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Astrology - A Triad Has Much to do with Core Identity.

Updated on June 1, 2013

Breakdown of the Triad Identity

The Triad
Components of Core Self
Rising Sign
Outer Personality Public Self
Hour of Birth
Moon Sign
Soulful Center - Inner Self
Geographic Position
Sun Sign
Basic Ego - Central Self
Zodiacal Position of Birth
The Triad is a Three Part Description of the Unique Self

The Shapes in Mountain Peaks are all Unique

All People Have their own Special Identity

You and Your Triad

The answer to the question as to why that Aries is so talkative? Why the Taurus so glum? Why the Cancer bites their fingers? Why the Capricorn puts me down? Is not what you would think. Its what YOU think of that particular sign coming at you! The weird thing about Astrology is the dynamic of the mixture of YOUR sign with THEIRS, and then the way your Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign combine together to create your Outer Identity. This is your "Triad", and it makes the Core of Personality. When people look at themselves in the mirror each morning, they have that sense of their own uniqueness because after all we are all "experts on ourselves". I like this and I don't like that, and that's the way it is. We most often say that proudly.

However, sometimes people don't feel so proud. Often people look in the mirror and wonder over their individuality; and then they give it some kind of personal appellation that they have called themselves for years, but never say out loud to anyone else.

I recently commented on a Triad in which a Leo Sun, Leo Rising and Leo Moon wanted an analysis. She said: "I can take it.". You see, she already knew she had a strong set of characteristics that were imprinting her.

If you are a Gemini with Gemini Rising and a Moon in Pisces, you can walk around wondering why half the time you feel shallow, clever, uncaring and airy, then why you turn a corner and you get a psychic feeling that sits there and demands attention. You wonder why you suddenly feel compassion for a stranger, but don't want to deal with an every day associate.

Everyone understands that they are a special construction. Some don't call it the Divine. Some just call it chance, or fate, or the way DNA is jumbled together, but whatever their explanation, everyone knows their own special identity. They characterize it according to mood, self esteem, disposition and life phase.

As those who read astrology know, "one man's meat is another man's poison", or put another way, "you never know who is going to get along with who". Astrology presents an ancient system which describes the complexities of individuality. As we mature in life, starting with those opposite gender people called boys and girls, we begin wondering what the other gender thinks. We often are repelled by the opposite sex in our very young states. Then puberty hits, the world changes, as we change and we begin the marvelous merry-go-round of how to get along with humanity regardless of their gender!

But always no matter our age or activity, we are that special person looking out from our eyes and feeling our special feelings. We apprehend a special self and know that this the gifts that we have, that we call "me" are the tools and components with which we will greet each challenging day.

Its Not Them, Its You and Them Together -

"Seeing eye to eye" is an interesting phrase. In this short phrase the whole world of relationships can be crystalized. An unevolved person sees the outer external world as having specific qualities, and that outer world is fixed. They do not see that it is their own nature that mixes with the "outer external world" that constitutes their world.

The evolved and enlightened person sees and understands that regardless of whether you believe in astrology or some other set of forces, one's world is made up of how you as an individual react to, stimulate and are stimulated by -- your around. Life is not about "them out there" and "me in here". Life is about the grand dance, the way we twirl around the dance floor, the ever-moving cavalcade of life's movements on a daily, NO, moment-by-moment basis.

Once you understand this, you realize its the TWO OF US TOGETHER. Essentially, every relationship is a separate and distinct thing. The relationship is a Living Entity in itself. When people begin their "dance together" it can last a week, three years, a decade or a lifetime. It's duration generally has to do with the success of the relationship. Success though, means what it means to the relationship. Others look at a long term marriage and say: "How did they ever make it?" Sometimes that is highly judgmental and not based upon anything but jealousy. If asked the couple would say: "Oh, we know why we made it."

Your Sun, your Moon, your Rising Sign combined with Their Sun, Moon and Rising.

If you are a Gemini, you wake up and greet the day as yourself. Then as you greet the day, you engage in short term, long term, shallow, deep, friendly, testy, formal and informal, distant and close -- relationships. This is how life goes for everybody. When a relationship rises to the level of being important to you, that is your own indication that you should probably seek an understanding of each of you as a "blend". That blend astrologically can be an analysis of both of your triads.

Astrology goes far back into pre-history. Virtually every culture dealt with the Zodiac. The Priests and Seers charted the movements of the Stars and created horoscopes which "charted" each individual birth. The birth chart, an extensive analysis of the position of all the stars and their angular relationships with each other, at your birth -- constitute your chart. The SUN SIGN is the month you were born. It is the generic short hand way of understanding the individual without knowing or having the total information that the chart would provide.

A Triad Analysis can be done if the Moon Sign and the Rising Sign are known. The Rising Sign is based upon your Hour of Birth, and Moon Sign is based upon the geographic placement of your birth (what town and state you were born in). Both of these are often known and are obtainable without getting the entire chart done, but if you have done your chart, this information will be provided.

Here is something to consider: Why does that person that you can not abide suddenly become "much easier" for a new person?

And why are you so "different" through the eyes of some new person who finds you marvelous?

Why do some people make you really quick to disagree with, and others don't arouse your opposition in quite the same way.

Why when you see a person try to make up with you do you somehow oppose them?

Why is the opposite true, that you can so easily make up with someone else?

We are highly complex individuals coming at our loved ones with our complexity in full flower. Perhaps it is good to remember that this same process goes on all around the planet every day. It is ceaseless and challenging. But regardless of whether you are a fire sign, a water sign, an air sign or an earth sign, we can all apply our creative consciousness to making things work in the many branched trees of human activity that we all nurture every day!

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    • profile image

      crabcalledShelly 6 years ago

      I love my Aries man. I think maturity is the key. We never want to offend the other and though at times i feel so insecure really i have no legitimate reason. His strenght is all i need. But what i relize is that he is easily pushed away by my insecurity so actually he helps me grow and he grows because of the love i have for him, one that appears he has never had or one like mine.(ours)

    • Gennifer profile image

      Gennifer 8 years ago from Minsk, Belarus

      great hub! I propose you to visit my new hub " as well. ;) here you can find more info about each sign in particular.