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Mr. Obama You Have No Right To Be Disrespectful to Christians

Updated on December 2, 2014

It Is Offensive Mr.Obama

This Country Was Founded on Religious Tolerance

The United States was founded on principles allowing religious freedom for all. We have an unalienable right to worship as we see fit. Accepting the responsibility that goes with religious freedom calls for acceptance of our neighbors rights to worship. We need to respect each other.

In civilized society tolerance goes hand in hand with respect. Is it too much for our President to show respect for Christianity? It is tasteless for Obama to mock Christians by invoking the sign of the Cross. Christ died for our sins on the Cross. If he truly is a Christian as he claims he should know that making a mockery of Christ's death is just not right.

What is the message Mr.Obama sending? Children see this behavior and may act on it. If the President saw Christian children mocking Allah I am certain he would intercede. Why would a man as sensitive as Mr.Obama act in such a way?

Can't Be Both Muslim and Christian at the same time

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Mr.Obama be reminded that only God is infallible not you.

Please pass this on to any concerned American who was offended by Mr.Obama. It seems that when someone else incites religious intolerance it is wrong. When Mr.Obama offends it is just a joke.

Politically correct in his every way, Emperor Obama has little regard for the Constitution and needs to be called on it.


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