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My Life?, Your Life? Or Just Life! (Poem)

Updated on August 1, 2011

Poem Written 06/30/09 - LIFE

  I am happy but I've been Sad ~ I am mellow but I've been mad
I've been dour but now am Glad ~ I've caught on but I've been Had
I've been a son and now a Dad ~ I'm a gentleman but I've been a Cad
I've had loss but have been blessed to Add ~ I'm feeling stable but have chased a Fad
I'm grown up but have been a Lad ~ I'm feelin stable but have been off a Tad

I've been a sinner but am Forgiven ~ I've tried to die but kept on Livin

I've been the enemy and I've been a Friend ~ I've seen the begining and I've faced the End
I am healed but I've had to Mend ~ I've gone and done and I've had to Pend
I've stood tall and I've had to Bend ~ I've been supplied and I've had to Fend
I've been given to but been blessed to Lend ~ I've been cared for and have had to Tend

I've felt sorrow but now feel Joy ~ I've been blunt and I"ve been Coy
I'm a man but was once a Boy ~ I've eaten meat and I've eaten Soy

I've been Mean and I've been Nice ~ I've eaten steak and I've eaten Rice

I've been hurt and I've felt Remorse ~ I'm on track but have been off Course

I've been bad but now strive for Good ~ Done things I shouldn't done things I Should
~Done things I said I wouldn't, done things I said I would ~
~I've Done what I couldn't & done what I Could~

I've been nice and I've been mean ~ I've been heavy and I've been Lean

I've been active and I've been Lazy ~ I've been sane and I've been Crazy
~I've been clear and I've been Hazy ~

I've been quiet and I've made Noise ~ Did my chores and played with Toys
~Been friends with girls and I've been friends with Boys ~

I've Been a loser & been a Winner ~ Been a saint & I've been a sinner
~I've eaten brunch & I've eaten Dinner ~

I've been messy & I've been Neat ~ I've felt cold & I've felt Heat
I have stood & I've taken a Seat ~ I've eaten veggies & I've eaten Meat
I've felt empty but now feel Complete ~ I have won and I've been Beat
I've sat on my butt & stood on my Feet ~ I've been bold & I've been Discreet
I've seen victory & I've seen Defeat ~ I've learned the books & I've learned the Street
I've done it once & I've had to Repeat ~ I've had to save & I've had to Delete
~ I've had to say good bye & I've had to Greet~

I've picked it up & I've let it Drop ~ Been the seller & had to Shop
I've seen it work & I've seen it Flop ~ I've known a crook & I've known a Cop
I've been a tot & I've been a Pop ~ I've taken it slow and I've had to Hop
I've run the show & I've pushed the Mop ~ I've eaten seafood & I've eaten Slop
I've been to the bottom & up to the Top ~ But once Jesus said GO!, I couldn't Stop!

Thank You


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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