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Motivation -- Tool to stick

Updated on December 8, 2016

Motivation .. a short inspiring story

Motivation ... a short inspiring story!!

How do we define motivation?

Well, Motivation is the most important aspect in achieving something. It has a very great role when the goal is much larger and time taking. When you pursue a goal which is not easily achievable and involves a lot of determination and patience , the motivation comes a very handy tool in pursuing it. It keeps a person persisting in something he dreams about when the conditions are worse and difficult to sustain.

So, what is motivation is at all?

We can define as a force of someone's desire or dream which compels him to continue his efforts in worse conditions. A person who is not motivated enough to do something is most likely to distract along the journey or quit in the middle when the situation becomes a little worse.

There are many success stories in the history where great personalities have achieved a lot when odds were totally against them.

Karoly Takacs is one such example of these success stories. Karoly Takacs was Gold medal winner in 25-meter rapid pistol fire in summer Olympics held in 1948 and 1952. But before achieving this feat, there was a painful , determined and motivated struggle which he had to endure.

Karoly Takacs was a world class shooter by 1936. He was always dreamed about winning the Olympics gold medal that was to be held in 1940. But then in 1938 an unfortunate accident took place , Karoly lost his right hand in a grenade explosion , the hand he practiced shooting. It could have been a severe setback for an ordinary person, though Karoly was totally different. Without wasting a single moment of time after recovering he started training with his left hand, the only hand he had. He had to start it again from the scratch. He concentrated his whole focus on training his left hand. Often he practiced in secret. In a less than a year's time through a vigrous training , he was able to master his left hand to the level he had possed in his right hand a year ago.

Everything was going fine, then the world-war-2 broke out, canceling the Olympics event to be held in 1940. Karoly never expected to face a situation after overcoming various setback in his dream of winning a gold medal in Olympics. Karoly kept his cool and concentrated on the next Olympic to be held in 1944. But luck was not with the Karoly, once again the event of olympic was canceled due to ongoing worldwar2. It is always a very difficult thing to stay motivated to an evasive target. But Karoly was hell bent on achieveing the gold medal in Olympics that he decided to stay in and started to prepare for the 1948 Olympics event to be held in London. He dedicated his whole energy, his each second in improving his skills in shooting with his left hand.

Finally the day came, when karoly took part in London summer Olympics. All the other contestant were competeting with their both hands whereas he was competeting with his only hand. He was known to everyshooter of that era, as a past potential shooter who could have won olympics medals but unfortunately lost his much practiced hand.

As the event went on, the man with only hand left the world in bewilderment. Karoly had defeated all other contestant and emerged victorious among all participants. He once again repeated that spectacular show in 1952 Summer Olympic by wining gold medal. He also represented his country in 1956 Olympics winning medals in his events.

What can be concluded from this success Story?

There is always a chance for each and every one of us to succeed , if we put in whatever it takes to succeed. We should focus on what we have and ignore what we don't have. Focusing on our strength, developing and improving our key skills bit by bit , will definetely fetch amazing results.

Back in 1936, Karoly could have sought sympathies and pitiness , inspite he motivated himself to get applause and accolade by pursuring his dream.

Thanks for reading!

Guys I am a novice at writing , and trying to improve my writing skills in english. It is first of anything i have ever written in english. I am desperately trying to improve my skills at writing english. I have a little knowledge of english grammar and have a little vocabulary, i am sure you will notice it in this article.

Please suggest improvements, point out the mistakes , suggest corrective measures . Your help will always appreciated from the depth of my heart.


Stay Commited at something!


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