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Mother prayer

Updated on May 13, 2012

A Mother prayer, My Mother's prayer.

Every night, my Mother had something to say.

Deep in my sleep, I heard a voice

keep calling my name.

It was my Mother praying ooh..

each night was just the same

with her hands on my head,

mother cried in low voice,

this i heard her said,

Oh Lord! sometimes it seem so hard

but i'm still fighting! strengthen my child

to keep this faith to reach heaven,

your name lord and your word I will not deny,

willing to take that flight when your time is neigh.

Mothers prayer never stops

mothers tears fell on my face like rain drops

Mothers prayer was the only way

Mothers prayer kept me from going astray

mothers prayer was a depth of love

with bundle of joy sent only from above

mother prayed from the depths of her heart

which still had effect even when death split

us apart.

A Mothers prayer is the only way

to keep her child on that straight way

A Mother prayer can beat the "odds"

with little words by faith to God

A mothers prayer is the perfect way.

Even when my ways were crooked

i knew there would be a dawn of a new day.

When she was gone, i had no one..

though i was young

i had to face life on my own,

it wasn't easy, before God rescued me

he helped me, now my life became a story

mother prayer by faith, it works

A prayer to the father never hurts!

each night my mother

had something to say.

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    praying mother

    praying mother


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