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"HOPE". Essence For Life.

Updated on August 8, 2017
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John has traveled to more than 400 countries and territories. A student of Human behavior, philosophy and religion, Christianity mainly.

Hope is not inert.

Hope is an active and living ingredient of life. A virtue that we are given and often neglect. When our Faith is awakened our Hope becomes a living and building force within us. Hope is necessary for a full spiritual and joyful life.

Mainstay of Good Life. (Hope)

To, we, members of the Human family the word hope is always associated with wishes. We think that when one hopes that they are wishing for something that may or may not come to pass. Wishing to win the lottery or some other prize solely dependent on a stroke of pure chance. When one builds his or her life around pure Chance or Luck then one is creating a road to disaster. We all have a stake in the road our life and luck takes. We without knowing, in some cases, make the choice of which path our life takes. We can also change the path's direction. Choose with discretion, and with full knowledge, choose carefully. Choose to be in control of our faculties. Choose awakened. Know what we are doing. Choose in conscience. Choose Hope. Build Hope. Give Hope.

Understanding ("Hope").

H . Happiness or harbor. Hope is a happy feeling and places us in a safe spiritual Harbor.

O. Optimism and options. Hope lets us build up our optimism. Hope will clearly give us a way to hear and see good options. Hope develops our Optimism.

P . Positive and Presumption. Hope is a very positive assurance of the good or light ahead. Hope is knowledge of promises to come in time. Presumes success in, (The creators Time).

E . Enthusiasm and expectation. Hope is blessed and has a full measure of enthusiasm. Hope knows that our good Expectations will bear fruition and we will "See, Feel, Hear and taste" the goodness that is our real destiny. Our final destination.

Hope is greater than to wish.

Hope is a lot more than to wish for something. It is heart awareness we give flight to. Hope comes from God and is the internalized realization that OUR GOD is in CONTROL of our life and is with us at all times. He will guide us on the right path to fulfillment of our belief. Hope is from the whole being, from the Heart, from the depth of our stomach, from our very spirit. Hope is the knowledge that the goodness we crave will materialize, though maybe not in the form that we visualize but in a better and more fulfilling form. Giving us more in a beneficial way than we expected. Hope requires effort on our part. WE are partners in the fulfillment of our hope. WE have to reach out and take some action. We have to believe. We take action.

Another look at "Hope".

We can look at the knowledge of "Hope" as it manifests. We have determined that Hope being more than mere wishes and comes from the very core of our being and so we can take the freedom to see "Hope" from another angle though the same spirit. "Let us PONDER". Hope is a lesson that no human was born for (Mediocrity) and all of Humanity "HAS Great VALUE". This value is regardless of their gender, Race or Belief System. Hope comes from our Maker, From Our God.

H. Hope is "Holy" because it comes from and is encouraged by "God".

O. Hope has the "Omnipresence" of the universe. A gift from the "Creator".

P. Hope shows "Providence" from the Father. We can accept it or not.

E. Hope springs "Eternal" and will keep us from falling in to the opposite of "Despair.

Hope is Eternal, From the spirit.

We can see "Hope" is a trait that all should strive to develop and build on. We must never let go of it. We must build a very strong propensity for Hope. We do this by remembering that Hope is part of a threefold gift from our inner being and from our creator. Hope, is "Peculiar" to our Humanity. Those three are "Faith" - "Hope" - "Love". We as Citizens of the "World" and "God's Kingdom" should and Must develop these virtues. Without them we have a very difficult "Job" forgiving ourselves and others for indiscretions and mistakes made. Crimes Perceived against us, or indeed, our particular society become unforgivable and our cry is for "deadly" vengeance instead of restoration and reconciliation. We develop a great need to "Hate" and as we "Know" or should "Know" the emotion of "Hate" is destructive. Hate destroys the person who hates and eventually will destroy the whole of Society one Building brick at a time. Fight against Hate and win a battle against "Satan". The battle against "HATE" is one we must WIN. Refuse to let "Hate" enter your "World". I know this is Hard. But always look for the saving of our "Good", "Faith" - "Hope" - "Love". Our life is ours, limited in time, build it well. Hope well. Love well. Have "Faith". Take, Have, Hold, "COURAGE," make the decision to have and give love. Use and take time to build Faith. Thus you will have "Hope' and be able to give "hope". By showing "Love" we Give the gift of "Hope" and allow others to regain or to accept "Faith". We give the gift of all three. (Faith - Hope - Love). In a true sense "We're responsible for each other,

Let us reach out to all with acceptance and Love. Give to humanity the gifts of acceptance, of love, of tolerance within the precepts of our "Faith" our "Love" and our "Hope'. Put each single "Brick" into place that will "Develop" a more "Caring Better World." A world as it was meant to be. Reach out to all that is in and of our world with genuine 'care" and "concern". Have respect and a good love for each other (regardless) of our differences and for all of "Creation." What we do freely give, no matter the difficulty, we will multiply in ourselves and society.


© 2016 John Ward


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Excellent article. Without hope I would be a lesser man.