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Multiverse, Nexus of the Paranormal

Updated on June 7, 2012

Bigfoot, UFO's, Ghosts, Cryptids, and more. What do they all have in common?

There is a very wide variety of subtopics in the paranormal, of these niche subsets set up as seemingly distinct and unrelated topics of study. Upon closer investigation these topics have more fundamentals in common than initially meets the eye.

Some of the most compelling cases that draw attention to the similarities of the many fingers of the paranormal, are those cases that astonishingly incorporate all manner of supernatural mischief in one. These cases often seem the most bizarre they are like unto the combination plate from your favorite restaurant, offering a little taste of various tantalizing dishes.

Two such cases come to mind in this context, although I am positive there are many more these two are some great examples of paranormal sampler cases.

The Skinwalker Ranch

The Skinwalker ranch case (top of my interest list) is an incredible story of a horse ranch that is located in Vernal Utah. I very first heard reports of this ranch on Coast to Coast AM around 2006, during a show interviewing George Knapp a reporter who was involved in the investigation of the case. Knapp was on the program being interviewed about and promoting his book, Hunt for the Skinwalker, that he had written based upon his experiences with researchers at the ranch.

The radio interview had my complete undivided attention for the duration. The story of this ranch had livestock mutilations, werewolf creatures, poltergeist like activity, a Bigfoot creature coming out of a portal, UFO's of various sizes and shapes, floating lights, native American lore, curses and more. I was hooked and had to know more, this was the most incredible story I had ever heard, and this amazing location was close to home, here in Utah. The book Hunt for the Skinwalker, both chronicles the events of the research effort, and attempts to the best of it's ability to tie in all of the outlandish phenomenon in with general paranormal subtopics, also to my interest the book detailed a great deal of Utah history that I was not previously familiar with.

This account began to open my eyes to the similarities between all of these creatures and events. It is clear that all of them though they they take different shapes and act differently are here, wherever here is, and then they are not. They have this incredible ability to blip in and out of our reality at will leaving no trace of their presence aside from witnesses and collateral damage.


Documentary: Eyes of The Mothman

Mothman, Point Pleasent, and the Silver Bridge

Another fascinating compilation of multifaceted accounts lies in the stories surrounding the Mothman, Silver Bridge collapse, and Point Pleasent. There are many movies, books and documentaries available on this subject, one documentary that I find to be abundant with information is called The Eyes of The Mothman.

The accounts surrounding the Mothman are set in Point Pleasent, West Virginia circa 1966.

Reports of Mothman himself have the potential to be classified as cryptid, alien, mutant, or spirit, displaying some huminoid features, some animal, and some unknown. The mothman appeared to random individuals throughout the West Virginia area, his visitations terrifying witnesses.

Associated with the Mothman sightings there were reports of UFO's, Men in Black, Animal disappearances, widespread electrical and mechanical disturbances, visitors from the future, prophecy, and other strange creatures.

All of these encounters and sightings seemed to lead up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge, some believe that the appearance of Mothman and the associated phenomenon was a prophetic precursor to the disaster.

The bundle of supernatural goings on surrounding Mothman struck me as having several similarities to the Skinwalker Ranch case. There is a great deal of history pointing to a Native American curse in both cases, and many of the creatures reported resemble creatures that are common place in Native American Lore.

These recognitions also lead me to the simple fact that once again, though there was a wide range of activity going on there were some fundamental characteristic that was the same, here then, not here...

Books by: Lionel Fanthorpe

What could this fundamental connection mean?

Immersing myself in theories of paranormal activity of all types, from one end of the spectrum to the other I have discovered and adopted the theories of parallel universe, or multiverse as being the most all encompassing, and in my opinion the best bridge between logical science, spirituality, and reported phenomenon.

Parallel universe theories suggest that paranormal experiences are produced when one level of dimensional existence crosses with another. At this intersection the two (or more) co-existent dimensions briefly become one, and anything that exists in either dimension now has the possibility of encountering the other.

With my limited but ever understanding of quantum physics, I have found that it supports the mutiverse theory as well. With my limited but also growing understanding of the use of intention, and spirit to affect the construct of reality in incomprehensible ways it does not surprise me that a curse, something with incredible intent, is associated with sights that display the paranormal multiverse qualities.

It is as if the link of the intent of individuals, and the energy of those individuals (past and or present) and events surrounding them serve to produce a dimensional nexus, which allows things from outside our dimensional reality to come through for a brief period.

Stories of people who have suddenly stepped out of time abound, these stories make a strong case in favor of the multi verse. One that I remember conceptually from another Coast to Coast guest Lional Fanthorpe, details that a man goes down some steps to use a public restroom and emerges to find that the landscape has changed, his wife is gone, and the people he see's are dressed in clothing from another time. Multiverse applies in such a case.

Even things such as EVP which are so often heard to be the voice of an angry individual saying "Get Out", almost as if our presence is rudely disrupting their reality, seem to further support this theory of parallel dimensions.

There is not any paranormal phenomena that I can think of that does not have the "now it's here, now it's gone" characteristic, also suggesting that there is some temporary shift, a brief connection to see the unseen, a time to hear the inaudible, to sense something beyond the ordinary.

Due to this perceived umbrella effect I believe that all paranormal, or supernatural phenomenon has it's basis in dimensional connection.


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