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Muslims Murdered in America

Updated on February 13, 2015
The three victims
The three victims

It is actually a very rare incident that three Muslims have been murdered in the USA. Usually, when murders occur there is little mention about their religion or even related to that. But the recent activities of Muslims who promote Jihad against anyone who does not believe in Islam or its Prophet, has brought this murder into a possible hate crime. It is entirely possible that many Americans secretly are prejudiced and biased against any Muslim when they are spotted. This can only be traced to the extreme terrorists claiming Islam dictates their own Jihad is allowed against other religions. The more ISIS and al-Qaeda kill in Allah's name, the more moderate Muslims will fall victim from others in some form. The moderate Muslims are the collateral damage of events in the Middle East.

The recent murder of three Muslims, all well educated Americans in North Carolina is a prime example. The murderer is a middle aged man learning to be a paralegal and highly regarded by the school. The victims were all educated and respected Muslim Americans from moderate beliefs. The FBI is looking for a hate crime. While some may automatically call it an attack against Muslims simply because the victims were, so far, evidence points to only a horrible frustrating issue about parking problems. Parking can ignite tempers especially when the problem continues to occur over time with the same parties. It is foreseeable that actions can become violent. Murders occur over many simple things- money, attitude, jealousy. In this case, the murderer simply broke over the dispute and perhaps did harbor some resentment or biased opinion towards Muslims. Right or wrong, extremism promotes more of the same. Just as some Muslims are biased or hateful towards Western culture and beliefs and may not show it, it is probable many in the Western world feel the same when beheadings or setting victims on fire (like the Jordanian Muslim pilot).

Human nature is like that no matter how hard one tries to avoid it. Some 5500 mourners went to pay their respects of the victims. The three Muslims were American and only their dress may be outwardly different. They were all grateful to be American and wonderful. Yet, a parking problem became the catalyst to their demise. If it turns out to be hate issue, it is a product of our times. The murderer was angry at many tenants about parking and issues at the apartment complex. Perhaps, the three murdered just happened to be Muslim. If they had been black, that whole issue would be revisited again.

It may be just another senseless murder.


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