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My Easter Dress Choice

Updated on May 17, 2017
Diana Majors profile image

I'm Diana, happily married, and blessed by God on a daily basis. I live with chronic illness, but I don't let that get me down!

Colorful sunrise
Colorful sunrise | Source

Making deviled eggs

I was making deviled eggs for Easter dinner at my parents' house tomorrow, and debating on whether or not to dye the hard-boiled eggs all different pastel colors. (I decided to spend my time writing this instead!)

That thought reminded me I need to paint my nails a nice pastel color for tomorrow, removing the bright red I'm currently wearing (Didn't do that either, this was more important).

I began wondering what beautifully colored dresses all the ladies, particularly the younger girls, will be wearing tomorrow. It will be like a declaration of spring in every church in America! How long has that tradition been around? I'm not sure how long we've been doing it or why it began. That will have to be an article for another day.

Sunrise | Source

What a Son-rise!

As I thought of all the colored dresses on all the beautiful girls at church tomorrow, I decided that out of all the colors to choose from, I would select a dress that were the colors I imagine Mary Magdalene saw on that early Sunday morning after Jesus' crucifixion.

She must have seen it through her tears as she wept for her Lord, for her friend, for her Savior. Beautiful colors across the sky above the empty grave in the cemetery where Jesus' lifeless body had been placed in a borrowed grave.

Only a Gardener

This poor bereft woman had already run to the disciples to explain Jesus was missing, no longer in the tomb where he was last seen. Peter and John had come, found it as she had reported, and had left again.

When she looked back inside, she saw two angels in white sitting where she had last seen Jesus laying, and they had spoken to her. She answered them, although she seemed so calm I wonder if she were in total shock at that point.

As she wept with the sky awakening above her and the birds just beginning to chirp that morning, her crying was disturbed by a man asking why she was crying. John 20:15 tells us Mary's frame of mind. "Thinking he was the gardener..."

You and I have the privilege to know the story as actual events that happened, but Mary didn't have that. She was living it! So it was perfectly reasonable for her to think this man was only a gardener, a caretaker.

The joy of hearing her name

I have tried before to put myself into Mary Magdalene's position of being the first person to see the risen Jesus, but I always fall short of what must have actually occurred that morning. How it would have felt in her heart to have had her Lord's body missing to only compound her grief at his tragic death. How very alone she must have felt in that moment at the empty tomb, speaking to a man she didn't recognize.

Then came the most wonderful sound she had ever heard. "Jesus said to her, 'Mary'" (Jn. 20:16). Did you see that? "Jesus" said to her! Not the "gardener", not "the man", not "he"! JESUS the Messiah was standing in front of her in the flesh! And he said her name! What joy she felt at recognizing the Savior Jesus!!

In the morning if you're sitting in a worship service and see all the pretty lightly-colored dresses, I hope you will let your mind wander to the image of sunrise on Resurrection morning when Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene. I know I will.

© 2017 Diana Majors


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    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 9 months ago from Arkansas

      Eric, that's just the way my mind works! There were other thoughts in between to link the ideas, but you know me!

    • profile image

      Eric Fatherree 9 months ago

      I got a kick out of the change of subjects, from eggs to Jesus. Very nice article Diana.

    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 9 months ago from Arkansas

      Thank you, R. Lamb! :)

      @Tim Estes- I was thinking about dying the egg whites different colors for my nephews and niece. That led to "They would get a kick out of multi-colored pastel fingernail polish on me. And so it went!

      @Angela-. Thank you!!

    • profile image

      Angela W 9 months ago

      Beautiful article!

    • profile image

      Tim Estes, Sr. 9 months ago

      I am thrilled at how you reminded me of how it felt to have heard her own name coming from His familiar voice. I hope every reader remembers! And I think I will look to see what colors the ladies wear this morning.

      But I have a just-for-fun question. How did you get from making deviled eggs to painting your nails to the resurrection? What were the connections?

    • profile image

      R. Lamb 9 months ago

      I very much ENJOY this BEAUTIFULLY written story of the Easter dress.