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Moving Temples

Updated on April 6, 2016
The Blessed Sacrament exposed for adoration before the Tabernacle.
The Blessed Sacrament exposed for adoration before the Tabernacle. | Source

“Go, stand in the temple and tell the people the whole message about this life.” Acts 5:20

An angel spoke to the apostles while they were prisoners of the priests who did not believe in Jesus and the resurrection of the body. The angel encouraged them with these words and miraculously transported them to the temple to speak God’s message.

We too are called by God’s angel to “stand in the temple and tell people the whole message about this life.” It is not, however, the temple of churches we should reference in this message, but the one we inhabit daily. In the same way Jesus lives in His sacramental body in every tabernacle of every temple in the world our bodies, who carry Him from our fiat, “Amen” as we receive Him in Holy Communion, become moving temples of the All Mighty as He deigns to come and dwell in us.

People wander years searching for their identity; their self. We customize our bodies with clothes, hair, jewelry, scents in our own particular way to identify our individuality and we lose sight that the individual is inside the body. The soul is ignored, alone, destroyed. We sin against ourselves and mock our Maker. As human beings our soul is our true self. Jesus identified Himself first as Spirit, then He integrated His body in His identity, “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise It up.” John 2:19. We must identify our very selves with our souls first, then our bodies have a purpose.

A tabernacle should be made with the most precious of metals, adorned with jewels and flowers, scented and lit with pure-waxed candles that are never extinguished. Our bodies should reflect these holy houses: yes, with jewels, make-up, pretty clothes, wonderful perfumes, only if we see that it is a tribute to the One Who dwells in us. In this way will our souls be in control of our bodies and welcome its Savior.

Woe to the soul that receives their Creator in their house with stains of pride’s sin and does not beg mercy as the thief did while dying on the cross next to Jesus. The soul that arrogantly allows Jesus to come into their pride-filled house has no chair for Jesus to rest in, Jesus doesn’t “fit” in that house filled with self and condemnation towards others. We insult the very One that made us and act like the thief that demanded Jesus come down from the cross; we mock Him.

We must stand in the temple of our bodies unafraid. With our Lord Jesus living in us we are never alone or should ever be afraid, and our actions of mercy towards others as we’d like mercy to be given to us become the words that proclaim Jesus’ mercy for all.

Imagine, so many living tabernacles throughout the world: the kingdom of God is at hand.


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