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My Daughters Bible

Updated on February 6, 2013

During the past year my life has changed a lot, for the best. I have joined a church that is like a home to me and am trying to change my life for the better. I am happy to share my new found happiness with my family and anyone else who will listen. During this time I think back a couple years ago to a day when my youngest daughter visited me. We were talking and she asked if I had a Bible. I told her of course. She had a Bible she had gotten in drug rehab and wanted to trade it for mine. She said it was to have something of mine with her. At first I was reluctant, my Bible was my best friend and had so much of my journey in it. Then I stopped and thought about it. Maybe in among all the notes and scriptures there was a pathway for her. Maybe my journey could take her down the road that I now so happily traveled on. I gave her my percious Bible with all my notes, writings and challenges. I took the Bible she gave me with only an inscription from another person in rehab and prayed that she would find the path in the notes i left written .

I now remember how many books I purchased on self help and stress reduction, always looking for the elusive answer to my everyday problems. The answers to my problems were there all along in the words of Jesus, in that cherished book. I now hoped that she could find the comfort that I now feel. That was many years ago and her battle with addiction has been long and hard fought. I took her bible that she gave me and started looking for new journeys to begin. The Bible is now full of notes, and other things. There are many verses highlighted and new paths to follow.

I saw my daughter again three days ago. It has been two years since the last time. She is battling but has beat the addiction and is clean and sober. I gave thanks for prayers answered and grace and blessing received. It was a long journey and my daughter told me she used the notes and and references when she reached her lowest point. it made me happy knowing that she found solace in the Bible that I she calls "moms Bible:.


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      monche56 3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria