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Musings on New Year!

Updated on December 31, 2012

Saibaba as youth!

Our real identity!

New Year has dawned and every one starts greeting others with a ‘Happy New Year’. One thing is certain. All wants happiness and none wants sorrow or pain. Why? Man is innately divine and his nature is only Bliss and hence he can not tolerate anything other than Bliss. Hence Joy and happiness is natural to human beings and none will enquire when one is happy. Every body will start questioning if we are sullen and depressed.

Now let us examine why we feel suffering and pain. We all feel that we are limited to the ephemeral body and evanescent mind. This identity causes us grief and pain. We consider every one as different from us and thus we are isolated. This isolation causes us grief. The fact is that we are part of whole and there was never a moment of separation. To gain this unity, we should discard certain false assumptions. We are neither the body, nor the mind or intellect. We are neither the senses. Then what are we? We are the immortal soul which is never different from God. As air surrounds every place, God surrounds us in all directions. He is seated in our Heart as Eternal Self. The Self has neither beginning nor end. It has no birth or death. Only bodies take birth and die. But the soul or self is eternal. It is the unaffected witness. Events of the world never affect the Self. It is like a great dream. We have watched many cinemas in the cinema halls. As we enter the cinema hall, we see only a pure white screen. When the cinema commence, we view many scenes over the screen. Here we forget the existence of the screen and view only the projected cinema. After the cinema is over, the same pure white screen remains. The falling of pictures on the screen never affected the screen.

The Self is also akin to the pure white screen of the cinema hall. Any kind of events in the outer world can not touch the Self and the Self is always serene and in supreme bliss. Now we understand that the Self is the only permanent entity and the events or happening are temporary. Like the projected cinema over the screen, events last for a specified time. The pictures need the screen whereas the screen is independent of the pictures. Likewise, self is unconcerned about the creation or cosmos. Irrespective of events, the Self is in perennial Bliss. This is really our nature. We are unaware of real identity with the Self. We miserably feel that we are individual bodies with a finite mind and intelligence. Hence we grieve over the dead. We celebrate births. If we gain wisdom, we will never bother about births and deaths. We will understand that we are one with the supreme self and all other things are grand illusions of the mind!


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