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The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Updated on October 31, 2019

When My Paranormal Fascination Began

I have been interested in ghosts since I was a teenager. I have always been fascinated with life after death, and what that might bring. I guess my fascination started when I had my own experience. It happened when I was 12, and to this day, I have never forgotten the experience. What makes this experience even more interesting, is the fact that I was not the only witness to the sighting. I grew up in a town called Luton, which was about 30 miles north of London. Every so often my dad used to take me to London to see his dad. Normally this would be on a Saturday, so we would get the train in the morning from Luton, Leagrave station, then return home around nine in the evening. On this occasion, we got back to Luton, Leagrave at around nine, as usual, and started the 20 minute walk home. Most of the walk was across a big field, which was surrounded by tree's. I was never scared because I was with my dad.

We were about half way across the field when we both noticed someone walking towards us, about fifty meters in front of us. We could not see much of the person because it was dark, but we could see the figure. Anyway, we were both looking at the figure, which was now about thirty meters in front of us. I noticed that the figure seemed to be moving oddly, and I said this to my dad. I think we both realized that the figure was not walking, but gliding. We both stopped, and that was when the figure just faded and vanished. I remember my dad grabbing my hand and both of us running across the rest of the field.

Me and my dad still talk about this experience. There is really no explanation for what we saw, and from that day, I have been fascinated with the subject of ghosts. Looking back, I was not even scared. I know It scared my dad, but for me, it opened a door. So, because of my experience, I believe that something is out there. Was it a ghost of a dead person, a recording, a time slip? Who knows, but it was enough to change the way I looked at life.

To give you an idea, I have posted a photo of the field below.


My Favorite Ghost Photos

I am also fascinated with ghost photo's, especially the old photo's. In this day and age, it is so easy to fake footage and photo's with powerful computer applications and even mobile applications, but there are old ghost photo's that have stood the test of time, and I am going to list my favorites in this hub.

Grandpas Ghost

The photo was taken by Denise Russell in 1997. The woman in the photo is Denise Russell's grandmother. When she took the photo, she did not remember anyone standing there in the background. It was three years later, while she was looking through old photo's that she saw the figure. More amazing, was the fact that the figure looked just like her grandfather, who died in 1984.

So, was this just a coincidence? Is it possible the man in the background is just someone who looks like Denise's grandfather, and was walking by and just stopped to look? I have posted a photo below of Denise's grandfather when he was alive, so you can judge for yourself.


Ghost In The Car

Hands down, this has to be one of my favorite ghost photos. It was taken in 1959, in Ipswich, England. Mrs Mabel Chinnery and her husband were visiting her mothers grave, a week after she passed away. Mabel wanted to take pictures of the grave, and on the way back to the car, she took the last remaining photo of her husband in the car. When the photos were developed, it was one of Mabel's friends who noticed a woman sitting in the back seat of the car. Mabel said her mother always sat there when they went for drives. Some skeptics have claimed that the photo is a result of double exposure, but a photo expert said “ The lady in back can't be the result of a double exposure. If it were, the door's upright wouldn't block off part of her face. And she can't be a reflection in the window, either." It truly is a fascinating photo.

The Tulip Staircase Ghost Photo

This photo could not be any more Gothic. The photo looks absolutely amazing, and almost could be mistaken for a painting. The photo was taken in 1966, inside the National Maritime Museum. Reverend Ralph Hardy took the photo, and at the time, saw nothing unusual. What he captured was a ghostly figure ascending the stairway in such a beautiful way. Skeptics have tried to debunk the photo, but have been unable to come up with a good explanation. This ghost photo is very beautiful, but also sad. The way the ghostly figure is holding the rails, with its head tilted truly makes this one of the best ghost photos ever taken.

The Brown Lady

Another very famous ghost photo, and one that has been heavily debated over the years. The photo was taken in 1936 by a photographer visiting Raynham hall in Norfolk, England. He was taking photos in the hope of getting them published in the Country Life magazine. The photographer and his assistant were by the stairs, when the assistant noticed a misty figure coming down the steps. The photographer quickly took a photo, and that is the photo you see above. Raynham hall has had a history of hauntings and ghosts sightings, and this photo has been hailed by some, as evidence that ghosts are real. Skeptics say that this is nothing more than a clever hoax. They believe it is a double exposure of the staircase and a statue of the Virgin Mary. What do you think?

The Ghostly Face Of Freddy Jackson

Another fascinating photo, with a fascinating story behind it. The photo was taken in 1919, but first published in 1975 by sir Victor Goddard, who was a retired R.A.F. Officer. The photograph shows Goddard's squadron, which served in World War One. If you look at the photo closely, you can see a ghostly face behind one of the soldiers. It is said to be the face of Freddy Jackson, a mechanic who was accidentally killed by an airplane propeller, two days before this photo was taken. In fact, his funeral took place on the day the photo was taken. The people in the photo said the ghostly face was the face of Freddy Jackson. I really can't see a logical explanation for this photo, and as far as I know, it has not been debunked.

The Phantom Pilot

Another strange photo that clearly shows a ghostly figure. In 1987, Mrs Sayer and some friends were visiting Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, UK. Mrs Sayer was sitting in a retired helicopter, when one of her friends took a photo. When the photo was developed, you can clearly see a figure sitting in the seat next to Mrs Sayer. She was sure no one was sitting next to her when she was sitting in the helicopter. She did say that she felt cold while sitting in the helicopter, but saw no one.

The figure is clearly wearing a white shirt, and seems to be looking down. Is it possible that someone was sitting next to her, and she just forgot? Surely, her friends would have seen the person sitting next to her, if it was a real person.

Vacation Party Ghost

This one, for some reason, gives me the creeps. The two photos were taken in 1988 at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Maurach, Austria. It was a vacation farewell party, so they decided to take a group photo. Mr Todd, set up his camera and pointed it at the group. He put the timer on to give himself time to go back to the table for the photo. The first time, the shutter clicked, but the flash did not fire, so Mr Todd set it up again for the second shot, and this time it worked. When the film was developed, one of the party members noticed another person in the photo. This person seemed out of place on the table. No one recognized the woman, but all agreed that she looked very strange. She was blurry, and her head was larger than everyone else in the photo. The photo was examined by the Royal Photographic Society, and they ruled out double exposure.

White Lady Of Worstead Church

This photo was taken in 1975. Diane Berthelot was visiting a church in Norfolk with her husband and son. It was a hot day and Diane was not feeling too well. She was sitting in the church and praying for better health when her husband took the photo above. When the photo's were developed, they noticed a strange figure sitting behind Diane. They went back to the church and showed the photo to the vicar, who said that the figure in the photo could be The White Lady Of Worstead Church.

The photo is very interesting. The figure seems to be bathed in light, and wearing old style clothes. The photo has never been debunked, and remains one of the best ghosts photo's ever taken.

Spectre Of Newby Church

This photo is one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, and has stood the test of time. The photo was taken by Reverend K.F Lord in 1963. The Newby church is in north Yorkshire, and the Reverend was taking photos of the alter. It was only after he had the photos developed, that he noticed the creepy figure standing by the alter. The figure was dressed in what appeared to be a robe, and the face covered by some sort of cloth. More shocking is the fact that the figure, compared to it's surroundings, was about nine feet tall. It is a very creepy photo, and has never been debunked. Off course, skeptics believed that the photo was achieved by double exposure, but when the photo was examined by experts, they ruled out double exposure and tampering with the negative. Also, why would a respected Reverend hoax a photo like this, when if proved fake, would damage his reputation?

What Do You Think?

These are just a few unexplained photos of ghosts. I know there are more photos that remain unexplained, but the ones listed are my favorite. Of course, because they are unexplained, that does not mean they are real. They could have been faked, or like the ghost pilot sighting, a more down to earth explanation. But as for believing in ghosts, because of my own experience, i believe that they are out there. What they are, I do not know.

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