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My Angel Number Sequences 1111

Updated on September 19, 2010

My Angel Number 11 11 Experience

To date … say over the last 6 yeas or so, I’ve mainly noticed the sequence of 11:11 repeating itself to me more so than any other. I don’t consciously sit there waiting for the clock to tick over or anything … I just seem to glance up at right at that particular moment. And this happens a lot … say just about every day, sometimes once or twice on the same day. When it appears, I make a conscious effort to affirm and ‘put out’ to the Universe for what I truly desire and wish to manifest into my life, and I also quickly thank the Universe for all that I have and ma grateful for, and ask for blessings for myself and others. A moment or two is all it really takes.

11 11 carries the following messages …

1, being the number of 'new' is the number from which all manifestation begins. Watch your thoughts, and focus on your positive desires, rather than your negative fears. It is the energy that begins all actions and leads the way in new directions. 1 is the number of new projects, courage, originality and decisiveness and the desire for expansion on all levels.

When 1’s appear repeatedly it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality. The message is to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires. Do not put your energy into focusing on fears – you may manifest them into your life.

The number 11 is a ‘karmic’, Master number. The essence of 11 is developing intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual healing and metaphysical faculties. When 11 appears repeatedly in your life, your angels are asking you to pay attention to your repetitive thoughts and ideas, as they hold the ‘answers’ to your prayers.

When you recognize a 1111 sequence appearing to you frequently, take note of your thoughts at the time when they occur. When a series of 1111's appear, make sure you monitor your thoughts carefully and be sure to only think about what it is you really want, not what you don't want.

This number sequence is a sign that there is an opportunity opening up for you, and your thoughts are manifesting them into form at lightening speed. The 1111 is similar to the bright light of a flashbulb. It means that the Universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, and is manifesting your ideas into material form.

Use the positive energies of the Universe to bring to fruition your deepest desires, hopes and dreams.

**   And I can relate to those messages well and truly …

So what repetitive number sequences repeat to you and what do you feel they are telling you (or trying to tell you)?

Love and Light

Joanne   Sacred Scribes


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      this information is very interesting and exciting and helpful, makes me feel positive and happy!! Thank you Commenters and Author

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

    • profile image

      shannette 5 years ago

      For the past few months I've been seeing 11 minutes after the hour EVERY HOUR EVERYDAY. I promise I'm not joking for example it is 1:11a right now. I'm interested and truly want to know why I'm seeing this. It has been a VERY difficult year for me. Believe it or not I have absolutly NOBODY. I have no family and no friends. My life is very hard because I have debilitating DDD, Reumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia. I live in Arizona where it is very hot, and I have no car. Which means I have to walk everywhere. I cannot afford much as I live on a fixed income of $652.00 a month. I'm very lonely and have nobody to talk to ever. If I die now nobody would ever know, until my neighbors started to smell me. Then I'm sure I would be buried in the desert, in a box, by the "chain gang" (that's what they do with nobodies in AZ). By the way I'm only 26 years old. I'll be 27 in december. I've been praying to die for a while, then I began to see 11 after the hour every hour. Does anyone know what that means or could mean?

    • profile image

      Janelle P 5 years ago

      It's been a pleasure reading all of the above.. I do find it scary ar times eith regards to my intuition for quite a few years now I get different thoughts that randomly just pop into my mind and i picture a certain incident that may that place in the near future and usually i predict what the outcome maybe and to my amazement most times im sure to be right.. At other times i experience funny pains in my stomach usually advising me that something doesn't feel right this squirmishness can last sometimes for days and ive found the pain seems to just fade away ususlly on the day of a certain situation (usually to do with someone that I'm close to ) has taken place.ive even warned close friends that I feel something's not right and i have strong feelings somethings going to happen and It has panned out that way .... I don't know if this is acquicident , but I feel im experiencing higher spiritual powers. Now ever since the end of 2011 I have been experiencing the recurrence of the number ( 11 11 )to the point where It was freaking me out ... It was happening every day , and half of the times twice a day morning and night i would see it ... Also I've experienced looking at the clock at few times and say real time it was 330 when I checked the time at my friends house the clock was still working but not set at the right time .. I glanced at the clock and it would say 11 11 or 1 11 and each time in the space of about 5 seconds it would tick over to 11 12 and so on ... Another time or set of numbers together have been (4 11) and I'm wondering what that may mean .. ??

    • profile image

      Ricky 6 years ago

      I started seeing 1111 in 1976, the year after my brothers death. I've always thought it was something good or spiritual. Now I think it is angels.

    • profile image

      chantelle 6 years ago

      Hi there. Well I'd never really seen any particular number sequence repeating that often until very recently. In fact it was on the 11/11/2011 that I started to see the 1's everywhere! then not long after that I Started to see the 2's then the 3's & 4's now the 5's have been appearing in the past few weeks & now I believe the 8's are just about starting to come in (seen them twice already today in a matter of seconds!)

      i'm being followed by these numbers everywhere lol :)

      I'm guessing it's telling me that what I wanna happen will manifest, my life is gonna stop sucking & will take a better turn & that my working with the angels is helping me to get on to the "right path" I look forward to seeing where things go from here :)

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 7 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Thanks for your input Angel ...

      When the number 333 repeats in your life you are asked to call upon the Ascended Masters for love, help and companionship. They will give you guidance along your path, and if feeling perplexed or confused as to your purpose, call upon the Ascended Masters to assist. They are waiting for your call.

      9’s and 1’s appearing together indicates that your goal is almost complete, or that you are coming to the end of a phase or cycle in your life. It is an indication that one door is closing and another is opening.

      The message is to allow the 'old' to be released so it is able to be replaced with 'new'.



    • profile image

      Angel 7 years ago

      I always see 333, and 911. Not sure why. I actually see this pair almost every day.

    • profile image

      Mario A.A. 7 years ago

      for several years now I've been seeing 11-111-1111 mostly

      1111 sometimes its almost frightening,and it looks like there's no end or stop to it,thanks to all the people reporting the same situation now I know I'm not the only one,it gets more interesting now, also I been able to see future events, with an incredible accuracy in all aspects of life,I have even told friends in advance about singers, politicians, deaths with exact details, and those events happened exactly as I told them to my friends,and many other events that happened and I new or thought about them before hand.

    • profile image

      shelby 8 years ago

      my mother always sees the numbers 222 or 333 she really is curious of what these numbers mean.

    • profile image

      Alison 8 years ago

      I was born on November 11 (11/11) ; ))


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