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My True Source of Happpiness

Updated on June 2, 2011


"You must remain faithful to what you have been taught from the beginning. If you do you will continue to live in fellowship with the Son and the Father. And in this fellowship, we enjoy the eternal life He promised us."

I John 2:24-25

How do we enjoy the eternal life God promised us even while we are still here on earth?

Is the eternal life promised by Christ to us meant to be enjoyed only after our death ? I believe while here on earth we can actually possess this eternal life by living in constant fellowship with the Father and the Son. And we can have the fellowship of the Father and the Son by remaining faithful to His Word and teachings.

We can only enjoy and experience the glory and presence of God if we are possessing a pure heart and living a blameless walk before Him. Sin is the major hindrance to our fellowship with God. If we are living in sin, His face is hidden from us and our fellowship with God is broken. Thus we are deprived of God's glory and presence and in no way to enjoy "eternal life" while here on earth.

The best thing here on this earthly life is to live in constant fellowship of the Father and the Son and dwell in the presence of God and live in the fullness of His glory. For these things will bring us true happiness even we are deprived of the "great things" the world could offer. The world could offer us great pleasures but not lasting happiness.

The fellowship of the Son and the Father brings us great true and great joy while the world and the things of the world could only bring us fancy happiness. A person who has all the things the world could offer yet living apart from the fellowship of the Father and the Son is still living in futility and grief for the things the world could offer are only temporal things and gives only momentary comfort. The true and lasting source of happiness is found in experiencing. the glory and presence of God.

I am a single woman living a simple life in this world. In my present condition, I am deprived of many things the world could offer. I have no great possessions, I have no great and prestigious career as a New Yorker executive has, I have no big savings in my bank account, I have no husband, yet I could still be genuinely happy. It is all because of the fellowship I am enjoying with the Father and the Son. My true source of happiness is found in the glory and presence of God. In their presence I am enjoying eternal life while here on earth.


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    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 9 years ago from Manila

      Thank you Wehzo for appreciating this hub ans sharing your brief insight. Our hope indeed is secure in the Lord Jesus.

    • profile image

      Wehzo 9 years ago

      Great hub! You and I share the same source of happiness. In all my 54 years on the earth, I have learned to be content in whatever situation I find myself in. That is because my source of happiness is not 'of this world'. Thank you for sharing Cristina327.