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My Oneness Blessing

Updated on October 6, 2015

We are all One

Breathe in the Light
Breathe in the Light

What is Oneness?

So what is the “Oneness Blessing?” I first heard this term when I participated in Global Oneness Day on October 22, online with the Humanity Team. It was exciting to connect with thousands of people all over the world who were hungry to share spirituality, peace, love, and a burning desire to create a better world.

For me Oneness is about that sense of loving connection with others and the Divine. There are web sites that will help one awaken to a deeper form of Love and Divine consciousness called the power of Grace by some. Also if you search YouTube with key words like ‘oneness blessing meditation,’ there is a wealth of material that are designed to help overcome the sense of separateness and loneliness that apparently is generated by the brain and our ego.

The term Deeksha is a school of deep meditation that appears to stimulate a neuropsychological transformation in the brain, helping us become more present in the moment and more aware of our inherent spiritual nature. Those who are trained and practice Deeksha share their Light with others, which in turn facilitates this awakening process.

Of course some reject any form of spirituality, and others remain steadfast that their own religious principles are the only way to happiness, enlightenment, or salvation. If this works for you than my Oneness Blessing won’t be very beneficial.

Personally I embrace a Unity Movement concept that suggests that we are free to find our own pathways to Divine Connection. When this connection is made via prayer, affirmations, meditations, and love-in-action, one’s life can be transformed and healed on many levels; i.e., mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Then we can move forward to create a better, healthier world.

During this Holiday season where we pause to be thankful for the good in life and celebrate Love on many levels, I share with you My Oneness Blessing. Keep in mind that these are my beliefs. You are completely free to discover your own personal connection to your God:

“I breathe in the Light everywhere present. I ask to feel the presence of the Divine in my heart. Whatever challenges I face, there is nothing to fear because I am one with all that is Life.

I claim our spiritual inheritance: I am a perfect expression of God’s Love. I have the power to reject anything that is negative. I embrace all that is good and positive as the Truth.

In the name of the Holy Spirit and the Divine within, I see myself set free and healed. I feel the warmth of Divine Energy flowing through my body, healing, transforming, and regenerating any problem area with the Truth: the material must always yield to the Spiritual.

I am grateful for who I am and for my connection to Love.”

This is my Oneness Blessing. Here’s to Heaven on Earth, happy holidays, peace, blessings, and Light. We are One.

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The picture was taken from my front porch in Cave Junction, Oregon.

Embracing Oneness.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I liked this hub. Thank you. The notion that we are all joined by love, is a cornerstone for me.