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My Amish Client

Updated on September 21, 2012

My Amish Client

by JR Hager II
by JR Hager II

My Amish client is quite a card. Didn't realize he was Amish until I met him, and then I wasn't so sure: sitting on his porch with a BlackBerry looking at my work on YouTube.

My Y o u T u b e Channel

Feeling like I'm sort of a 'gateway' for him; he loves the 'vids' and wants to do another one.

He told me I could not bring my tripod in the carriage shop, and to hide my camera - "cause if they saw it they," fellow amishman, "would have a shit-fit." (I kid you not)

We played it safe and waited for lunch break. Notice how clean the area is - just like a German, huh.

"Aren't you worried 'they' will find out," I asked him.

"How would they, they avoid the computers and the internet like it's the plague. Many of them do have a cell phone, anyway. But they keep them in the barn. And they aren't ones like mine, just the basic ones."

"Don't they talk about you?"

"I imagine they did at one time, but I bring them a lot of business with my web page. And will bring them more business with these videos....Tell me more about Twitter and FaceBook now. Would you put one together for me?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?" I hesitantly replied.

He followed with, "Does my horse shit on the road?"

I half expected him to break out the cider ....and then the corncob pipe.

What a nice guy he is.


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    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 7 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      Though I poke fun at them, Amish are alright in my book. Never once did he try to convert me or make me feel my belief was less than his. I meet with him today, he wants me to get started on his Twitter Account.

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      I can't wait to read more! He sounds, looks, acts like quite the character..