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My Culture in My Life

Updated on November 20, 2014

A Culture makes to be known for this indention, we all come from a tribe or clan the place of our own through which we are recognize, life has no limitation as far as the time take place, we have no boundary to limit our life to one path, we can move from place to place and adopt the changes that occur, the most important part of our life is to have our love one, if we are alone in this world , there is no point to dwell in this world. We either choose pet, money, luxurious or other fascination to make our life more joyful.

There is one time , when we make decision. The decision that can distort our life, we see this world from the opinion or observation that we make. You have to be wise if you want to be bread earner because the world competition cannot make your life easier you need to be firm , smart and cunning to make the right decision and to find solution for the barrier that you have in your life.

Being a human is the most significant path of this world to be more clever and intelligent. We see human in the shape of man, woman or even transgender, today in this 21st century of this world, the third sex have more right then any else. The are also striving to avail the best position in the term of business and responsibilities.

A human mind needs one domain , this domain can be in the shape of sex, lust, money, luxurious, God, or any other activities.

You need to thrive to obtain the best opportunities, to make yourself the best in this competitive market

Life with culture

Why we are thinking always about culture, why we can't do something better than our culture? is it necessary to follow the culture?

These questions are hard to digest, because one thing is made for us as a culture. So we need to follow it, as it is not developed or adopt by a small child. These all things are observed and then these all things are suggested us to be done. We should follow our culture, if any one wants to be developed his life. Without culture our identification is nothing, we will be called something else if we don't know our culture, or we are not giving importance to our culture. Education means that you should understand what you are?, it's not that just start neglecting yourself, or your culture.

But i think neglecting culture means you are neglecting your parents, your ancestors, although you are going to neglect yourself. Life is beautiful with our culture, and culture is important for our life. It shows the reality of our life, and it also defines the real shape of our family background. Every one has importance and they are living with their soul respect, but if they are neglecting their culture. It's mean that they are neglecting their ancestors. Their success is not what they are getting it, although they are going to be destroy. There are also a problem in some areas as they follow their culture as what they know about their religion, because in some areas their culture depends on their religion. As they follow their religion they are following their culture, or as they are following their culture basically they are following their religion. It is necessary to respect your culture as well as your are respecting your religion, but it happens on those areas where their culture is according to their religion.

Religion has an importance as well as an identification. There are lot of religions as there muslim, christians, hindus, jews etc. And they also have different cultures in their religion as there are different cast and nations in these religions. Some cultures belongs to their casts and nations, as well as they are also following their religion.

Culture and Religion

Religion is different thing than culture, because religion says that to follow your god. And don't do those things from which you are prohibited, as respect your elders, love with your children, get education, don't do sins, don't dispute to each other, respect each other, live with love and peace with each other.

But cultures is depend on living style, as how to live your life. For example sleeping style, sitting style, fashion style, getting marriage style, there are many other things which are related to culture.

And if any culture is created according to religion so it's mean that culture is well developed, and that culture is important to be followed. Many well educated people not following their culture because they know the importance of their culture as they know what is culture and what is religion, that's the reason they are getting develop or success day by day. But ignoring these two main facts of our life is not a good step. We should do what our religion asks us or order us. I think it will be a better word to say that, we should do what our religion teaches us. And every religion is good to be followed because they have the reality but Islam is the best to be followed than the other religions. As islam is fully defined every single thing of life, islam well defined things in easy way, but some people don't know they are using islam for their sack of power. And islam doesn't allow us to use your power on weak nations or people.

There are many nations as balochis, punjabis, pashtuns, turks, aryans, sikhs, hindus etc, these all have their culture and their cultures are well defined according to their ancestors. These people do what their cultures teaches them, but there are many people in these nations or casts which are following these cultures according to their religion, because they are well educated and they the difference between culture and religion. Better life is to be educated with your religion. Without knowing your religion it will be your foolishness to act like an educated person in your society. These all acts are the symbol of destroying societies and creating troubles for other good well social peoples or good citizens.


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