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A Definition of Creation ( inspiring words to share with all who may read)

Updated on October 9, 2015
Creation is what we perceive it to be...
Creation is what we perceive it to be...
What we perceive is not always that of reality.
What we perceive is not always that of reality.
behind every creation there is a force...
behind every creation there is a force...
What we consider as intelligence is a gift of a benevolent creator...
What we consider as intelligence is a gift of a benevolent creator...
all life forms have an origin...a creator...
all life forms have an origin...a creator...
a source of creativity...the flora and fauna...
a source of creativity...the flora and fauna...
We are products of the earth and its progenitor...
We are products of the earth and its progenitor...
What we consider as time is but a grain of sand in the ocean's floor...
What we consider as time is but a grain of sand in the ocean's floor...


CREATION:The Definition according to Websters: (1) The act of creating:especially the act of bringing the world into ordered existence. (2) Act of making,inventing, or producing.

Also:Something that is created: as world, creatures, art work, and clothing.

An example of CREATION is fire. In order to have fire, scientist say we must have : (1) a source of heat and (2) Combustible material . Is the matter to be burned brought there by natural forces such as wind, lightning,or an animal's movement? It is not relevant, it is brought together by some source. The source of heat has to be great enough to cause the combustible matter to ignite. (3) oxygen must be present to have oxidation and the rapid development it requires.The fire will start when the flammable material is introduced to a source of heat or temperature above the flash point for the fuel/oxidizer mix and it must be able to sustain a rapid rate of oxidation that produces a chain reaction and the fire must be able to sustain its heat.

For the fire to begin it must be CREATED by introducing all of the components that begin the chemical processes necessary.

For a chicken to be CREATED it must have an egg. The egg was the first thing created in order to form the chicken. In order for the egg to be formed a source had to introduce the components that combine to form a yolk.(called a oocyte) Sperm has to come in contact with the yolk for fertilization to take place. Fertilized structures called blastoderms grows to become an embryo. The hatching process takes about 21 days. The CREATION process producing a chicken, creates the egg first. Tell me how this occurred if you know, but it did happen. Don't forget the chicken may have evolved to progressive stages.

Water: CREATION OF WATER: Hydrogen +oxygen = water. it takes two molecules of diatomic hydrogen gas combined with one molecule of oxygen gas to create two molecules of water. The ratio is two to one, of hydrogen to oxygen. What causes the two gases to come together in the first place? There has to be a CREATION of oxygen and one of hydrogen before the gases could move together, Something has to move them. Temperature was involved. Something had to be a source of heat. Something had to CREATE the rate of temperature also. You can't escape the word CREATE. The concept of spontaneous generation of molecules and spontaneous generation of anything, is absurd!

CREATION OF THE EARTH: There are many theories of how the earth and other planets were formed. They were created when, perhaps a spinning gas ball(Our Sun), flung other balls of gas from its surface and because of gravitational pull, the far flung gas blobs formed planets that were held in a orbital flight around the larger body, or what we call a star. They may have been formed as a larger celestial body came into contact with another about the same size and created an explosion, and the globs that were released in it were held in flight, an orbital formation to CREATE our solar system. Nevertheless, there was a source of creation of our planet, the third one from he hot ball of gas, we call the sun. Was it an accident or was there a purpose behind the formation of other planets that revolve about their stars. There have been so many of the same formation in the galaxy, much less in the entire Universe, that there has to be a reason and it isn't madness. We, as scientist and astronomers, have been able to view other galaxies and gotten much further out there into what we call space. When we see, time and time again, the same structure of solar systems and in other far flung places, we know this has to be evidence or proof of what we observe and our strong opinion of what CREATED it. To have a CREATION you have to have a force.

I hope that the proof of what is, has not been too hard on those who do not believe in a Creator. I'm sure what I have written will make little difference in their beliefs. It's very hard to change anyone's mind about what their beliefs are, and the minds that they have CREATED themselves by reading, studying, and doing lots of research. Woops, I said that word again.Yes we can create, ourselves. WE must have had a CREATOR ourselves (Mom and Dad), but it's okay for us to deny them. They may not have had a creator or great grand parents.Some would, in our on definition of biological processes, but there has had to be a beginning at some time back in the eons of what we call time. Could the source of our creation have been the accidental combining of molecules that make up what we call the universe... all of this accidental combination of molecules, of which seem to have the same indisputable peculiar characteristics? Could the temperatures that had to be just right and the multiple forms of gasses combined to form water, solids and all other forms, including life forms, be by accident? Even if the minimal capacity of our human brains handicap us terribly, we must surmise from scientific method that there had to be a determined creator with determined intelligence that put all of the ingredients into a pie and came up with one heck of a masterpiece, and his recipe is being repeated time, and time again, into eternity.

CREATION seems to be a word that has no meaning to some folks. They don't believe in creation in any form or fashion. This creates in their own minds a delusion and much confusion. The very fact that they are human beings is called into question in their own minds. After all, how can an entity be in existence and not have been created by higher powers, beyond the scope oh human reasoning or understanding? Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, but can we not judge for ourselves what is imperfect. Have we not been told that we were created in the likeness of our God or the entity that we consider our Progenitor? Have we, as human beings come to the point that we consider ourselves all knowing, all seeing and the rulers of, not only our destiny, but that of the entire world? What can be the limits to human thought? Some would say that they themselves are the creator, and all that they perceive around them are their own creations, not giving consideration of the fact that something was responsible for their own formation of molecules that make up their own structures. In their minds, because they think, they are... nothing else. Bless their hearts.

My opinions are my own and no one person has influenced me in arriving at my own opinions.Your opinions are your own, but that is all they are, your opinions. Fact is fact, reason is reason and no matter what a person believes, reality will not to be changed by thought, word, or deed for any of us. Bless you all who may read this and please know that we each have the right to believe what we may. Thank you for your kind understanding. whonu.

all rights reserved and under copyright 2015

There is the universe of man and that of what is...atomic structures that did not create themselves...
There is the universe of man and that of what is...atomic structures that did not create themselves...


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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from United States

      Human kind...doubters, seekers and longing for the best in life. We have our dark sides, and in the end...we must try hard to overcome it...We are our own best friends and worst of enemies. We must decide in unison just which one affords the best in our future existence. whonu

    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from United States

      That's the finest thing about human beings...the right to believe what we want, or not to...It defines who we really are...


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