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My Broken Road To Grace: Post Twenty Nine (How are you dealing with change?)

Updated on September 9, 2014

I have three brothers, two older and one younger. All of us have reached our 50's now and have had some serious conversations lately about how our lives are changing. While two of us are in reasonably good health, myself and one other have faced some fairly serious health concerns over the last few years. By the Grace of God and thanks to the miracle of modern medicine we have both done pretty well in managing our afflictions and yet and still enjoy what I would call a good quality of life.

Even so, the lives that we had come to know have changed significantly with our children having grown, married and begun to live their lives with children of their own. Many of them live in other cities now, work and other responsibilities having called them away. My younger brother just sent his youngest son off to college leaving he and his wife to experience empty nest syndrome for the first time, something that the other three of us had already gone through.

As strange as it may seem when I think about myself and my three brothers what I see in my mind's eye are the four boys ranging in age from 12 to 20, who were Roy and Betty Washburn's sons growing up in Macon Georgia in what has now become some 40 years ago. We got together recently and someone took a photo of the four of us and sent a copy to me. As I looked at it I was surprised at how differently we actually look today from how I remember us back then. Certainly there are extra pounds, the dark hair has turned to grey and in some cases thinned. There are glasses now for the lot of us where there once were none and our skin is wrinkled and spotted where it was once firm and tanned.

In short what I see as I look at us now are four Middle aged to older men who's physical appearance has changed as well as their lives and to be very honest sometimes that is hard to take. Please don't get me wrong, it certainly beats the alternative of premature death and I thank God each day for the fact that he has blessed each of us with life thus far. Even still change in any form, under any circumstance can often be hard and it takes real effort to adjust to it sometimes. Our father has passed away now and our mother while relatively healthy for her age becomes more and more feeble with each passing year. Sadly I know that the day will come when she will no longer be with us and when it does, it will be yet another adjustment.

Someone once said that the only thing constant about life is that it changes and I guess to a great extent that is true. There is however one variable to that line of thinking and it hit me full frontal this morning as I read my study verse. Psalm 48:14 says: "For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death." While it is certainly in God's plan for our lives to change it is not now nor has it ever been part of the plan that He would.

No, He in his glory, is the one constant that we can count on day in and day out. He is the same God who saved me as a boy of 7 and still leads and guides me as a father and grandfather of 57 today. He is now and always will be there looking over us, guiding us in the way that we should go and holding us securely in the palm of His mighty hand as each of life's changes comes our way.

Friend, if you don't know Him today you most certainly should. This world can be a scary place sometimes and you do not have to face the uncertainty and the inevitable change of life alone. He is there now as He has always been waiting and wanting for you to simply reach out to Him, take his hand and ask Him to guide you through life from this moment on. That is all that it takes it really is that simple. If you do so, He will and you will be forever glad you did!

Growing older is bound to happen. Growing old with Him by your side however is a much better alternative. Know this, "When you hair begins to grey and and your sight begins to dim your heart will never falter if you put your trust in Him." Trust Him today and be confident through the ages!


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