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The codex: when Jesus connived with Judas.

Updated on April 3, 2011
Jesus with Judas
Jesus with Judas

When the promotion stated that there is an ancient document that will change the way we see Christianity was unearthed, one was forced to reason to a higher level of the possibility of contents that may question some of the rituals of what is called Christianity. But when the documentary (that was raised to a higher status beyond the actual impression) was unveiled, the content was far less than the anticipated. It was just not more than series of attempts to clarify the authenticity of an ancient manuscript.

The codex is said to be a flaking old manuscript that is made up of: the text of James, the letter of peter to Philip, fragment of a text that scholars are provisionally calling the book of Allogenes, and the gospel of Judas which is the most important at the moment.

What has (at the moment) been revealed about the Gospel of Judas betrays the actual Agenda of the promoters: that is another attempt to challenge Christianity. For the entire part of the documentary, one waited patiently (in futility) to arrive at a concrete claim that is in correspondence with the intended message. The only possible deduction came from a statement that conferred on Judas a Hero for betraying Jesus Christ on the premise that he was smarter to blindly draw a conclusion that Jesus needed a Human tool to fulfil his prophecy.

Instead of the message to center around another ancient find, it is made attractive by trying to associate it with a list of other documents that take interested minds walking through paths that eventually terminates at no precise conclusion that could tally with the hyped title. Such is the case of an earlier version that tried (to failure) to link Jesus to an unidentified grave.

Even the said document was only a translation that must have lost some actual meanings in human error and in-accuracy in the direct conversion from one language to another. Then why the Fuss about a fake Document?

Even the way the document was wrapped and carefully kept in a safe preserve cannot be detached from the deliberate: A conspiracy! For at that time, so many forces including status quo religions were at impedance to a rising Christianity. Going by the emotional sentiments that were and are still associated with religion, an attempt to initiate a doubt is also possible.

Then again, a proportion of Humanity are known to have affinities for negative phenomenons. Even Hitler is an Idol to so many in the recent World. A mind of this nature could also attempt to Build a religious practice.

The Gospel of Judas is not a Gospel after all. For it is a product of assumption, false conclusion and Hallucination that once again authenticate Christianity by virtue of the exposure of the Bible to another historical and archaeological Analysis. It once more give Christianity a pass in a process of criticism.

Unlike another religion whose followers can easily draw the dagger, Christianity boast of rigidity amidst questions of doubts. Even as many people wish to eventually find a counter evidence; the morals, love, freedom, and the inner spiritual components make up the evidence that can never be eroded.

The Gospel of Judas is one of the components of an ancient manuscript labelled codex. The codex is at the moment under observation. But it is the subject of a documentary in a national Geographic channel.




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