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My Prayer to God for Nigeria 2018

Updated on December 6, 2017


I thank God Almighty for giving me the grace to present to you His prophetic response to my prayer for Nigeria in 2018.

I want you to note that all the predictions in this article are subject to change depending on the stake holder's positive response or rejection of those messages contained. I am not presenting these messages to be hailed when they come to pass or be tagged fake if they don't. My sole objective is that people concerned can use it as a road map to lead them to their deliverance and success through prayers and caution.

Therefore, I will now briefly give you a summary of what the nation will go through during this year 2018. The messages will also focus on some individuals whose activities have influenced to a great deal the economic and political status of the nation positively or negatively.

2018 General

I took a glance into the nation's book of destiny to find if the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari will still be on seat for the second term in office in 2019 and I found that he will be voted out.

The Lord says he is a good leader, but his anger always cause him to destroy what he has worked for. This problem has been with him a long time. It is high time he checked himself.

This year will record one of the worst economy in the life of the nation since independence. Even a great icon in the nation will relocate abroad because of his past bleak pronouncement concerning the future state of the economy which the people will now experience in full blow.

Counsels will come as usual but Mr. President will not listen to the advice of the people that matter. Agriculture, which many hoped will succour the economy will be a disappointment.

During this crisis, the Lord wants the leaders to be fair to the people. He wants them to be kind also and live in absolute humility.

There is nevertheless a solution to revamp the economy in the year 2018. If Nigerians embrace maritime agriculture, it will to a long extent cushion the economy because it's going to prosper very well this year 2018.

Another problem Nigeria will be facing this year is that many leaders will have a heart to work conscientiously, but because they are carnal, they will do opposite. Their clergies need to pray for them for strength from God in times of temptations.

The cause of this problem, as revealed to me by the Lord Jesus Christ is that Nigeria has been enslaved by the Kings of Persia.

Remedy is very possible but unspeakable on this platform because many hate the truth and many are not spiritually matured despite all their educational accolades.

When the remedy comes, Many foreign nations will come and invest in the country. Tourism and religious pilgrimage will also boost the economy and the image of the country.

2018 Nigeria World Cup Performance

Nigeria will perform fairly well in the coming 2018 World Cup. Through the Book of Destinies I have seen that Nigeria WILL NOT win the World Cup no matter how good and prepared the players. The Super Eagles will win up to the Quarter Final stage. But will fail at the Semi Final because of their compromise with the opponent club. If the referee, chief coach and the players do not allow themselves to be used against the club by trickery of the Gibeonites (Joshua 9 : 9-24), they will win the game up to Semi Final stage. And that being done, will give them an easy ride to the Finals which will not be won no matter how skillful they are.

January 2018

This month, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari will gain the favour of many because of the way he will conduct himself among the people. He will be guided by God and take right decisions. Because of this, the Lord will promote and increase him even materially. He will have honour among great world leaders.

We should expect a powerful world leader in Nigeria this month of January. He is coming with the plan to rebuild the nation. This, the Lord told me it's because the nation has received forgiveness from God. Nigeria this month will receive gift from a foreign powerful nation.

A ruler, (Governor or President) will escape been killed this month. Nevertheless, we still need to pray for them.

The spirit of fertility will flourish in the country. Many barren women will conceive and give birth to children. Another medical breakthrough will be recorded in the country.

Sule Lamido

Sule Lamido will be involved with Nigeria's strong men at war with each other this month as each draw his battle line. The Lord God is using this medium to warn him against joining forces with the enemies of this nation to perpetrate lootings and causing havocs. God sees clearly in secret. Prayers should be offered for Nigerian women who are being used for rituals, sex slavery and biochemical experiments.

Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama

He should seek God's face for forgiveness and divine directions. He should know that there is no power like that of the Lord. He must shun those foreign and local spiritual powers to mediate between him and his God. If he yield this warning, he will defeat all his numerous enemies but if not, his situation will be like King Saul whom the Lord left and allowed his enemies to defeat. He needs God's grace over his properties so that they are not taken from him this month.

February 2018

I have been asked by God to tell the people of Nigeria to pray and cancel the crisis that will tend to break the peace of the nation. Many strong men will draw battle lines for each other. Wisdom should be applied at this time to melt down provocation from one faction of Government to another. Despite moves from advisers, the ruling party will not listen to advice. Because of this, many of their followers will desert them unknown to them. This will affect the party's performance in 2019 elections.

Due to an act of corruption in the country over petroleum in Nigeria, and because of the rebuke from the Lord, there will be great scarcity and crisis over petroleum products in Nigeria. The country will be like the 10 young virgins in Matthew Chapter 25. Many will resort to hoarding of petroleum products. But if my people will continue praying (hope on God's salvation power and practising righteousness), the Lord will hear us from heaven. He will use a man who will be discovered to have great wisdom from God. He will bring lasting solution to the crisis. Halleluyah!

Obiageli Ezekwesili

Obiageli Ezekwesili will lose some of her fans to political lions who will devour them. But if strong prayers are raised, maybe God will avert the impending evil. She should always look on the opportunities she is given to care for the less privileged in food and health matters. Even if leviathan's breath makes coals burn, and flames shoot from his mouth, she must show love to God's people and support those in need.

March 2018

The President will sign an agreement of mutual understanding. Politicians will begin to share their ill gotten treasures to win the hearts of people, in preparation for the 2019 political race. I see there will be lots of fundings and spendings among the stake holders. But the common man remains poor in the midst of plenty.

Nigeria will receive forgiveness from the Lord. Peace will also return. She will still be compared with great nations though with some level of resentments. New political parties or party will begin to gain recognition. There will be lots of media deceptions. All should have faith in the Lord and not on man.

LLet's read and meditate upon these passages. Micah 7:5-8, Jeremiah 9:4, Psalm 118:8, Jeremiah 17:5-6, Psalm 146:3, Proverbs 28:26, Isaiah 2:22, John 2:24-25.

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

I read from the book of destinies a comment a close friend of the former president will pass on him on the media - a dog goes back to his vomit. He needs to dissociate himself from what he had openly declared himself retired. He should not go back to active politics if he does not want to soil his revived reputation.

He should be cautious about an enemy in a friend's clothing who have vowed to bring his house down. I pray he does not lose all he has worked for in his life. I see a powerful horse rushes into battle against him. He must watch his back against 419ers and looters of his treasuries.

April 2018

Many politicians will continue to give foolish sacrifices to the people to buy their votes. But I see a veil covering a lot of people. The veil is called "death." (Isaiah 25:7). Death looms around seeking his victims. I warn every Nigerians to be careful at collecting awoof money in the name of politics. Many politicians will consult powers of darkness in their desperate move to acquire political powers.

In the midst of agitation to try officers who mismanaged Nigeria's resources and an argument concerning the validity of a sensitive information that has been hidden for long but exposed now, Mr. President will again hand over to his able deputy to continue some unfinished tasks and travel abroad for medical treatments.

Many officers will disappear with him to enjoy task payers money abroad. Then the great Samson of our nation who seem to have been captured in affliction will suddenly break loose from his shackles of illness and return safely to the disappointment of his captives.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The Lord God will have mercy on him and heal him from his grief and illness. If he determines to follow the Lord only, and not engage in in idolatry practices as some advice him, He will give him respite and turn his grief to joy. The Lord will remember his kindness towards the widows, orphans and clerics this month of April.

His enemies will continue to fight him vehemently but they will all stumble together. He must be cautious to avoid a rift about to occur between him and his wife. He should exercise great humility when his wealth continues to increase. I see him signing a document that holds a mutual relationship between him and some politicians.

May 2018

This month of May, a law or policy which will proscribe international and interracial marriages will be put into operations in Nigeria. I see foreigners who enter Nigeria will be seen as outlaws and something close to spies. A popular leader of the people will lose his life by his enemies. Let's pray to avert a bloody assassination.

I see a major bombing at the FCT and one or two more States of Nigeria. Nigerians should learn to live in love and tolerance. This great assault will be carried out by some religious sect who always complain and find faults in other people. But the evil man who feeds the enemies of Nigeria will be caught and dealt with. Nevertheless, we need prayers to forestall this if possible.

Muhammadu Buhari

His Excellency will see life better in the old days than now. He should recognize the need to update his awareness of the situation in Nigeria. He will address the nation and organise a meeting of the people to discuss a vital issue concerning the nation. At this very period, the antichrist in Nigeria will display all his fury against the Christians through an ongoing controversy. But the Vice President, Osinbajo will come to the rescue. May the Lord Jesus Christ give him wisdom to tackle the sensitive situation.

June 2018

I see lots of people join hands together to complete a big project. It appears it will soon be completed. But the power that be, in anger will decide to kill it. The people's actions will be seen as unpatriotic. Many will be arrested and detained by the Government.

Nemesis will catch up with those who caused others to suffer. Nigerians need to have rethink on their unguided actions. The Lord says He will have mercy if the people live in sober mood.

A woman who has been receiving favour from the people due to her dedication will cry out and "tear her clothes like Tamar in 2 Samuel 13:19" because she was assaulted in the past crisis. She will be consoled and compensated tremendously.

Edwin Kiagbodo Clark

He will gather together many people. He will address them while they will listen to him attentively. He will appoint leaders among the people. This could be an emergeance of a new political party or another political cessation group.

Two of his followers will prove to be traitors and betrayers. They, like radical students under a strict teacher will deviate from instructions given to them.

And as Satan rose to oppose Joshua the High Priest, so these will seriously oppose their master. I see the master relocating to a foreign country for protection.

July 2018

I see that many people may cry and mourn a great leader. Because of him, many will be made to suffer from one affliction to another. I see fighting here and there. There will be an outburst of a major crisis in the country. This is the plan of Satan and not God's. This will also involve foreign countries. Nigeria will be sold to foreign nations.

I see those people who are in charge of medical care, foods or drugs. I see that they will be engaged in a project of building a multinational structure or plant in honour of their great medical achievement of global status. There will be great testimonies from people who will be saved through their medical research. We will still thank God in Nigeria in Jesus Christ name.

Dame Patience Ibifaka Jonathan

The Lord promises to punish all her enemies for the excess display of hatred against her. There are four powerful individuals who have sworn to see her ruined, but they will be the ones to be punished by God.

She will seek the Lord's help at the right place and will be helped.

There are lots of secret deals and lies attached to the woman's trials. All these will be exposed very soon. There are so much exaggerated stories about her so called lootings. It's only God who sees the intent of the hearts of men.

August 2018

Let all Nigerians pray and rebuke civil unrest. Go commands that Nigerians must not wage war against themselves.

A leader will emerge and express God's covenant with him to make him a family of kings.

He in the similitude of Gideon will obey God's commands and so defeat all his enemies as in the book of Judges 6:27-32.

Abubakar Bukola Saraki

He needs to exercise caution concerning women, marriage and sex issues so that he won't fall into his enemy's hands. The enemy I see is a boss to him in the political arena. They even belong to the same political party.

God sends warning to him to seek and obey Him always, or else he will be overcomed by his many challenges. But if he listens and obey, all his goals will be achieved. He will also be blessed more and be completely free from all his troubles.

He is however warned against pride which can bring him down again.

September 2018

People in authority will display the ugly side of human character. I see many acts of torture done secretly but exposed to the public.

I see that members of a group will plot against the leader of the group and cause his ruin. A spirit of betrayal will pervade the nation.

I see that people will be advised to be careful how they go about worshipping their God.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

He will receive a mandate to reconstruct a public infrastructure. He needs to exercise caution on women and sex issues so as to achieve great exploits this year. Bad things will knock at his door if he is not cautious. He must pray not to lose his son while discharging his duties for the nation.

When this happens, it will seem that all his loyalists are all gone from him. However, he will enjoy certain rights and be awarded a certificate to confirm his good works.

October 2018

The worst ever economic drain will begin this month of October. The much expected boom from agriculture will not be fruitful.

The low preparedness and selfishness of the people at the helm of affairs will cause this. I see a plant which is expected to process agricultural product will not function as envisaged.

At the middle of this, while the people are hungry, the issue of restructuring and reconciliation will be revisited.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

The former president will have many people who wants to be his friends at this time after months of condemnation by the same people. He will however have a case to answer at the court of the land. He will be allowed to travel abroad to help negotiate with foreign powers to help the nation economically.

But he may not achieve much success and be turned down because of his legal issue he has at home.

It will be a case of a judge who wants to try the man who stole but holds the key to his son's survival at the hospital. How will he judge the case?

November 2018

One of Nigeria's leaders will be highly favoured and confirmed by God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A controversy will spring up concerning him. But a panel will be set up to look into the problem. There is threats here and there. This will be because of an argument concerning the application of the law. It has to do with a past documented agreement.

Peter Ayodele Fayose

I see the spirits of the four winds of heaven blowing upon him. His utterances will cause him to sin. Because of this, his party may lose the state he governs to another party come next election.

Although he will have many followers and gather them to feed them. They will only flock around him to gain from him. But at the time he need them most, he will be deserted and betrayed. This will make him very furious. He must rely only upon God for victory. He must also watch his utterances so as not to promise what he cannot do or make a vow and not fulfil.

He should retire from running election for another term. If he does, he will not win.

December 2018

While evil people continue to do their evils, good people will achieve great exploits.

Those who enjoyed bombing and destroying the nation's sources of bouyant economy will be arrested. Restoration of destroyed facilities will be implemented. God promises to restore peace in the country if the people will come back to Him.

Diezani Alison Madueke

I see a document that will be used against this woman and many corruption politicians in Nigeria. In it are records of strong evidences which can put many appraised politicians into jail for many years. The document is being secured perfectly. But just in a magical manner, it will be exposed and possessed by the agency working on her case.

Enemies will rise up against her because of that. She needs prayers to secure her life and those who know about it. This shows how sensitive the information she and the document possesses. If she begins to talk, a can of worms will be opened in Nigeria.

There will also be serious crisis in her matrimonial home too.


This now ends my message to the people of Nigeria for the year 2018. I have done my own prayers. What about you? Are you willing to pray also for the nation? If you are a politician or a Government office holder and you need prophetic prayer assistance, please let me know through +2348163032045 and +2347067550237 whatsapp. Let's pray together for our nation.

We have no other place we call home. God bless you and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Jesus Christ name.

Your feedback please?

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    • profile image


      9 months ago

      Thanks Prophet, you are God's mouthpiece. Nigeria will prosper in Jesus name.


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