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Refer to the prophecy of Muhammad

Updated on August 17, 2016

the first

Refer to the prophecy of Muhammad, peace be upon him In the book of Isaiah

Mentioned in (Isaiah - chapter 42) close defy anyone who does not believe in Muhammad, peace be upon him, where he described the prophet and his people, the characteristics and conditions before they came, then their situation after appearing to them, and these properties and descriptions, but it does not apply God's peace be upon him and document form paragraphs, namely:

For the first: talk about a prophet he reputed as Abd Allah and His Messenger says (it is, my servant whom I uphold. Mokhtari, who led him myself. Put my spirit it come out right Nations).

The second

The second shows that religion reigns and completed the law which came out during his reign is, not after him, where Christianity has not been completed in the life of Christ, has entered upon a lot of the work of the pupils and the work of men of the church and the work of (Paul), but the Prophet, peace be upon him are you talking about prophecy of Isaiah confirms the law is completed in his reign, and complete religion in the faces so they can not later generations that conducting delete or add to what was brought by the Prophet .. this is what travel himself to say: (a tireless and do not bend even puts the right to land. and waiting for Algeria his law), then travel shows us that this prophet law, while Christ is not a law, but it came a series of ethics maintains through which the law of Moses and calls the faithful to be applied, it has been another Saah as saying in the Gospel (Matthew 23: 1-3): ( Moses' seat sat the scribes and Pharisees. Everything they say to you that The oh Vahfezoh and Allah, but according to their works do not know because they say they do not).

And third: (I am the Lord has invited mainland and took his hand and will keep you and make you a covenant for the people and light to the Gentiles): This paragraph shows that God I ask people even complete his ie it does not die, and will not kill to complete the debt, and this supports what came in the Quran the Almighty said :) O Prophet was sent down to you from your Lord, and if not, what was his message and God protect you from the people ([1], this verse when I got the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: ((O people went away from us has God down our guard)).

And fourth (to raise her voice wild and cities. Homes inhabited by Kedar. To sing the population of the rock. From the mountains to cheer) This paragraph shows that this prophet comes from the descendants of Ishmael from Abraham peace be upon them. And Kedar is the second son of Ishmael, as in (Genesis 25: 13).

And fifth

And fifth: (dishonors shame Speakers sculptures Sayers castings antennae gods) paragraph shows that there are a milestone differentiate between the Prophet and any other prophet has said: It foresee him as the Messiah or the other, it shows clearly that his enemies vanquished were worshipers of idols and the owners of the idols, and the Jews who Christ appeared in them what they were worshipers of idols, they had believed in one god the neighborhood that does not die.

And sixth (Lord Kaljabbar comes out as a man of wars rises jealousy. Cheer and shout and strength to his enemies) of this paragraph shows that this prophet a man of war, and we find in the books of Moses, the man of war, one of the attributes of God Almighty, this is what came in (Exodus 15: 3 ): (Lord, Lord named man of war ..).

And seventh (from the tops of the mountains to cheer. To give glory to the Lord and His praise in Algeria told him) refers to the pilgrimage of Muslims and would stand on Mount Arafat praising God and Amado Una This is not only in Islam.

And eighth (people ravished and harrowed, may Astrid the whole drill, and in Habbous houses hiding became prey nor a savior, and negatively not say replies) of this paragraph indicate that this prophet will appear in a weak people tasted each eat, this is the case of the Arabs before Islam , North West frontier Province was looted Roman, as was the northeastern border looting of the Persians.

And ninth (to open the eyes of the blind, to come out of confinement captured from the prison those who sit home in the darkness, a prisoner of the blind in ways they did not know, in paths, not Adroha Omnium, beyond the darkness into light before them and the crooked places straight, these things I do not let them) paragraph suggests that this society If the Prophet came back and turned them blind to sighted people, and sick to healthy, they went on the horizons until they underwent the world.

British ex-minister said

British ex-minister said: Anthony Vacant:

(What happened in Islam has no parallel in the history of the world, it has been an average land area conquered by Islam, about 250 square kilometers a day over seventy years, has extended the Islamic conquests as such Ripper for all human beings experiments, which are higher than the daily duty of any army of the modern organization, arming the armies of the world).

And X: Travel concludes his prophecy as a prophet of righteousness, which maximizes the law of God and Ickramha, and these have been made in the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him is the Prophet of mercy who sent him to the Lord of all the world.

Jesus said: (because he does not speak of himself, but all you hear him speak and tell you coming) things, and this is what the Quran says in verse:) and a passion that is only a Revelation revealed ([2].

The eleventh: Christ, the Son of Mary was told that the world will come to Arkoun, and mean Mr. Arkoun, a professor

Refer to the prophecy of Muhammad


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