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My Joe

Updated on August 21, 2016

Spiritual Visitation

In December of 2015, I my Joe died unexpectedly. I came home from work and found him lying on the floor. Of course, as anyone else thrown in this situation, there was a lot of shock and a lot of emotional trauma. At his funeral I played the song from Mariah Carrey, Some Sweet Day. If you haven’t heard it, the song is about not telling the person you care about how much they mean to you before it was too late and some day they will see them in heaven. I reminded the people at the services not to wait to tell the people you care about how much they mean to them. As I hope I am reminding all of you who read this will do. Some months earlier I had told Joe that living with him was the happiest time in my life. We were close, family by choice, He was my best friend, and now he is gone, I miss him so much.

I had planned on writing a book for some time on the cases our ghost hunting group had done. After Joe’s death, I found that I really needed some extra money coming in and I started to seriously work on it. As I went through the tapes of the various cases, I would hear Joe’s voice on the recordings. It would pain me to hear his voice, I also never realized just how much he was part of my ghost hunting he was. He would help me a great deal when I needed him. In many of my stories you will see his name and involvement in some of the cases. My friends, members of my group, and acquaintances tactfully asked me if Joe had contacted me since his death. The answer to that is yes, several times. Why wouldn’t he, he knew I was a ghost hunter and I wouldn’t be frighten by this, in fact, I would have expected it.

The first contact was when I was doing the dishes. I had finished and was wiping down stove saw Joe standing at my side with his hands on his hips as if to tell me, why didn’t you do that when I was alive. I very rarely did the dishes. Joe was home all day while I worked strange hours and came home very late most of the time. I saw no reason why he couldn’t do the dishes. When I saw him, I knew he was with me. Soon after, I took my tape recorder to see if I could get some evps from him. I did get one that sounded far away saying “get the dog.” I knew it was his voice but I am not quite sure what he meant by that. For Christmas, I bought Joe a tee shirt with a dog that looks like our Dunkin. Dunkin and Joe were best of friends and they loved each other greatly. It broke my heart that he never got a chance to see the tee shirt. I had him buried with it on. Could he have meant that he had got the dog meaning the tee shirt? I hope so.

Next to my pc, I have an old laptop that Joe had set up for me. It’s not connected to the internet and it has an old windows system running on it. I needed something like this to run my recorder cleanup program. This program works great but is not compatible with the newer windows system. I have not found another cleanup program with the same features so in order to keep this program I needed to have a dedicated computer for it and the laptop was perfect. I was working on my pc one day and on top of the laptop was my pill box with my meds I need to take. It was about a half inch from the edge. I glanced to the laptop and I saw the pill box slowly move off the laptop. There were no way any vibrations or draft could have moved the box off the laptop. I knew it must have been Joe moving it to remind me to take my meds. Since his death, finances have been tuff, and I have been frugal with the meds, not taking them like I should.

Sometime around Joe’s funeral, I was talking to Jeff on the phone. Jeff is a friend of mine and Joes. He was there for me at this time and has been my rock. I don’t know what I would have done without him as I do not have any family here in Minnesota. I had considered Joe as my family and he did the same. I don’t remember what we were talking about, I most likely was complaining about something, suddenly a loud crash was heard behind me, it sounded as though a book shelve fell. Nothing was seen when I turned around. On further investigation, I noticed that the shelve inside the console had clasped. When I looked closely at the shelve which was lying on the floor inside the console I noticed the pegs were still in place, in order for the shelve to fall, the peg had to be removed, or the shelve had to be lifted and slid off the peg.

Since Joe’s death, from time to time, Dunkin would look up from where he is and start to wag his tail, or stare at nothing. I know dogs sense things we cannot see. I often wonder if he was seeing Joe.

Joe was cremated as he wanted to. He also wanted to be incorporated into fireworks and blown up. This is something that will take me a long time to be able to afford to do, so I brought his ashes home with me and it’s siting on the mantel. When Joes birthday came around and he got in the mail a birthday card from some company. I felt bad that I didn’t buy him one so I took the card and put it by the urn. A few days after his birthday, I was sitting looking at the fireplace and mantel when I saw the card flip from the top of the card off the mantel to the floor. It didn’t slide off the mantel, which would have come from the bottom and fallen. This was from the top. There was no breeze to cause that to happen and no vibrations. Did Joe do that?

I fall into a depression from time to time and I would let the house work go. One day while I was sitting by the computer, I heard a gentle banging sound coming from the kitchen. I got up to see what it could be and I noticed that the door between the kitchen and the hall way was bumping into the wall even though the door stop was in place and the door shouldn’t been able to move. I checked for a breeze and it wasn’t there. It never happened before, or since. I assume it was Joe telling me to clean up the house.

Every so often when I talk to Jeff, he tells me that that just before I hang up, he would hear a man’s voice say “good bye Jeff.” I believe him. I have experienced this several times while I talked to customers at work. I would hear people talking in the back ground to talking to the customer. I would ask them to turn off the tv or radio and they would tell me nothing is on or they would tell me that they were alone. Last time that happened, I was talking to a gentleman and I heard a man in the background say “Husband’s dead” about a minute later the gentleman said wait a minute, someone is knocking on the door, then he would tell me that his daughter came over with some things from her husband who had died recently.

From time to time I would see lights around the house. Balls of floating lights and one time a streak of light in the fireplace. I have a feeling that it that is Joe; I kind of know what he is trying to tell me about the fireplace. One to have it checked, the other is to burn some things that he doesn’t what people to know. Leave the past in the past.

From time to time, I would get a feeling to be careful or do something or check this or that. I’m not saying that it is Joe guiding me, but it could very well be, so I heed the feelings.

I have a routine that I had fallen in. I come home from work, let the dog out, turn on the coffee pot, give the dog fresh water and food, then as I am waiting for the coffee to warm up I check me e mail, and finally I play some games on the computer. It’s my time to relax and unwind from my day. One day as I was playing a game I heard Joes voice behind me saying loud and clearly a hello, the dog barked at the same time, so he heard it also, I jumped and turned around, I felt tingling on my left side and in the back of my head. I quickly stood up to see if perhaps someone was by the window or in the doorway by the porch. Once I knew for sure no one was around I realized that it was Joe. I stood there and I started crying, I told Joe how much I missed him so much and how sorry that I was for not doing more for him and that I wasn’t here for him when he died. I couldn’t stop crying because I knew he was there. Then I started to feel terrible. Here Joe was giving me this wonderful gift and I am crying instead of being happy that he was here with me. Still crying, I called Jeff and I told him what had just happened. He said see Kathy, I knew he was still there with you. He also said Joe understood about me crying.

It has been a while since anything had happened, except for some feelings that I should follow. I hope the next time Joe says hello, I will be in more control of my feelings.

I don’t know if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this when they had lost someone they cared about. I had talked to a lady named Patty, and she said her husband would come often to her. It made her up set to the point where she felt she had to move.

For me, I have been with Joe for 15 years he was my best friend, and my family. I welcome his visits.


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    • kathyinmn profile image

      Kathy 14 months ago from Jordan MN

      Yes but not all the trees grew. and some of the ones that came up didn't make it through the winter. I guess the winter was too harsh for them or we ( Joe and I) didn't plant them right.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 14 months ago from Stillwater, OK

      Interesting data. After I sent you those seeds from OK that you asked for (I think it was 2014), I never heard from you again, and you dropped off from here. Did they ever grow?