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My Out of Body Experience a Personal Spiritual Revelation

Updated on January 25, 2011

My Out of Body Experience

I was sixteen years old, I had fallen ill and my body was in total shock from the flu. It felt like I had been beaten to a pulp all over. There was no way to lay, sit, or stand without pain coursing through whatever part of my body was touching a surface. I had begun to shake and shiver with fever and my mother laid me down on blankets in front of the television so she could monitor my feverish condition.

As I lay on the floor watching Total Recall of all things on the television my eyes began to grow heavy. My head was swimming in pain and my body felt heavy and weak. Soon I fell into a very deep sleep. I awoke in the same position I was sleeping in. The lights in the room were turned down. I pushed myself up off the ground standing up and headed into the kitchen area. I went to the sink to grab a cup of water, as I approached the sink I felt something was strange. I stared at the sink and at the glasses on the drying towel that sat next to it for what seemed like an extended amount of time, I figured I was just trying to wake up or that the fever had really gotten to me. I tried to grab a glass and it seemed like I was having trouble getting hold of it. I still felt a little uncoordinated so I turned to the fridge and remembered the Britta water filter in the freezer. I wanted to grab it and take a drink of ice cold water. Again though as I reached for the freezer handle my hand seemed to miss or slip away from being able to grasp the handle. I grew frustrated at this point so I yelled for my mother who was sleeping on the couch.

After she didn’t stir or answer my call I turned to see why she wasn’t responsive. I then saw on the floor in front of the television another person lying where I had been laying before. At first I thought it was my little brother so I called to him but again I got no response, so I walked into the den area of our kitchen. Looking down at what I thought was my brother I kicked at him saying his name. That is when I realized something was amiss.

I leaned down to see his face and realized I didn’t recognize the person lying there in front of the television and then suddenly it hit me. That person was me! I reeled back in awe frightened of this revelation. I came to the conclusion that it was all a dream so I calmed down. I waited a moment waiting to wake up but for some reason I didn’t, so I turned back to the fridge. I went to the door and decided I’d try again to get some water, as I reached I saw my hand pass into the freezer. I then reached out my arm and placed it squarely inside the freezer seeing if I could feel for the Britta water filter. Alas I did not seem to be able touch what was inside though I did realize a temperature change. So I then very suddenly stuck my head inside the freezer. I could hear crackling sounds all around me and a vibration running through me and it was pitch black. I continued forward walking into the freezer fridge with my entire body. I then stepped through the freezer and into the adjacent wall. I emerged in the bathroom opposite the wall of the kitchen. I was standing in the bathtub with one leg and when my other emerged I was straddling the tub wall with my left leg near the toilet bowl. At that point my logical sense of everything seemed to disappear in a cold instant. I was frightened because I hadn’t woke up and I wanted sanctuary, a place to sit and think, to calm down and figure out what was going on. I was trying to rationalize what was happening to me.

I looked to the bathroom door and there diagonal to the bathroom to the left was the door to my room. I sprinted from the bathroom into my room. When I came through the door there was a loud booming voice that said, “THESE ARE THE LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Suddenly the floor of my room was gone and the world around me began to smear and fade away from reality. I then began to fall as (the numbers 7 to 1) cycled down as I fell. My Christian upbringing lead me to believe that if everything I had witnessed prior to this part of this experience was correct I had died. Now falling downward to a Christian at least to this guy meant I was going to hell. I began reaching outward as I descended trying to catch a hold of anything I could. At one point a light shot past me and I could see the memories of another soul that was going upwards and away from me. I then approached the final numbers in the sequence 3, 2…

On one I sat up with a start, my heart pounding, sweat dripping off my body and face. I yelled out, “Mom! I DIED! I DIED!” My mother woke up from her sleep and flicked on the light as I lye on the floor shaking with a seriously high fever. My mother called the hospital who directed her to get me into a bath of cold water to bring down the fever and give me Tylenol. She did this and placed cold rags on my head and neck as I rested in the bath. In the morning my parents took me the doctor who told me that my experience was a fever induced dream. At that time I believed he was right and chalked the experience up to me being sick.

A year and a half later I was at school sharing my fever dream with a friend of mine in art class. I explained how I had heard the voice and saw the number seven flash before my vision and that I seemed to fall back into my body. I didn’t realize that my art teacher had been listening to our conversation. At the end of class she approached me and asked if I had ever read any Hindu or Buddhist teachings before. I explained that I had not and that I was raised to be Christian. She then explained to me that these religions believe in a seven levels of consciousness and that the seventh level is the level of death and she encouraged me to look up more about what she was saying. I had fear of just reaching out to an unknown religion to verify my experience, so I waited another two years to try and research what my teacher had told me about.

That year 1996 I got a computer and the internet, it was my first computer and it opened up a new world to me. I began to research the experiences I had that I had filed away under unexplained. Then that August I found it, the seven levels of consciousness. It blew me away. I then had to consider that perhaps what I had experienced was not a dream at all, but a real event that had taken place that night. I had truly left my body as a soul but I was still tethered to it since I was still not dead.

Now I can lean towards either argument, it could have been the fever no doubt, but it could also have been a real out of body experience. How can one know for sure? People I tell usually side one way or the other and I just let them draw their own conclusions. I for one believe I had a genuine out of body experience but like I always do I leave you to draw your conclusion. Thanks for reading this personal experience.


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    • quuenieproac profile image

      quuenieproac 7 years ago from Malaysia

      I too had this OBE while I was in the operating room in the hospital which I shared in my hub.

      I have heard people relate their experiences where at night their spirits leave their bodies and then return before morning. Seems they can even control the timing of the OBE. Thanks for sharing about Shamanic Guide.

      God bless.

    • robie2 profile image

      Roberta Kyle 7 years ago from Central New Jersey

      This was a really fascinating read. I've never had an out of body experience myself, but you took me with you on yours and for that I thank you.... there surely are levels and worlds which we humans do not usualy see or experience-- just what they are and how they work, I'm not sure we are capable of understanding-- but I, for one, will never judge or scoff or think I know what I cannot, with the limits my brain and body impose on me, know.