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Mother God Azna - Many Names and References of the Divine Feminine

Updated on August 2, 2019
newbizmau profile image

I am a massage therapist with 15 years of experience. I am especially interested in crystals, energy healing, numerology, and wellness.

Why do we use the names of Mother God, Azna, Queen Mother, Giver of life, the Great Interceptor, The Miracle Worker, The Fighter of Darkness, The Curer of All Illness and other names of the divine?

We will be discussing Azna, the divine feminine and our Father God, Om and the many many names that have been given to her all around the world. Many don't know her as Azna or the other names that are given to her throughout the times. Have a little fun here reading and discussing the many names that we have learned about. You may read further about Azna who was introduced to me in Sylvia Browne's book Mother God. My personal favorite by Sylvia Browne is Journey of the Soul series but her book Mother God, is specifically on Azna the Mother God.

Art inspired by Azna, Mother God
Art inspired by Azna, Mother God | Source

Why I Chose to Write About Azna

After reading many spiritual articles surrounding law of attraction, vision boards, and others regarding God and the Goddess, I realized that none spoke of the names that they are known by. They seem to be widely known just by Father God and the Goddess, not even Mother God. So I'm writing this to bring her to life so to speak. Let us begin the discussion together about our Mother God and Father God and share our prayers and experiences of learning of them and honoring their many names. They love us all no matter where we live geographically or culturally. Let us remember this day our Mother as well as our Father.

Azna is our Queen, The Giver of Life, The Great Interceptor, The Miracle Worker, The Fighter of Darkness, The Curer of All Illness.

A God by Many Names

For those of you who may not know of the concept of a Mother Goddess, seeing as how it has been suppressed for so long, then this page is for you. Her name is Azna, as Gnostics call her, though she is referred to by many names. Her beauty is as vast and magnificent as the names she is known by, so feel free to call her whatever you will. What She is though, is much more important.

There have always been both a Mother and Father God, so it is hard to talk about one without the other. Mother and Father God always were. God the Father, known as Om, is the Unmoved Mover. He is the Uncreated Force that has always been with us. As the male persona, He is pure intellect. Azna on the other hand, is the female counterpart, pure emotion. She is the Mover, the Mother.

She, being more pure emotion whilst Om is more intellect, is called the Great Interceptor. When Creation took place, She not only had a hand, but was the Mother of all of it. She is actually more of a Primary Motivator than He, because emotion can motivate more than intellect can. So whenever you petition for things to happen, your prayers should be more directed towards Her, seeing as how She delves deeper into our physical world.

She is the feeling, sensing Mother. She works out of the heart, you might say. She listens to petitions, and will intercept and move things around. She has more of an understanding of human qualities, because She has had to descend to the human level and be more the Ruler of the World. Her love though, is as pure as His, and Her perfect ness is total.

Think of it like this. Om is more a stable rock, that is unmoving. Azna, though also stable, is the Moving Force that cuts through the rock, moving and creating as She goes. She is the warrior of the planet, able to interfere and create miracles when people need them most.

While Om is the one who stabilized Creation and had it in His mind, She is the one who put it into motion, as emotion always does. Intellect thinks it, but the hands and eyes that move are Azna's; emotion is the mover. His thoughts and His intellect hold us solid, but it is She that moves and is the Creative Force.

Azna is always there for you, whenever you need. She is much faster than He is, because She is more of a dynamic force, where He is static. She is full of more fire and fury, for She knows all the emotions. If you call Her, and you really seriously call Her, She is there. There is no one to whom She has not attended, though She does come in many forms. She can get rid of grief very fast, and can heal quickly.

Azna appears young, vital, and brilliant, as She truly is. She can hold a form longer than Him, because emotion can, for some reason. She is the original Creator, and Her strength is magnificent. She is truly an inspiration; a guiding light for when you feel lost. Azna is always there for you, with loving and open arms, even if you turn your back on Her, as so many have for so long.

So in essence, Azna is our loving Mother Goddess who always has been and will be there for us. This has been, in short, the very basics of who She is and what She represents. It is in Her name that we come together now, and why this site is dedicated to Her. Feel Her love and light envelope you when you are here, and when you leave, for She is always there.

The Book: Mother God, by Author and Renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne, in her own indomitable style, again defies convention in this uniquely informative compilation of diligently researched facts and personal accounts about the premise of a female divinity-namely, the Mother God (also known as the feminine principle).

Spanning time from the earliest beginnings of humankind, when the time of the "Goddess" was at its peak, to the current era, with its myriad beliefs and religions, Sylvia takes us on a journey of discovery, where she discusses the suppression of the "Mother Goddess" by the male-dominated politics of modern-day religious dogma.

Using a combination of historical data and poignant and heartwarming stories revealing the power and miracles attributed to the Mother God, Sylvia leads us from the question of "Does She exist" to the logical, fact-based conclusion that She does . . . and then shows us how to call upon Her to help us in our everyday lives.

Azna Inspired Art
Azna Inspired Art | Source

Prayer to Mother God

Dearest Mother,

Please know my heartfelt thoughts, and also come into my heart and soul. Make yourself known to me, not only through my petitions, but fill me with our grace and knowledge. Walk with your mantle of protection around not only me, but all my loved ones. In this time of strife, keep your protection around the world so we can have peace and prosperity.

I petition you to help the sick, the frail, the poor, the dying, and those in despair. Help me also to assist all those in need, and give me the strength of your mighty sword to cut down darkness and adversity. Bring love, prosperity, health, and harmony to my home and family. I know I must learn my lessons, but as a mother soothes the wounds of a child, hold me tightly and absorb my pain.

Loving Mother, I stand as witness to your power and accept your unconditional love.


Divine Feminine in Other Cultures

Konohanasakuya-hime, blossom-princess and symbol of delicate earthly life
Konohanasakuya-hime, blossom-princess and symbol of delicate earthly life

Describing Azna, Mother God

Azna, the Mother God is the keeper of our emotions. She is always surrounding us and helping us through the most emotionally exhilarating experiences and the most emotionally devastating experiences. When you are in grief and suffering call upon her to help ease your pain. She is described as being a very tall 5ft 10in woman. She has olive skin and long, dark brown hair. Azna carries a golden sword that is blessed with healing, balance, and joy. Ask her to intervene and bring her sword upon you when needed. Azna is coming around very strongly now. She is very strong, and powerful. The world and earth have put her to sleep for many thousands of years yet She has always been there. When you speak the name of the God who loves you, it becomes stronger. All the sightings of the Blessed Mother are actually Azna, Mother God. It doesn't matter what you call Her as She has appeared at Lourdes, Fatima, and Guadeloupe. She appears everywhere. She can also appear as anyone and race. Azna is the keeper of the living and of life. This doesn't mean She doesn't have dominion on the Other Side as well, She rules physical life and everything that has to do with humans and human emotions. Like His work, Hers is never done. Your intellect was given to you by Father and your emotions by the Mother. She is the only one who interferes in with life. She can intercept and make better, alleviate sorrow and make less pain. If there are any miracles to be wrought, She is the one who will do it! He cannot and will not interfere, although His love is constant, encompassing and constantly channels knowledge. All you need is a door or crack for Her to get through. She really is the Prima Mobilae. Now, She is coming into her own time. That really is what the New Age is about. It is the time of the intercession of the Mother Goddess. When you come together to honor Her, you loosen Her chains one more notch. Then She is empowered. It begins to spread out, and the feminine principles are empowered so that it brings about peace in the world. None of the men should feel bad because the feminine principle is also in each one of you, you must awaken it. It is the same that every woman must awaken the masculine side. If you are having financial problems, a lawsuit, emotional issues etc., Azna will interfere and help you with this, if you petition Her. She is a crusader against negative energy. Visualize Her standing in front of you with Her beautiful golden sword, which can literally take the brunt of any negative energy. See Her slicing through the negative and issues of difficulty. Don't be irritated by all the small things that happen in life because all the small and large things that happen will be brushed away. If you truly have a sense of knowing and faith in the Mother Goddess, who is the only deity that can activate, you are going to find that She can brush things way. Constantly say to her, "Mother, You handle this." You can use this for anything that is going on in your life that you would like Azna to help you with.

You can even address Azna aggressively. Say, "I want this now, Azna. Please attend to me. Help me Now!!". I think anything that is spoken out loud carries with it more power. So if possible talk out loud even if you are screaming. Azna will not take offense with it. Remember She feels your emotions and knows just how you are feeling. I want to deepen your understanding of the mothering concept so that you can learn to petition Mother God to interfere in your life. The male counterpart cannot interfere. That is a static, constant unchanging, unbending principle. But emotion which is Mother God can move, nurture, love, soften and make well; it can ever alter your chart. Your chart is the contract made with God to experience certain facts of knowledge. This is where our self-programming can come in so strongly, if you were meant to have an accident, then ask Mother God to intervene so that you get a nick on your fender, not a head-on collision. This way you were meant to have an accident and you still fulfilled your chart. She is omnipresent! Emotion is what She is. She will not enter or interfere unless She is called on; in contrast, Father God's constancy in holding us omnipresent. But unless She is actually called upon, She will not break your privacy or interfere. On this planet, the one thing that will make you sick and ill is your emotion. I want you to consider this: when you are in the right frame of mind and your emotions are stable, nothing sets you off. But if your frame of mind and emotions are askew, then everything sets you off. Call upon Azna. She will interfere, make concessions, and create things to happen for you while staying within the lateral movement of your chart and still allowing you to fulfill your chart. Charts are very specific in most areas but are blanked out in some places, which means that you really wanted to go into a desert - into uncharted territory. When that period comes, there is aloneness, fear, and a frightening realization. You feel that death is imminent and that loss is coming. All those horrible, depressing things! That is when She is the most effective. Rather than create emotion, She comes in and stabilizes the right emotion. Also when you feel lost and not sure what direction to go in or how to get out of the situation that you are faced with and there seems to be no end in sight. She is a free moving God. She is the Interferer, the Mover. He is the Unmoved Mover. He is static and constant, holding everything within His own realm, within His silhouette. She can dart in and out, and be where ever She needs to be. She is not bound by a static nature. That is why She is the overall Earth ruler. When called, She comes faster than Om (Father God) can move. His staticness is omnipotent and does not move, although it is holding, loving, giving and caring. Prima Mobilae means "First Mover", but He does not move! But within His silhouette and His structure, He is holding you in love and encompassing just as a mother would a child, nurturing you within His own body.

Where did the name Azna come from

Why Does It Matter What Name You Call God Or Mother God? - Is The Name Really Important

Watch the video! Rebecca explains what is the importance of a name and how we come to know the name Azna. You can also find out more about Mother God in Sylvia Browne's book, Mother God and if you're interested she has also written a book called, Father God which tells more about our heavenly Father.

Festival of Lights

August 21 - Festival of Lights - A time of celebration for the early Gnostics who wanted to pay homage to the Mother Goddess.

Azna, is our Queen, The Giver of Life, The Great Interceptor, The Miracle Worker, The Fighter of Darkness, The Curer of All Illness.

Visualize that SHE stands in from of you with HER beautiful GOLDEN SWORD and takes the brunt of this negative energy. Say, "I want this now, AZNA. Please attend to me. Help me NOW!"


I want my energy to be boosted and all cloaks or shrouds to be removed. I am a child of God. I am free of any darkness. I want to be liberated from any force of darkness. I have accepted the Christ Consciousness and the Power of Azna, the Mother God, into my heart. My very being is illuminated in all areas. I am empowered with the will of Almighty God to be well, to be fruitful, and to be optimistic. I am resting in your hands, in your heart, Oh Mother, and Father God. Please lead me, direct me, give me peace, and show me the way!

Mother God: Azna's Feast Day

December 8 - Mother Azna's Feast Day - Today is our testimonial to our Blessed Mother.

Signs from Mother God

Blooming Blossom
Blooming Blossom | Source

© 2009 Maurice Glaude


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    • newbizmau profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Glaude 

      9 months ago from Mobile, AL

      Hello Azna! Wow what a name. So glad you chose to find us here. I hope you enjoy learning about just one name that God is called. Whether seen as masculine or feminine is your choice but in asking you may get many names. There is a great facebook group you may want to join all about Azna. Take a look.

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      my name is Azna, I never heard of this before, thanks for writing this and I am looking forward to know more about AZNA

    • newbizmau profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Glaude 

      10 months ago from Mobile, AL

      Father forgive Oli for she/he isn't aware that you, Yeshua are here in more than one incarnation already continuing to teach and be the brother we all love and know you to be. Please show up for them and give them a hug for me.

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Father God through Jesus Christ is the TRUE Creator of heaven and earth. Everything has been placed under the feet of Jesus. I denounce azna as creator and mother god/goddess in the name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah. Please repent and turn to Christ Jesus because He is coming soon.

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I have always felt my true parents (heavenly ) since I was born here this time. Wow! My birthday is August 21 too. It's very clear in Genesis.... and they (God) created them in their own image....

    • profile image

      SheIn(Sheinside)-Shop für Damenbekleidung 

      21 months ago

      NetZero - My NetZero Personalized Start Page - Sign in

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      Where does this notion come from? Did the writer meet Azna or just making her up? If she met her, how does she know she’s real and not a deceiving spirit? I don’t believe this because Christ is the one we are to call on, not our mother (if there is one).

    • newbizmau profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Glaude 

      2 years ago from Mobile, AL

      @Ioannis Arvanitis

      You are right. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

    • Sean Dragon profile image

      Ioannis Arvanitis 

      3 years ago from Greece, Almyros

      The Prayer to Our Mother is one of the most powerful and graceful prayers. Thank you for reminding us.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      She is the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

      She looks more Indian decent with long black breaded hair.

      large black almond eyes. Her voice fills you with the comfort of Love

    • newbizmau profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Glaude 

      5 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Wow Thank your for your perspective. Much appreciated.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Does it matter what name you choose if she, Mother knows this is how you are addressing her? Names are meant to call upon or get the attention of and address and just saying Mother is okay but a bit impersonal to me so while I have known her by Azna after reading a few books, I call her Sophia, when I am reaching out to her I will generally say, "Sophia, Mother of all, as your daughter I ask for your help" Yet I would not expect anyone to use the same name as I do and would not be offended if you did. I feel just Mother God is okay as well. I advice the choosing of a name that will connect you to Mother God in a special way and to never be shamed into anything, please be who yo are and understand that Religious peoples use the Title God because of the Moses asking God to give him a name to tell the Israelite's who said these things and God supposedly answered I AM who I AM . Certainly if Moses knew it was God that was all he had to say was God told me these things but he didn't can you guess why he asked God this ?, You probably know the answer if you are a Spiritual person like myself. So choosing lovingly and personally more than wisely what you want to call the Mother of our creation and never second guess yourself .

    • newbizmau profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Glaude 

      7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      @anonymous: Well I'm glad I responded then. Hope you are enjoying the page. Anytime I find any new sites or information I'll add more for everyone's enjoyment.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @newbizmau: did mean the the A. thought it was said like Zena. this is great. thanks for the reply.

    • newbizmau profile imageAUTHOR

      Maurice Glaude 

      7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      @anonymous: Did you mean the z? the correct pronunciation is (AHZ-nuh).

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      So is the A silent in her name? I want to learn of her too.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      She is absolutely amazing. I uses to be the one that would sit in church hearing, studying, and taking in all about Father, but there was something missing I always thought. I stopped going to church for years. I just recently found "Mother" thanks to my momma and I never had a thought to second guess it. She was missing from my life and my soul felt that. I love Mother and Father and reading everything I have about Mother and Father... How could anyone leave her out of everything? Because man wantsd to take her away and make others believe and think that there is one God only. Brilliant on the lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Praise our Mother and Father!!! <3

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have heard of Anza. I am also a firm believer of the Law of Attraction and the Secret. I enjoyed reading your lense and I have read many of Sylvia Browne's Books!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I know her as Sherab Chamma - wisdom loving mother. It's Tibetan. I also know her by Inanna and many others. Great job on this lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Goddess of 10,000 names....great lens. Thank you

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      8 years ago from Ljubljana

      Never heard of Azna before...


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