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Conversation With God 4-23-2012

Updated on May 30, 2012

Conversation - Chapter 1

I thought about this for awhile, and think that people would enjoy what the Holy Spirit has said to me at times of our conversations over the years. I have kept a diary of many of our conversations by writing them down on paper. I was given the gift of automatic handwriting. Sometimes, He has woke me up in the night and told me to get my pen and paper. Then He would start talking to me and I would write it down, just like someone was dictating it to me. Sometimes, I would ask Him questions and then write it down.

  • Me: Lord if there is no tomorrow only the present, as you have said to me, and it is only what we make of it. Yet you said it was your plan for the Holocaust to happen, how can that be since there is only the present and tomorrow is what we make of it.
  • Lord: Remember back when I told you that there is only the now!
  • Me: Yes, My father!
  • Lord: There are special events in the world that always have been put into motion by mankind. No matter what. Mankind would bring about these events by planning them and putting them into action no matter what God's plan was for that time. The more I tried to prevent something, the more mankind would do to make it happen. For example, if a train is rolling downhill on a track, the faster it goes eventually the brakes give out, due to the fact that weight of it against the brakes will no longer work under those conditions, they just give out. What people were doing for years prior to the Holocaust lead up to its expected end! God was not in the heart of the Jewish people! The love of money was their downfall. I have always told them that the love of money would destroy them. My people do not listen to me. I am their God and they as my people, have continued throughout the ages to disobey me. The Holocaust was just the result of their disobedience towards me. The more they disobeyed, the more it angered me. I have always loved them, but their disobedience has gotten them into a lot of trouble. At the moment before the Holocaust I decided to let it go, as you might say, and let develop what became the Holocaust just to show them that what they were doing created this horrible disaster upon themselves, just like what happened with the run away train.

Tithing, Past History

  • Lord: There is more to loving and obeying God's word than just a 10% tithe. If all men felt that way, eventually even tithing would mean nothing. It would become like the meaningless money that you have to pay the IRS every year.
  • Me: Lord, what about World War III?
  • Lord: That is another one of mankind's doings. You see scripture is just a book written to let man know what will happen if he does not do what the Lord tells him to do. It is also a book of God's wisdom and love. It is also a book of His mercy upon those who have not honored His words. Oh my child, if only you knew how many times He wanted mankind to stop what they were doing and throw down their weapons, and to read His words or call upon Him. He would have been there for them. Man's greatest problem is that God did not exist in the World and he could do it better himself. Man comes into this world as a defiant child and if that is not turned around in the very young years it gets taken into the adult years and if it doesn't get turned around then I cannot step in and do anything until they come to me on bent knee's and ask for my forgiveness and help. Just like you did my dear one. You see, I gave all of man his freedom to choose whom he will follow. If he does not want to read the Holy book and learn from it, I cannot force him to do so.

Other gods!

  • Lord: Other gods have always managed to get in the way of man-kind learning about the real God of the world. It is sad to say that man-kind has chosen the evilness of the world over the Heavenly Father. Eventually He would have given them more than they ever could imagine, yes even more than that. That is how much God loves all of what he has created, especially the people. You are my dear child, and it pleases me to know that you love me so very much. It pleases me to know that Samuel loves me so very much. I only wish that all people of the earth had that same respect and love for the God of the world and the Universe. One day every soul will come to realize how wrong they have been and they will have to pay their dues for their actions. Then my heart will grieve no more and all that I longed for will no longer be a desire for my people and the ones who have chosen to follow my word will be my main concern and life for them will be what I will give all my attention and love too.


  • Lord: I love you both and I am very pleased that both of you keep me in the center of your heart as your most loved God and Creator, it is an honor bestowed upon you both to welcome you into the Kingdom of God's. My beloved and faithful ones!

A Note

I did not write this to offend anyone. God spoke it to me and I was the secretary who wrote it down. I will continue to add to this if people enjoy reading it. Please let me know if you liked it. Thank you, Bonitaanna


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    • Bonitaanna profile image

      Bonitaanna 5 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Thank you Dickson, I appreciate you taking the time to read it. God likes to be praised day in and day out. He is a loving God!

    • profile image

      dickson 5 years ago

      I am amazed. I stand with fear and trembling if this is what and how Gods looks at us....have mercies on us Lord. Thank you siz keep us posted pliz