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My Daughter Has a Demon

Updated on November 3, 2012

First let me clarify that my husband and I do not see a demon behind every shadow. We are not looking for the dramatic or eccentric. We are quiet, conservative Christians who love God with all our hearts, and only want to serve Him.

She was a year and a half old when we adopted her in a small Caribbean island where we were living. She was the second adoption for us, and soon after we had a biological child. We started to notice things as soon as she started talking. She talked on and on about snakes, blood, and cutting people's heads off. There were no outside influences in her life to account for this. The only places she went outside our home were church, and later a Christian pre-school. There was no TV influence to speak of. Then when my husband would give her a bath, she started pointing to her privates and saying, "Let's play this game," and telling him to kiss her on her rear. She had night terrors, when she would wake up screaming in the middle of the night, but was totally unable to explain what had frightened her, except to say, "The chair" or "butterflies." If I did not have my eye on her constantly, she would try to hurt her baby brother, whom she loved, by putting toys down his throat, or pulling him off the couch he was lying on.

One day I was working in the kitchen and she stood in the doorway staring at me. "Mom, the devil is standing right beside you!" The look in her eyes told me she saw something.

"Well, he can stand there all he likes, but he can't do anything to me because I belong to Jesus. I am sealed by the Holy Spirit so he can't touch me," I said out loud, knowing that the demons hear what we say. For the next few days I sang all the songs I could think of about the blood of Jesus, knowing that that is the devil's downfall.

We took her to be evaluated by a professional, who diagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder at age three. We began treating her with the usual medications, but they had limited effect.

We began reading what we could find about demonic oppression. We decided it was time to practice James 5. Two friends joined us as we laid hands on her, anointed her oil and prayed. She never had another night terror again. Over the next two weeks the talk about blood and snakes and severed heads diminished until it stopped.

The first time she cut herself she was three years old. She took a knife from the kitchen drawer, sliced her wrist, and then put the knife away. Fortunately no veins were cut.

In the years that followed she continued to be a very challenging child. We noticed that no form of discipline ever worked, there were wild mood swings, and even appeared to be several different "personalities" that she would show on different days. She was disruptive at school and at home. She would hurt animals, her brother, and herself. I tried to get psychiatric help for her while we were in the US for a year, but nothing worked out for us.

When we returned to the island, she was sexually molested by a stranger. After that she began molesting younger children and acting very sexually with her brother. Then she began meeting with neighborhood boys for sex games. When we found out what was going on I immediately took her to the US to try to get some treatment for her.

After a very long process, I took her to a Christian children's home that specialized in Reactive Attachment Disorder. She lived there a year and a half, then started running away. We brought her home (by this time we were living in the US) and tried to find a more secure place for her to live. I kept all my knives locked up in a strong box, and watched her all the time. My son couldn't have friends over for the night because I never knew what she would do. We had received a sedative to give her at night because without it she would not sleep at all. But there were times when she didn't want it to work, and it didn't. I would hear her talking to someone who wasn't there, sometimes arguing with him. The wild mood swings and different personalities continued.

Then one day she found a way to cut herself in spite of all my precautions. That began placement in a facility for adolescents and continued treatment for several years. There were numerous suicide attempts and destructive behavior.

Then one summer, at a church camp, I asked a man to pray for her, without explaining anything else. He laid hands on her and prayed, and cast out a demon. She was mad as can be. She wanted the "voice" back. He came back, and she was thrilled, and we prayed again. He left, but not for long, because she wanted him back. I have even seen the demon myself, in a vague shadowy form that disappeared when I looked directly at it.

Well, we got her through high school. She ran off with a boyfriend to another state for a couple of weeks. When that ended she came home again and soon was pregnant for another boy. A year and a half after leaving high school she was no further along, and had given birth. The demon had told her he was glad that she was having a baby because he would get another soul. This, along with other factors, helped her decide to give the baby up for adoption to a Christian couple who had been wanting a child for many years.

Then came a milestone event. My daughter decided to cast out the demon, with help, and accept Jesus and be baptized into Him. Hallelujah!

She has still had struggles since then, including the night the demon showed his face to her for the first time, and stared at her for most of a night, wanting to come back in. With more scripture and prayer we sent him away again.

Now she seems to be on the right track, pursuing a relationship with God. I know it will continue to be a battle. We are in a war against evil, which shows itself in many forms, and this is only one of them. But we have the armor of God, and the victory has already been won when Jesus died and rose again.


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    • profile image

      4 years ago

      After reading everyone's post, I notice that the demon in people are lashing out. This is reality of course; however, this is all spiritual...everything. I know exactly what the main poster is speaking of...I am going through it now. I actually asked the demon which is inhabiting a loved ones name and it answered me....shocked me to the core. Now I have to find out if it is divine purpose or if it is just a demon that has taken over. As far as the child; it is true, she was forced into sinful act beyond her control....that alone brings along demons. It sure isn't an angel in someone who molests or abuses children. As for the second woman. It is to test her strength...which I am going through at this very time. We are preparing for our works light cast out these ungodly demons. And be wise that this is just light work....the real battle has yet to come. If we're afraid of little old demons, how are we going to respond when the head honcho comes into town? Help as many people as you can wake up....and they can't because they have demon attachments. If you heard the call and you know the truth, do your work. Those who knew the truth but chose to do nothing will be the ones who won't make it home. That is the exact same thing as when Judas denied Jesus....he denied the truth. If you know it, spread it. You don't have to broadcast it, and if you are a true christian, then you know it states that in the bible. What you do is share the truth with those who seek it. There is always someone seeking the truth....I was and still am one of them. The truth, how beautiful and wonderful it is. Knowing that Jesus is the son of God, YHWH, ALLAH, etc. Don't pay attention to the words....the words are spells(spelling.) Operate and focus only from the spirit when dealing with these demons, is what I am learning. God bless you all, in Jesus name; let it be.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      There seems to be a lot of Judgement and hate in people responding to this families suffering. I have a child whom I believe has a demon speaking to her and I am one of the most cynical jaded people you could meet but I believe this with all my heart. Feel free to launch your barbs if you want. Unless you have been there you know nothing. God Bless you all.

    • profile image

      marinda 4 years ago

      I am 16 and I have a demon because I seen them and I been attacked by them I had lust problems I never had sex though so I am sooooo glad I didn't but I am getting help too I am glad things are better PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP FIGHT THIS

    • profile image

      RJ 4 years ago

      As someone who is experiencing life with RAD, I am so sorry. It is a hellish battle and a spiritual battle. The truth is our weapon and shield and we know the final victory is through love and forgiveness. Hang in there. Read God's word and pray!

    • songoftruth profile image

      Elizabeth Jane Robertson 4 years ago from Joplin, Missouri

      Angela, we had taken her to several doctors, and mental health professionals, and we showered her with love, which she could not accept. She eventually had a diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder, along with several others. We did not take the institutional option lightly, but there was no way to keep her safe at home, much less her little brother and any friends who might come over to play. I do not attribute all her problems to a demon. However, she has actually seen him, and talked to him, and I myself have seen his shadow and felt his presence.

    • profile image

      Angela 4 years ago

      This is actually quite common (The things she was doing when she was little, the promiscuity, trying to hurt other children, etc...) with children who have been sexually abused and physically abused. She should have been seen by a doctor with this knowledge prior to being placed in institutions. It seems the other problems that came later have happened as a result of your misunderstanding, she probably rebelled against you for confronting her with a problem which had nothing to do with what was really wrong (demonic possession) All of these problems stemmed from past abuse, not a demon. The way she acted later is similar to what usually happens with these kinds of situations. Institutionalizing her has traumatized her. Really there is nothing else you can do if she is already past age 18, hopefully she will take it upon herself to find help for what is really wrong and cease to listen to people who come up with excuses when they can't cant come up with the truth. I wish her the best and hope she finds her own path of recovery.

    • profile image

      Nicholas 5 years ago

      Beth, the name of Jesus has the authority. Declare God's Word over your children, seek the face of God, and use the name of Jesus. Demons have no authority of Jesus, have faith in Him, His ability. Fast and Pray.

    • profile image

      Satan 5 years ago

      Yep, all me.

    • songoftruth profile image

      Elizabeth Jane Robertson 6 years ago from Joplin, Missouri

      Rhonda was molested before we adopted her at age one and a half. If we are crazy for believing that there is a very real and present spiritual world, then you would have to put all psychics, new agers, Muslims, Bhudists, Hindus, mediums, etc. in the same category. That would leave very few "sane" people in the world, and if that were true, then "crazy" would become the new normal. Is the "sane" person the one who advises me to go and kill myself? My heart is full of love, and I have spent many years praying for and loving my daughter, and now at last there is some improvement. I thank God for listening and loving her too, and protecting her when she needed it.

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      Yes, you are a person who needs help.

      Your husband probably molested her and she was simply repeating things he said to her. Often zealots like your husband and yourself are inherently crazy people who cling to the idea of god and the devil to relieve yourselves of any responsibility . If something good happens, god did it. If something bad happens then the devil did it. You take no responsibility for your actions which makes you a very pathetic person, one that god would not want on his team. I'm sure your husband molested the girl because I cannot imagine you having sex with anyone as you likely view it as the devils playtime. Seriously, just go kill yourselves as you bring nothing to this world but disgust .

    • profile image

      Dionne 6 years ago

      There is power in the name of Jesus. There are many pastors and especially Apostles that God uses to drive out demons. Get help!!!! Not everyone can drive out demons but they have to come out by the name of jesus.

    • songoftruth profile image

      Elizabeth Jane Robertson 7 years ago from Joplin, Missouri

      Beth, I am so sorry for what you are going through. The only answer is having a real and living relationship with God, and submitting to His power. With your son I would not approach it as coming to church, but as a matter of knowing God. Keep praying.

    • profile image

      ifeelsick 7 years ago

      all i can say is the demon is in ignorant people like you! yes, you were kind enough to adopt a child, but did you even know what you were doing? it seems you are blaming everything on the 'demon'. when she was molested by a stranger - where were you?? weren't you supposed to look after her?? instead of giving her the proper psychological help she needed you doped her with drugs and blamed everything on the devil! you are not fit to be a parent, let alone an adoptive parent for a possibly traumatized one and a half year old. a child is born innocent, the devil is in all the people who neglected and mistreated her! you talk about all the bad things she has done, but can you expect a child who is treated badly to behave like an angel? she needed help and you fucked her up for life! you are a sick person, i feel sorry for you, but i feel so much more for your girl because she is the innocent one in this!

      you are right about one thing... evil does show itself in many forms.

    • profile image

      beth 7 years ago

      I have been in spiritual battle for quite a while now. I have seen spirits since I was young on and off. After 18 years of living in my home with my family, about 3 years ago our house suddenly became haunted. I had felt a male spirit beforehand but ignored it like I did most of the time. I never told my husband of my experiences even though he and some of our friends had experiences since meeting me. When the truth came out it terrified him. Right around the time it started I started to meditate as a doctor had taught me for my chronic pain. I believe that started to open me up even more than before. Not long afterwards I saw a demonic woman floating at the bottom of my bed, hovering. I stared at her dark eyes as she tried to break through to get to us, but it seemed like there was a wall between us because she was struggling to come past the bottom of the bed. My youngest son was sleeping with me that night and my worries were only for him. When I took my eyes off of her, that is when she broke through. I never told anyone what I saw that night. 3 months later my youngest came running to me and told me he saw a woman in our hallway 2 times and his description of her matched what I saw. Years before, my oldest told me that he saw a little boy float out the window. Recently I found out a little boy died in our home that met my son's description. Things have really fired up this year, even more so, especially when I spoke that I knew what they were. I saw a demon standing 7-8ft tall, 2 ft wide shoulders, wearing a black cloak, having no face, only darkness. My sons' uncle saw him not long after I did. We recently started going back to church, at least my youngest, my husband and I. I have been having a problem getting my older 2 to go since now they are older. I'm so concerned about my 20 year old. Since he was held down in his bed and attacked by demons surrounding his bed, he has not been himself. He said they were trying to kill him, attacking his heart, until he spoke up and told them to go away. However, the attacks continued, even on some of his friends outside the home while my son stayed at their homes. He use to be level headed, graduated with a 4.25 gpa and was going to college. We recently bought him a new car to get him back and forth to school and work. Also, forgot to mention, the same night my son was held down in bed, my middle son called from another county and told me that he was scared because he just saw a man burnt from head to toe standing in his room, until suddenly disappearing. these 2 events happened the same night. I know what is happening. Having God with me, I got stronger and my fear level was dropping and I started to go after the demons binding them and loosening them and casting them out of the house. I believe this is when they got angry and went after my children. My oldest has now left our home, dropped out of college, left with no car and is staying with another guy. My son never spoke to me using the language he used the day he left. And the way he looked at me and smiled at me gave me goosebumps. When he came to get some things a week later, that is when I felt it and knew. The big one in the cloak is with him. It is sooo much colder than the others and carries a smell of rotten eggs. I don't know what to do to help him. He hasn't called me in over a month. I know he is still alive because I call his other friends to make sure he is fine and alive. He was going to attend church after what happened that night and then afterwards kept making up excuses on why he couldn't while being angry about it. I'm not sure how I can cast out the demon while my son is not home since the demon is with him. I'm scared for my son. His long term relationship even went to the dumps. Before he left home, he threatened to commit suicide. I had him hospitalized in fear he would go through with it. He was threatening other people during this time too. My son would never hurt a fly before all this.

      I did find out recently from some of my neighbors that they called our home the house of disabilities because everyone who lived here was either disabled or had health issues. Since being in this house, many of us have health issues, some dibilitating. I really think these demons have been here for a very long time. Any suggestions on how I can help my son would be nice. I don't know what to do. Thanks.

    • profile image

      wow 7 years ago

      you are a fucked up person


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