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My Paranormal Encounter

Updated on August 10, 2017

The Time I Became A Believer Of The Paranormal


My ghost story begins when I was around the age of ten. And at the time I really did not have much of an opinion about the paranormal. After all I was a kid who thought that ghosts were only seen at Halloween when a kid puts a sheet over his or her head and has two slits for eyes. I was visiting my relatives in Pennsylvania as we always did during summer vacation. One night, the whole family was sitting outside on the front porch listening to stories my aunt was telling about a possible ghost that occupies her mother’s house. The stories were pretty interesting and scary to some extent. I still was not sure if she was telling the truth or just trying to make it less easy to sleep at night. And then the question that would change my belief in ghost was asked by my own mother “can we go visit the house and see for ourselves?”

My uncle took my mother, father, sister and myself to go visit this house that was supposedly haunted. A brief history on the house is that it was built sometime in the 1800s and was a house that was used to hide slaves during slavery times. The basement is an actual tunnel that was used for the Underground Railroad. My aunt’s father was a doctor who mostly dealt with his patients out of his own home. He had also served in the military. He had died many years ago, and left behind my aunt’s mother all alone in the house.

As we approached the house it sat on many acres of land and was not visible from the road. As we drove up, the house had the typical creepy look to it which many people would see in a horror film. We got out and immediately I started looking in all the windows to see if I could see anything. It wasn’t till we went inside that we started to sense and hear that there was indeed a presence here that was not of the living.

My uncle decided to give us a tour of the house. Standing at six foot three and weighing in at nearly two hundred and fifty pound, he was not at all the tough guy that he looked. He was more scared to go in the house than we were and he has been in multiple times. We began our tour on the first floor. Already the house had a creepy feeling as if someone we couldn’t see was watching us. The house had many creeks and noises that an old house would normally have, but the noises we were about to hear were something totally different. As we walked around the first floor, we were about to head up onto the second floor when all of a sudden we heard a door slam shut upstairs. We all froze. No one was upstairs at all. A few moments passed, and when we were about to move we started to hear footsteps walking down the hall above us. We all were still. Nobody moved for about what seemed like an eternity. We heard another noise, and that’s when my uncle decided he did not want to be in the house anymore. And as he ran out, we were all right behind him. We all went to the side of the house. I looked up in one of the bathroom windows and noticed that the curtain was moving as if someone was looking down at us. The window was opened, but no wind was blowing at all. We looked as the curtain continued to move. I started to believe that something paranormal was looking right back at me. Though my father was not yet convinced. And after what he had said, turned us all to believers of ghost.

My father looked at the window and I said I will believe something is there when the window shuts. I started to hear one of the door knobs to the side house door start to rattle. Then a few seconds later, the bathroom window slammed shut. That is when we all headed for the car and wanted to get the hell out of there. Ever since then I have always been interested in paranormal investigation.

It was said that the ghost that haunted this house was a women the called the “grey lady.” She was a kind spirit who was said to die of depression. Her family would not let her marry the man of her dreams. It is said that she died upstairs from a broken heart. Not too many years ago a tragic accident happened to the house which caused it to burn to the ground. Although the spirit of the “grey lady” may have moved on, I will never forget my experience I had there.

Sad to say that this house is no longer alive so to speak. It caught fire a few years back and burned to the ground. Makes me wonder what happens to a spirit that inhabits a place do after that place is no longer physically standing. Is there still some kind of barrier holding them back? Do they move onto the afterlife? So many questions and so much more to learn about the paranormal. I have never lost interest in the paranormal and will continue to research and visit haunted places when I can .


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