1926. In the early 20th century the hospital was used to treat tuberculosis patients. This disease was fairly common at that time.

The death toll was estimated to be approximately 63,000 people at this sanatorium. There were also reports of severe patient abuse as well as highly questionable experiments and procedures being done to these patients. If you take all of these things into consideration, you have all the ingredients for a haunted location.

Any investigations done here by ghost hunters have reported numerous paranormal activities. Some of these reports include voices from unknown origins, isolated cold spots, and unexplained shadows. Screams coming from abandoned hallways have been heard as well as apparitions floating around different areas have been seen.

Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, New York

This asylum is located between Buffalo and Rochester, New York. This building is enormous at 53,000 plus square feet. This brick building sits on a knoll in East Bethany, New York and has been quite popular with ghost hunters for many years. The original name of the building was The Genesee County Port Farm and it opened on January 1, 1827. The original usage for this place was to house those eligible for assistance, such as paupers, drunks, lunatics, the blind, the handicapped, orphans, widows, vagrants, and occasional a murderer or two.

The building became the Old County Home and Infirmary in the 1950s. By the 1990s the place was transformed into shops. Eventually it became an antique mall. Soon the owners of these shops started to notice strange things going on and had a paranormal group come to investigate. This is when the Rolling Hills spooky reputation was born. Reports came out stating that disembodied voices, doors shutting on their own, screams in the middle of the night, shadow people, and much more were occurring within the building.

As you can see these places are intriguing. Definitely places to read about and go visit, if you dare. If you decide to visit, you may want to do so during day time hours though. Unless, of course, you never get scared.

The Tower of London
The Tower of London | Source

© 2017 Cynthia J Nileski


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