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My Encounter with Evils Spirits

Updated on January 29, 2017

I was born in a Christian family. In my pre-teens years, I had vague knowledge about evil spirits. I knew they existed as indicated in the Bible but I treated them in general terms such as when watching a horror film.

During my teens, I had a little bit of knowledge of what these evil spirits were. I had read about three revelation books of Christians who through visions were shown the reality of hell by God. It was both informative and frightening.

After completing high school and several years down the road to my teaching job, I came across a student who was demon possessed. It was my first time to see a person tormented by evil spirits. The student was a Christian. She was a female by the name of Magreth. Whenever the evil spirits began tormenting her, she would fall on the ground and begin rolling to the left then to the right. Her eyes would be tightly closed but she would be busy talking.


She was possessed by the evil spirits but they didn’t torment her daily. The first time when they did so, I saw a couple of her Christian classmates (girls) kneeling, their hands holding her body while praying. Among five teachers only one, a female, was also praying for her. Then, they took her into the office and locked themselves in.

I didn’t even take a step to pray for her. I wasn’t afraid. The Bible made it clear as Christians we have been given authority over every powers and principalities of darkness. I was just dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to make out of what I was seeing. Also, my colleagues’ eyes were watching in awe.

The office’s door was opened and I saw some girls helping her to walk to the nearest chair. She sat on it. She had been given glucose to reenergize her since she had lost a lot of energy under the torture of evil spirits. We offered our sympathies. She was crying. I didn’t understand why after being delivered she was crying.

What we didn’t know it was the beginning of future torments which as a whole college we would witness. The demons were still not over with her. They didn’t want to let her go.

Let’s go back a bit: What we witnessed at the school wasn’t the first time this had happened to the girl. In the girls’ hostel, the scenario had happened at least two times (or once, cannot remember well). The memorable one was when under the influence of the evil spirits she said those girls who were engaging in immoral activities should stop it. They need to repent. When as teachers we were told that we knew it was God’s Spirit talking through her. How mistaken we were. It was the evil spirits talking through her.

Fast forward: After the first encounter, she wasn’t bothered by the evil spirits. Our college was situated on the sixth floor of a business apartment building. It happened again. She was prayed by the same girls and teacher. They took her to the office and closed it. Later, one of the students emerged from the office and called me. Not only was I called to pray but also to aid others in holding her. She possessed a strength that made it difficult for the girls to be able to pray for her. Strong hands and legs, they were the ones which were supposed to be held tightly. All this time her eyes were closed. While we were praying she was saying she wants blood which meant killing of people in order to drink their blood.


One of the girls began asking the demons questions. They were willing to answer her questions politely. However, some of the questions they evaded answering. We continued praying. Later, she became still, her eyes tightly closed. I began talking. I told them we need to repent of any sings we have committed then quoted some verses in the scripture concerning our authority over evil spirits. Funny, they disturbed my talking. I never bothered. One can never make friendship with evil spirits. We continued praying. When we did so she began trembling. She would say we are many of us so your prayers are vain. You cannot get us out of her because she belongs to them. It got me angry and the volume of prayer rose a notch higher. Well, she became still for several minutes then opened her eyes. We helped her to sit. She was given glucose. She looked weak. She began crying again. I didn’t ask her the reason why.

She would tell us after the demons stopped tormenting her, several days later the demons would urge her to jump from the building. When she felt this urge she would get out of the class which led her to falling on the floor close to the office.

During that year it began, we witnessed her harassed by the evil spirits close to four or five times. A youth pastor was called. It was near the end of the year. We were happy she was finally delivered. The pastor said she needed to eat something heavy. He ordered food. We thought it was over. How wrong we were.

What we surmised was somebody was jealous of her studying in a foreign country. The majority of students in the college were Tanzanians. Therefore, somebody was jealous of her going to Kenya to study. At times after we prayed for her, her father would tell her to go back home. At home she would be taken to be prayed for.

During the following year, the students were transferred to an affiliate college in Tanzania. This was a result of the attack of a public university on the northern part of Kenya. It was deduced it would be better they be transferred to an affiliate college in Tanzania for their safety. Just in case.

It happened again. In the hostel. I was informed. I found Magreth was locked in one of the rooms and the same girls were praying for her. She had wanted to run away. It was clear the demons didn’t want her to study. Theirs was to ensure she doesn’t continue with her studies. They managed to still the demons. They brought her outside the hostel and she sat on a piece of stone. She was crying. I cannot remember who asked her why she was crying. She said, “Why is this happening to me? Why me? Why are they targeting only me?” I felt sorry for her. My eyes were misty.

Her father was called. Her father told her to go back home. After close to a month she came back.


Last and Memorable Encounter

I was in the class writing notes on the blackboard. I heard some whispers between Magreth and another female student. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Later, I heard Magreth saying “Don’t bother me.” Afterwards, she went out of the class. I sensed something but pushed the feeling away. The girl who was talking with her later followed her. A few minutes another girl followed then three more girls. After finishing writing, I headed to the office. One of the girls came back. She told me Magreth was trying to run to the hostel. They are trying to prevent her from going to hostel. If she goes, no one knows what would happen. We might find her dead or disappeared to nowhere. They needed my help to bring her back because she was very strong.

I went with the girl. It was a two-minute walk to where the girls were struggling to bring her back to the institution. It was obvious she was strong. Some of us held on the upper side of her body while the rest held her legs. We took her to the office and closed it. We prayed for her. As always her eyes were tightly closed. The demons would talk in arrogant manner. It was irritating.

One of the girls began asking the demons questions. They answered. As always they would answer arrogantly and evade answering some questions. I had enough of it. I asked for a Bible none of us had it. I was offered a Smartphone that had a Bible application. I spoke to the demons quoting scripture. How easily I had forgotten the demons knew the Bible as I did (more than I did).

They told me they know the scripture, in fact, more than I did. They quoted it. Bastards! I felt like shouting at them but I refrained from uttering the word. They were very bigheaded. Evading some questions, threatening us, confirming to us we cannot defeat them, we cannot get rid of them from Maggy’s body and so on. They gave the impression to be enjoying ridiculing us. It aggravated me.

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Something that spell bounded me is the evil spirit’s perfection in languages. As their teacher I knew the level of my student’s spoken and written English language. I was astonished how the evil spirits through her could speak perfect English. In fact I was carried away by their fluency in English language that I had momentarily forgotten what I was doing. When I came to my senses, I couldn’t stand their arrogance anymore. We began praying. I knew we had stilled the demons. After she had regained her energy I called my pastor at the Church I was attending.

Some of the girls and my colleague together with Maggy went to the church. I knew we didn’t touch the root cause of the problem. We were dealing in removing one demon by another. You see one demon can have a legion of hundreds to thousands of smaller demons. When the boss of the smaller army of demons is dealt with then the followers will follow their master. Dealing with one demon even those who are praying for a tormented person will be extra exhausted; and will never finish that task. Ours was just stilling the spirit. We didn’t even get rid of one demon.

We met the pastor and another one. She was taken to the office. Before praying for her they had to have a background history of her. After some minutes they emerged out of the office and we began praying for her. It was fierce. I felt the presence of God. The atmosphere was hot. The demons were screaming. Maggy was trembling throwing legs. They screamed to be left alone until finally they surrendered and came out of her. She was finally delivered.

She was told one important thing: Don’t pity yourself. Stop asking yourself why it’s only you. Why they are targeting you. Trust in God. If you pity yourself you’ll be opening doors for them to enter once again. Don’t allow those thoughts to rule your mind.

I will end with a memorable quote from Healed People: “Demons hate many things, but I’ll share four things. One, demons hate God. Two, demons hate believers using heavenly prayer language because they cannot understand what’s being prayed; demons can understand you praying in English or your native language. Three, demons hate scripture, which is why scriptures must be used when actively dealing with the demonic. And four, demons hate humans, which includes you.” it is further quoted demons do not play fair in your life. As such never have mercy on them. Implement your authority as a Christian. Don’t let them rule your life.


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