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My Political Feelings As A Christian

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 04/10/10

I used to be a very political person, then around 2009 God laid it upon my heart to leave poltics out of my life & discussions. I didn't know why, but wasn't going to question God. I really struggled to maintain that and "slipped up" a few times. I was blessed and free to enjoy political observation on the walls of many others FaceBook walls and public discussions, hence staying "informed". However by not staying wholly rapt in those diatribes & tirades that transpire in these troubling times it was interesting to sit back & take a good & true look at whats going on, where America is headed and where it already is. In addition to that, to see what & how we got there.

I want to be upfront and clarify a few things on where I stand so that there is no misunderstanding of my beliefs, I am NOT a supporter of Pres Barak Obama, I did not vote for him and am very dissatisfied with the job he is doing. I'm also not a fan of the current Democratic party in general and can't even think of one I'm the least bit impressed with currently. I am registered as a Republican, but am not all that excited with the current state of the GOP either. Many speak of the need for a 3rd party, but I don't see that as the nswer either, at least not whats been presented so far. The party that I think we need is the party of "We The People", the same party that started this great nation and the premise and principal that it was founded on. Politicians in my opinion are seriously flawed & seem (for the most part) to get quickly absorbed into "business as usual" once in DC. No matter where they come from, usually State, County, District or City Gov't they are already "flawed" by the system, the broken system of "politics, DC style".


 To clarify, I am a Christian, I'm not perfect by any means, far from it actually. I do believe that our country needs a greater return to God as was set in our Founding. Please don't misunderstand this to mean though that I think America should be a Christian Theocracy, that would never work. God gives us free will, our Founding Fathers knew this and they also felt that the basic common sense laws of God the creator were good for application in America. Even the Founding Fathers who weren't of "faith" agreed that things like "don't steal", "don't lie", "don't covet" and "don't kill" were a good foundation for American law. Beyond that, as God gave us free will to "choose" our own destiny, as long as we didn't interfere with others life and freedom the same went for America. We have the freedom to fail or succeed as individuals, either without Gov't intervention. A quick clarification of some revisionist history too, the "seperation of Church & State" was to keep the State (Gov't) out of the Church, not to keep the Church out of the State. Prayer & Faith were a willing and voluntary part of Gov't for many years before this assault on the Judeo-Christian heritage of our country.


 ~What Happened?

 So whats gone wrong? Well, one example is that many of you, like myself, are likely already getting impatient with reading this writing. We've become a "fast food" & well, everything else nation. Were geared towards sound bites, abbreviated text(s) and instant gratification. Sadly this often spills over into our spirit life as well, we often don't have "time" for God, especially not the Prayer time this nation so desperately needs. Even many of us who proclaim Him as our Lord & Saviour can often be found seeking answers to our nations "ills" from "man" of some form, this is especially true in politics.

 Remember all the "hype" to get Scott Brown elected? Then a few weeks in after his 1st vote "saved" us from peril, he voted for something else that turned half of his supporters against him. Fairly, it's on both sides politically, many people thought of Obama as some sort of "political messiah" - oops. Sadly some still see him that way. On the issue of healthcare, I don't think many have yet realized that they are not getting "free" healthcare, they are now just going to be required by law to buy the healthcare that they already couldn't afford and if they don't they'll be fined. I struggle not to laugh as this realization hits those that thought "free" was a possibility. Many of my liberal Christian friends say that we should willingly submit to giving every American healthcare, in Christs name - yet they want the Gov't in charge of it? - yikes! But I challenge them with this, why only every American? Aren't we all Gods children?, worldwide? Shouldn't (based on their theory) everyone in the world get medical coverage? And shouldn't we ALL, not just the rich, make the sacrifice to do that? we could all vacate our homes, surrender our cars, build mud huts and get bicycles and give up 90% of our income to care for the world. Liberal friends, are you with me? I didn't think so, sadly the liberals always want to help others (which is great) it's just that they want to do it with other peoples money, not their own (whcih is stealing). Not very Christ like, you see as Christians, we don't deserve anything but death, but by Gods Grace we are saved. I don't think God ever wanted or intended for His work to be done by the Gov't. God gives us free will, forcing people to help other people goes against that.

 Yet, to my conservative friends, we also can't legislate morality, nor can we force our ethics or morality on others. Even murder being illegal doesn't stop people from killing one another. We have a free will choice in life and death, eternity and destiny. We need to seek to help the individual(s), this goes for both "sides". Our relationship with Christ is a personal one, we are called to Minister in our community(s) as God asks from each of us. If God has a person or a people on YOUR heart, it's YOUR duty, not the Govt's and not your fellow citizens.


~The Funding of Politics!

 In the 2008 election campaigns just 3 of the possible Presidential candidates had over 90 million dollars in campaign contributions combined, how many more candidates were there? THEN figure in every senate & congressional race, THEN go to each State, District, County & City and this all across America. I'd be willing to bet that the amount of money spent supporting "our choice guys (and gals)" for office could have paid off the national debt (before Obama started spending). We spent that kind of money on the hopes of & for "man(kind)". Yet that amount of money on either political side could have done so much for their given causes, but NO! we all seem to want the Gov't to "fix" things, yet it's the Gov't thats broken..


~Don't Give Obama More Credit Than Whats Due

 Now for all of you who think Obama single handidly ruined this country, sorry, it's only been a year, if things weren't already in place for him to go forward with all he has he couldn't have pulled it off. Once again, politics as usual. The last 4 Presidents took a household paycut to take office, why? love of country? maybe.. Power? likely.. But I'll tell you this, all those hearty donations to get them elected, require a return on investment. I wasn't "excited" about voting for John McCain, it was more a vote against Obama. Yet now it's come out that George Soros (one of Obamas biggest $ backers) has been funding McCain for almost a decade. Once again, more of the same - politics as usual.


~Vote Them Out?

 I keep hearing that if we vote them in and they break promises we vote them out, great idea, except for one thing. Once they've held office for one term, they have "benefits for life", so it's ok to keep churning them, but were gonna be paying for all of them too - including the great health insurance that they have that ISN'T what they "gave" the American people. But, I am for term limits.

 All of us (We The People) have to attempt to live, work & survive within a budget, yet the Gov't doesn't. If they need more money (which they always do) they can raise taxes to make up the difference, while at the same time making our personal budgets even tighter. Yet this gives them NO parameters by which to function in "budget".


~On Israel

 Quickly to Israel, I know some of you feel we shouldn't "stand with them", I disagree, yes, Israel the country may make some mistakes as "people" or "man(kind)" are prone to error in their Gov't decisions & choices (just like the US) but we need to stand with Israel - the people, Gods chosen people (nation). I'll stand with them continually - period.


~How Far Have We Sunk?

 OK, lastly I'd like to address what a sad "Jerry Springer" / Jr High" nation we have become, so many political rants (on both sides) are strewn with insults, defamation, hate & slander. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated too, I understand the frustration. Oddly, the cussing & swearing doesn't annot me as much as the hateful and ugly things said about people, individuals - Gods children, and much of this from fellow Christians. If you believe that we are ALL made in the image of God, how then can such belittling comments be used? Against Obama (OBummer), Nancy Pelosi (Pelousy) and the nasty things I've heard said about Michelle Obama I'll not even repeat here. What political merit does that stuff have? I've read some great well written political writings that go into these persoanl assaults & insults that do nothing for the content of the article but take it to a "JERRY, JERRY!" level. It seems that SERIOUS political commentary would at least be respectful, once again, especially from expressing Christians. Now, I only pointed out the rights slanderous attacks, it's very prevelant on BOTH sides, when Bush was in office he was pelted daily (well hourly) and even to the point of being hung in effegy (oh boy if someone did that with Obama - whoo) talk about a double standard. Yes I know "well they did it first", yeah, once again, this isn't Jr High... I know our pundits on TV & Radio have a field day with that stuff, thats why they are entertainers and often aren't taken seriously, when you delve into the bowels of character assassination you loose credance.


 Well, thats what I see, are we gonna "grow up" as a nation or are we gonna continue as "punks on the playground" at recess? The politicians & pundits are doing a great job of keeping "We The People" divided & meanwhile their agendas & power continue to expand. If your an athiest or an agnostic I hope that you were still able to find points of interest in this writing. I have a God in Christ worldview and can't ignore that to me it's largely Americas neglect of God causing her problems.


~Lord, please hear Your people, called by Your Name, may we repent & return to You & may You forgive and restore this once great land, in Christs precious Name ~ Amen


In Christ

Jimm Bacon

ps- I'm not saying that we should "do nothing" to help fix our nation, we should be active & involved. Perhaps if more of us did our civic & community dutymaybe so many others wouldn't be looking to the Gov't for help. We need to change the outlook of the people. And I believe that we who call ourselves Christian need to put God first & foremost above all else and especially above all men, and He should be our #1 priority.

Anger breeds anger - Hate breeds hate


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    • Jimm Bacon profile imageAUTHOR

      Jimm Bacon 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Amen! Thank you both very much. Brenda, we can legislate it and it may help some, but murder is illegal and carrys a stiff consequence, yet happens everyday. Without changed hearts... If abortion were made illegal tomorrow, it would stop some, but many more would still happen.

    • profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      7 years ago

      I think too many people have found politics more entertaining than Christianity - much to the enemy's pleasure. Ask yourself: how much time and energy did Jesus spend on politics? - and He lived in an occupied country. And how many Christians can trace their conversion back to anything political?

      Thanks for the interesting hub.

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 

      7 years ago

      Voted useful and interesting.

      I agree with a lot of it.

      I disagree that we can't legislate morality, however.


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