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Muslim diaries -1- : Congregational prayer

Updated on March 1, 2013

Assalamu Alaykum :)
Today, I am going to treat an important topic to all Muslims. It is a real life experience that I am going to narrate on behalf of the one who lived it, may it correct some brothers behaviours and count on the person's good deeds.


I was an honest man, a man who loves truth and says it even if it doesn't please others. I don't like to wrong people and I don't allow them to wrong me. I was loved and respected by everyone because of my good manners, because of being by the side of needy and wronged even if I have nothing to gain. I was certainly not an angle and I don't know if my life was full of good deeds, I don't know if a small forgotten good I did will help me enter Paradise. I am in a situation where not trampling an ant that I saw once on my passage will be of great help.

The reason you're reading this today isn't that I need to confess my sins to anyone but my Creator, but because I don't want you to do the same mistake as me nor to follow the steps of those who surrounded me. It is because you have to keep in mind that as Muslim, you represent Islam, and all that concerns Islam will be seen in you.

As described before, I was loyal, and this didn't keep me safe from mistakes. I don't know how to start it as it is always hard to admit that we were wrong especially when it is too late. I had a problem in congregational prayer in Masjid that started first with Eid prayer.

Eid is an occasion to worship Allah, to forgive each other, to visit family, to feel closer to your Lord and happy with that feeling of pureness that this important religious event gives you... Eid day always starts with Eid prayer where Muslims pray together side by side in the Masjid and share happiness and forgiveness after praying.


What a great feeling I missed. During all my life, countable were the Eid prayers I performed in congregation. And because of what? Because of taking Islam and Muslims as one. People, may Allah guide them, used to pray side by side on Eid prayer, treat each other in a good way on the Eid day, and then come back to their bad habits, hatred and misunderstanding the next day. To me, this looked to be hypocrisy. Something that I can't do. And instead of respecting Islam teachings and leaving people to their matter if I can't correct them, I judged the whole act of worship according to the way they applied it. And I refused to pray Eid in Masjid, I refused to go out of home on Eid, I couldn't participate in celebrations. Then bit by bit, Shaytan convinced me to do the same with congregation prayer in Masjid, even Jumu'a prayer. Those who looked hypocrite to me were but a few, but I couldn't stop that idea becoming bigger in my mind.


I missed so much and even if I regretted in my last days, There was no Eid prayer to pray and I had no power to carry my tired body and dying soul to the Masjid. Actually, the writer can't tell you what was in my mind, or my last thoughts. This whole experience is narrated based on what I declared or was declared on my behalf. Many details might be lacking, but this doesn't deviate the message I want you to get from its purpose.


I don't know why I left the large population and concentrated on some people who applied Islam wrongly. Maybe if I was offered the chance to see people behaviours again, I would remark that youth who used to be naughty became wiser, our neighbour who used to consume drugs repented, and the two who used not to bear each other are now friends, the one who used to be alone found good company in Masjid... And I.... I am here alone with my deeds.

Now, there where there is no place to regret, I realize the meaning of this Ayah {...and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds;...} Quran 29:45 I realize that Praying sincerely, going to Masjid even if this will make you stand side by side with the one you wronged, may one day causes you to repent. I realize that everyone does mistakes or worship wrongly and that their act of ignorance have nothing to do with Islam.

If these lines were written on my behalf, it was to guide you for sure, but also to offer me a chance to have your Dua. Pray Allah to forgive my sins. My last words to you would be: Let Islam live in you, just like a Muslim should do.

Assalamu Alaykum


Let Islam live in you, just like a Muslim should do.


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    • uzma shaheen profile image

      Uzma Shaheen Bhatti 4 years ago from Lahore,Pakistan

      I loved this hub,amazing. we all make mistakes and we all commit sins but ALLAH is most merciful. we must never judge others. you are absolutely right that act of ignorance of muslims have nothing to do with Islam.

      its a great lesson.

    • forall profile image

      forall 4 years ago

      Jazaki Allah for the comment and the fan mail :)

      I hope the experience lived by that person, may Allah have mercy on him, can benefit some brothers and sisters.

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