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My Grandmother's Dying Experience

Updated on February 15, 2016

As Told by my Grandmother

On December 13, 2006, I was at the home of my daughter. I had to go and lie down because of severe pain in my feet and back. I fell asleep for about ten minutes. As I woke up, I happened to look up towards the ceiling. In a glimpse I saw an angel dressed in a long white robe. I also saw the large wings of this angel pointing upward towards heaven. I called out “Spirit of God.” When I did this, the angel vanished out of my sight.

I immediately got out of bed and went in the kitchen. As I did this, the Lord told me to get a pencil and paper. Jesus brought before me the dying experience I had 65 years ago. After giving birth to my daughter Angie, I felt the chills. A nurse walked into my room and opened a window giving me a draft. I came down with pneumonia as a result, and was dying. The Lord gave me life to raise my two children. His Presence was very soothing to me. I obeyed and this is what I was told to write down:

Praise the Lord for his goodness, loving kindness, and tender mercy. I appreciate all that He has done for me. He took me out of darkness and brought me to His marvelous light. His truth has made my soul free. I always asked this question to the Lord: I was not sure if I was in the right religion. The Lord answered and proved to me, that it is not religion, it is the truth. “I am the way the truth and the life.” He proved to me that He was the Resurrection. Praise God!

The Lord persuaded me by this experience He permitted in my life. The Lord had an angel in my room sitting in the chair all the time. I actually heard the audible voice of this angel call out my name, Rose. It was the most beautiful voice and pronunciation I had ever heard. Again, a little later, the voice of this angel called my name and I woke up. The third time I heard the angel’s voice calling my name, I awoke and this time I began to hear beating of drums. I remembered that I opened my eyes and still heard the drums and it was getting louder. The heavenly hosts, the angels, were marching down the corridor of the hospital beating their drums like a parade. They first went into the children’s ward. Then they began to march towards my room. When they came to my room, the Lord was in front leading them. He raised His arm and the angels stopped near my door. Jesus was in a long, white garment and had a long, red sash. On the sash was written: Prince of Life. The red sash represented the Blood of Jesus. His Presence and power lifted me up and I sat up in the bed. The room was filled with a beautiful fragrance of God’s Presence.

The angel that was in the room with me, got up and stood in front of the bed. Jesus and some angels came in the room. The rest of the angels stood outside in the hall. A nurse, who was by my bedside, had black hair. The presence and glory of the Lord was so strong, that her hair changed in color from black to blonde and shone like the sun. I remember I began to pray, and by this time the nurses and doctors came in the room. I was not aware of their presence until I heard them talking. After I prayed, I began to sing some hymns. I heard them saying, “What a beautiful voice, I wonder if she sang on a stage. It is so beautiful.” The hymn I was singing was “In the Cross, In the Cross, be my glory ever, till my ransom soul shall find, rest beyond the river.” It was not my voice, it was the voice of the angel that sat in my room all day. The angel sang with me in the chorus. “In the Cross, In the Cross, be my glory ever, till my ransom soul shall find, rest beyond the river.” They said my countenance changed. It was so beautiful while I was singing. It was the Presence of the Lord.

When I felt myself rising, they happened to ask me, “Tell us, where are you going?” I said, “I am going up to heaven. Tell my husband I am going to rest, not to worry about my soul.” When I got through singing the last verse of the song, I said, “Do you know about this river?” The Lord made me explain about heaven and eternity, where there is no end. Jesus made me testify to them about eternity. The question was answered, is there a heaven and hell? Yes was the answer.

When I asked for my Pastor and husband to come and pray for me, the Lord made me live to take care of my two children. After I passed my crises, I remained in the hospital until I was strong enough to go home. I was the talk of the hospital. When my husband came to see me, he told me that the nurses were still talking about what they had witnessed.

Two days later, a nurse entered the room and asked me what does the Gospel of Saint Matthew and Saint John have to say? God made me see a scroll coming down from the ceiling with Scripture verses of St. John and St. Matthew. I was able to answer her by reading these verses to her. The Lord reminded me that I had a Gospel of St. John in the drawer of my nightstand by my bed. I opened the drawer and gave her the book. The nurse told me that all this reminded her of the times she and her family worshipped God together. They would go up a mountain where special services were held. All this that she witnessed, stirred her up once again and drew her back and closer to God.

He has kept me all these years and I am sure I am in the right path. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I thank Him for keeping me all these years, and I want to be faithful to Him until he calls me home. I love the Lord, I praise Him, and thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us with His son Jesus. He gave us the best gift we could ever receive. I thank the Holy Spirit for helping me all these years. I owe it all to Jesus.

His Name be praised. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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