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My Beginning Messages from Archangel Michael #2

Updated on August 27, 2012
Photo by Mary Soliel
Photo by Mary Soliel

The messages from Michael continued on a daily basis. Again, as I state in the first article of my beginning messages from Archangel Michael, the channels seem more relevant to me during this period of my life right now, here in late 2009, than they were eight years ago.

November 20, 2001:

You are so free in every move you make. Bask in that freedom, and let loose of the confines you put yourself in. It is highly appropriate behavior in the new energy. Do this with your thinking too. Hold freedom in your heart because then and only then can you fly. This isn’t so easy for you to do because your natural habit is to put restraints on yourself. Let go of this, and you will know a new kind of joy. Remember this always.

No one can know me better than an angel, who knows my every thought, feeling, and experience. And Michael was right about the restraints I put on myself. I’m aware that I’m the only one holding myself back, but I need this reminder as I’m now breaking through the mold I cast onto myself.

I know that many can relate to this, wanting to break free of the restraints that hold us back. Once that impetus, whether a teacher, healer, inspirational message, meditation, supportive friend, honest self talk, etc., (and often a combination of these) comes along and the light bulb goes on, there’s no turning back and the world of possibilities is suddenly open to you. You get out of your own way and start living the life you were born to live. But you don’t go it alone, there is much help along the way.

As we step into our magnificence, we tap into who we really are. Once we follow our true life’s path, our soul, our angels (with our request), and the Universe with its miraculous synchronicities step in to help light the way. We suddenly find ourselves with the right contacts, right opportunities, and everything falls into place. We need only trust and allow.

Michael addressed my desire to learn more about liquid light a few days later, which I believe will help us gain our magnificence:

It will create sensations and feelings beyond description. You will never be without it, to answer your question. It will replace many of your physical needs. You could one day, how shall I say, purely live off of it. It is like a tonic with miraculous qualities, filling every part of your body and every cell. From the outside you may feel the same, but, oh, from the inside you will feel a peace, joy, and an ecstasy you’ve never known.

Since I wrote my first article, people have contacted me telling me that they, too, are channeling liquid light or just hearing about liquid light around the same time my article came out. It seems this is the right time to start talking about it and exploring what it really is. My intuition tells me that this is the primary source of energy that will allow us to raise our vibrations high enough as we shift, and will sustain us from then on.

On November 27th, 2001, Michael shared a deeply profound message that resonates with what our world is presently undergoing:

Never in the history of mankind have humans been able to transgress through such remarkable feats. Never have humans been so ready to make change happen for the good of the Universe. It is rare to find such a dichotomy of intermingling souls working for and against the change. This was all to be expected. Everything is just as it is meant to be. When you look outside your window, you see destruction and unending chaos all over the world. What we see is a beautiful dichotomy of fixed beliefs and open hearts. The open hearts will win in the end. It is quite refreshing to know there are unseen forces at work here. You all need the help but it cannot be done without you. How many times must we tell you all how much you are loved before you believe us?

I believe you.

Copyright © 2009 by Mary Soliel

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    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 6 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks Prayer Dancer! So glad we are connecting here. And happy that this information is resonating with you...

    • profile image

      prayer dancer 6 years ago

      At last, at very long last...someone else knows what this liquid light IS!! Oh a difficult thing to describe to someone who does know you see!! Thank you Mary for 'talking' about liquid light energy. Yes, I do agree it is Source energy which assists us to raise our vibration and make/re-connect with our soul parts which are still at-Source. Thank you :-)

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado

      I appreciate that Neet8! I feel he wants us to know that with just our simple request, he is immediately in the presence of those who call on him. All good wishes to you!

    • Neet8 profile image

      Neet8 7 years ago

      I love this hub, very inspiring. Archangel Michael is truly a powerful and loving presence to behold. Thanks again and all good wishes.

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 7 years ago


      Thanks for the next installment. Very good stuff in this hub. Step into our magnificence, you and beloved Michael sure can turn a phrase. Keep em coming, Love and light, Michael

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 7 years ago from Colorado

      Cathy, that's the only book that I've seen thus far that has discussed it, and it was published back in 1990! Re-reading Michael's messages just recently made me go back to read it again too! We seem to be on a similar wave-length here!

    • Cathy profile image

      Cathy 7 years ago from Oregon, USA

      I first read about liquid light in the book - We, the Arcturians - a few years back. I'm going to reread it. Thanks again Mary for sharing the messages!