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Mugen: When Will You Rest Your Passion? (How Far Are You Willing and Able to Go Without Risking Your Sanity?)

Updated on May 9, 2016
The Holy Infant Jesus of Prague
The Holy Infant Jesus of Prague | Source
Spirited Minds and Body
Spirited Minds and Body | Source

Work in Progress (WIP)


Mugen … Japanese word for dream/fantasy … Infinity








“I remember when this whole thing began

No talk of God then, we called you a man

And believe me, my admiration for You hasn't died

But every word You say today, is twisted round some other way

And they'll hurt You if they think You've lied

Read more: Jesus Christ Superstar - Heaven On Their Minds Lyrics | MetroLyrics”








There are a couple of stuff of write about in this blog/hub/article.

Mugen, is one. Maybe Reiki too?

Passion and Spiritual Transformation …

Spiritual Crisis and Medical Emergency.


Exactly how these will be written remains to be seen.


Most writers make a plan, outline their article.


What does the www say about MUGEN?

Google says, “Mugen is a word of Japanese origin, meaning dream, fantasy (夢幻), or infinite (無限). It may also refer to: "Mugen" (song), a song by Nana Mizuki. Mugen Imawano, a character from the Capcom fighting game series Rival Schools.”

What we’re saying here is that our reality is shaped by the paradigm, i.e., as mentioned by Stephen Covey, we hold. What I’m saying here is that we need to hold a paradigm that is liberating for us, for me.

In a sense for me, the scarcity mentality is an old paradigm for me. I welcome the abundance mentality and the paradigm of oneness in place of separation and competition with each other.

No matter what happens my most loving Father and his Abundant Universe will bring me exactly what I need at exactly the moment I need it. Including Loving Companions, which I seemed to be lacking in the past.

So there, it seems to be so simple when written in one short paragraph but it actually is in real life.

In real life, buy yourself a little chocolate bar, e.g., if your own a tight budget, and your Inner Child will delight in your having presented it with a thoughtful gift.

Your Self will also believe you understand Jesus’ second (there are only two) commandment, love thy neighbor as yourself.

You cannot sincerely love your neighbor if you don’t know how to love yourself, you know. If not, learn in your own way to love yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for the things that you accomplished even though those around you do not appreciate your good deed.

Your Father knows what you need even before you are even aware of what you need. Your Father through Jesus says love yourself first, so you can genuinely love others.

If you somehow find it hard to love yourself, ask Jesus, … ask the Father, … the Holy Spirit is also a powerful companion, especially if you train yourself with seeing the little extras that you encounter in your immediate environment. For example, a flowering bush surviving in the scorching summer heat. The blade of grass renewing itself after seemingly being drowned in the rain. …

All because you changed your paradigm, from a vengeful god to a Loving God.


If I remember correctly Neale Donald Walsh said, define your most noble ideal and live accordingly; revise your truth according to your newer experiences.

Meaning for every paradigm we outgrow, we have outgrown our self.

Meaning we have to design a new paradigm.

Isn’t that what you call a life of adventure?

If you didn’t enjoy the last hour, you’ve wasted it.

To me, it seems that every time, I move my most noble ideal and paradigm to the next level, it becomes more funner. But more challenging as well.

I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest---ambivalent really.

(The birds around me at 1:26 am think it’s morning. They’re chirping, even the cock is crowing.)

Does “challenging” mean goose-bumps time? Uh-oh.

I don’t know with you. Have you tried changing a belief and tested what happens?

It’s hard to recall now whether that was a movie or a book where, I think a book, … Napoleon Hill? He used an ordinary business card to approach the hotel desk. Because of his belief that this card contained so and so information, which otherwise it did …

For example, “Manager” instead of “Sales Representative” … If I remember correctly, he was able to convince the clerk to give him a room in an otherwise overly booked place.

If my paradigm is no longer, e.g., scarcity mentality, I can no longer bear. I am going to change it.

After all, it’s just a belief. A false belief in the first place.

“In my Father’s Kingdom there are many rooms.”

It is abundant in God’s Kingdom within. The secret of a abundant life starts from a Rich Inner World. Once you have found that, that In will manifest Out, become real in “solid” reality, material 3D plane.

“The Ideal becomes the Real,” another professor once said.

We should have more of these spiritual professors who are capable of teaching both the technical and the spiritual aspects of reality. An electrical engineer should find it easy to believe in the Holy Spirit because the mechanics of electrical engineering are all only studies in the imagination. Proven through wires, batteries, generators, what-have-you’s.





In a previous blog, I have mentioned what went wrong on the earth plane, Spiritual Realm 4, as per the book Thiaoouba prophecy. In the order of negative impact on humankind: misused money, corrupt politicians, mass media sensationalizing the negatives (i.e., highlight the good, limit coverage to one or two sentences heinous crimes), unprescribed/prohibited drugs, misguided religion.


We know what to do to fix these. We can start with incremental steps but also build the paradigm.


Do what needs and can be done but also envision the next generation of humanity we can be on earth.


It’s been said that if we dwell on the negatives, that’s what will keep coming back in our experience. We need to practice, e.g. according to the Secret book, although attending to paying one’s monthly bills also attend to visualizing money arriving in the mail. Such things.


I can be guilty of dwelling on the negative too, I’m human, am not perfect. But we need to be mindfully aware of what’s going on in our minds. Catch the thought and recall or look around for something to be grateful for. Gratitude is one of the most power feelings, along with Love.


I had once had a vivid dream of doing a cartwheel, at which point I was already upside down. My hands were supported by a Child and my legs apart, up in the air, by a dearly departed boyfriend.

I know the meaning of “man” and that of “child” from, to interpret dream symbols. I had known that my dreams are a communication from my unconscious or subconscious or whatever you call it. Carl G Jung calls it the soul, our soul.

I know was able to actually do cartwheels in childhood games in elementary. So that was not impossible. But for me now at 55, it feels heavy for my 55-year-old body. I continue to fantasize, dream … I MUGEN that I can still do cartwheels and somersault (i.e., which I can still do in the swimming pool to this day), etc.

If you MUGEN, you go beyond your limited physical body. And then your limited physical body that used to be hypnotized with fallacies of limitation, is awakened, realizing it is beyond flesh and bones.

If can MUGEN anywhere, any time. Waiting on the platform for the train to arrive? Waiting, waiting, waiting … Forever waiting it seems from the world’s view of your human body.

But your body, mind and soul knows beyond the physical waiting, it has reached HEAVEN.

So this may have to do with the Biblical paradigm of “Heaven on Earth”. For those who have achieved mugen, heaven is here-now. Right where you are is where you find heaven. Being quietly still, waiting for the moment to unfold … MUGEN.

If you know what I mean.

But we all know the others are still on earth Spiritual Realm 4 even though we have arrived at MUGEN, Realm 5. It’s been repeated through the grapevine. This seemingly solid physical reality actually holds multidimensional realities, happening all together at the same time.

Now it’s up to us to decide to choose between the old paradigm of scarcity and separation (Realm 4) and the new paradigm of abundance and Unity or the One in the All (Realm 5).

There are consequences, I need to warn you. Those who live according to realm 4 paradigm will call you insane, loonie, bipolar, schizophrenic, etc., etc., etc.

Because you have gone beyond the chasm and stepped into the leading edge.

How can you be so happy when you’re supposed to be have been ostracized by the ‘normal’? When they ‘feel’ (nagfi-feeling sila, is the vernacular) they are the norm.

Happy should be the norm. That’s what God wants me to be. I choose God, my personal Good.

Who are my mother and my brothers? Your closes of kin will reject you, be ashamed of ‘who’ you are and the supposed effect on their established ‘reputation.’

But what is reputation other than what others think you are? Who do you think they are? Who do you think You are?

“If you only know, … even at night my heart instructs me. The Lord knows where I stop to rest.”

God is all that one needs. Not the selfish, acceptance / rejection game, regardless of who they think you are.

That’s the game they play around here: scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. My money for your acceptance and high esteem for me. Is that how cheap mankind has become?

There are multitudes in Our midst. The Grapevine is now aware; it’s not about the money or the food (blog “Upside Down Hierarchy”).

Gary Zukav and wife(?) Linda in a book said, it’s not calories you seek but contact with your soul, Me.


Once you notice that you have been able to retrieve back, it is a likely possibility that you have a delicate psyche.

Avoid negative people at all cost, especially at the beginning of your spiritual transformation.

The agitated crowd can cause for the same agitation energy to arise in you, stay away from such crowds.

Using the objective observer point of view, observer that you are the serene one while they agitate the air.

Read “Grounding …”

Rest your weary mind if needed.

Use your freedom of choice to decide up to how many paradigms you are willing to smash.

This freedom of choice may be the crux as regards to answering the question title of this blog.

If unsure, you can always ask God directly:

“Am I strong enough to see this dream/paradigm through?”



Step 1. Old paradigm of scarcity and separation. There seems to be only a few among mankind left in this old paradigm, which is what in the past we called Earth Spiritual Realm 4.

Step 2. Next paradigm – Peace, Joy and Love … Love, Abundance, Completion, Unity.

More common among people nowadays, we see people helping one another. We see countries coming to the aid of the smallest.

The more powerful owns up to the responsibility of being lord protector of the small.

… the paradigm of Spiritual Realm 5, where we introduced Orion (The Vision for Spiritual Realm 5 According to Orion)

Step 3. Spiritual Realm 6: Sacred Man, through God, living among the Sacred.

As explained in the blog, , using our freedom of choice we can assign either a positive or negative context to anything neutral. Queirdkus assigned the number 6 to the Sacred, explaining that things we do not understand belong to the Sacred and that our self being Sacred, we should not force it to know or understand something that we cannot immediately grasp. Honor the mystery. Honor the moment:


… In-Love and Affection.


If Realm 5 taught us to Love and Accept without judgment, in Realm 6, we should be able to go beyond acceptance in to Affection for even those that we do not understand.

Word of advice is not to attempt the plunge to this realm, Realm 6, without the conviction that one is capable of extending affection even towards the ugliest within us.

Rorschach test … (see )

The world is a mirror of our self. We can see strange creatures in the outside/external environment and their countenance will depend on how we perceive the world or the Universe.

If we perceive the Universe as an Abundant, Loving Universe, …

We may see a dwarf or elf figure on our marble floor abstract pattern.

If we have not assumed an affectionate stance towards these creatures, we can get freaked by them and they will get freaked out by us in return, causing for us to experience angry figures.

This is the myth of the mirror on the wall in Sleeping Beauty. The “evil” step mother ( ) only had envy in her heart for Snow White such that she could only see her (Snow White) always as being more beautiful than herself (step mother).










If you can safely accept the Snow White and the evil step mother within yourself and still extend affection to that kind of step mother, you may safely assume, you have somehow learned to have affection for your shadow self.

Maybe then it’s safe to assume you can plunge into the Sacred of Realm 6.

What I do is when I feel strange:

  • Recognize you are experiencing a feeling.
  • Own up the feeling. “I am not a feeling but the feeling is an experience I am having, e.g. scared.”
  • Exhale with Affection to Whomever or Whatever is causing the feeling.

Seeing patterns emerge from the clouds, for example, from the bark of a tree, … These are a shared experience among mankind.

But there are strange-scary patterns that we need to learn to affection, because sometimes although we are good within, there is still the unaccountable anger of mankind. The can come as strange forms in our experiences too, so as a collective group, mankind should extend affection towards Mother Earth to heal her impaired psyche.

We may not know that the feeling we are actually experiencing came from our own thoughts or Mother Earth’s touching our mind, in-Love.

There is more to Mother Earth that is the Royal Sacred Elemental that is not perceivable to the usual five-sensory human being. Elfs, dwarfs, hermaphroditic mermaids and dragons may actually be a fact of life on Mother Earth.


I am not sure that the word Affection is the best word to use but my angel told me that would be the best in the English language. … Similar to love but separate from sensual experience, affection.

In the vernacular, no direct translation. Maybe lambing.

Affection for people who are branded as geeks, nerds, looneys, weirdo, insane, bipolar, schizi, what-have-you …

Their tasks of praying for mankind is heavy enough a load, the hot forhead is heavy enough a load, for us to put granulated salt on the open wound. When you call them crazy, it’s more than they can handle. They are highly sensitive persons whose psyche are volatile or vulnerable to your once effective (now rendered ineffective) black magic.

They need* your lambing now.








.* DISCLAIMER: Your loved one may need emergency medical attention if they cause physical harm to self, others or property.


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