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My Prayers Have Been Answered

Updated on May 5, 2012

Whether you realize it or not, God finds many ways to communicate with us, he tries to answer our prayers, sends us signs, messages, angels light our way even when we stumble and fall. The problem we have is sometimes we don't listen, we ignore the signs, we avoid the answers and close our eyes and block our ears to what he has sent and what he wants us to hear. We get in our own way, stumbling, falling, tripping and take the wrong path.

There are times we miss a phone call that we were waiting for and disappointment consumes our thought process. Those are the type of signs and answers from God that we choose to ignore. What we need to realize is that God answers our prayers in his way and his time. What we may have asked him for isn't what we need at the time so we feel that he's ignoring us. The fact is, he sends us the answer in what we need, not what we want. We won't always realize this, may not understand at that time but eventually it will suddenly hit us, we realize he sent his answer and know that without a doubt he's right.

We need to see with our eyes, hear with our ears and listen with our heart. In every way imaginable God sends us his answers, shows us by signs and waits patiently for us to see with our mind that he has answered us. I scratch a lottery ticket hoping to win the big prize yet the times I have won anything of significance were those times I needed the extra money. When I was arranging my oldest daughters Sweet 16 party I was on the way to pick up the meat tray and bought a lottery ticket too. I won $100 dollars. That extra money allowed me to not only pay for the meat platter, it went towards the rolls, condiments and pickles. This left me with the money I needed to get another bill paid. As a single parent I would rob from Peter to pay Paul and that day I didn't have to. Another time my youngest daughter wanted a laptop for Christmas. I knew I didn't have the money and would have to disappoint her. The week I told her that I couldn't afford it and we could wait for my income tax return she took it quite well. However I didn't have to disappoint her after all. I bought a scratch ticket and won $500. That was a blessing in disguise. I found a Gateway Laptop that cost $399, I was able to purchase the laptop and buy the extended service plan. Those are the ways God answers my prayers by providing me what I need and not always what I want.

My life has been full of those blessings in disguise that I know without a doubt that God hears my prayers, know when I pray, that God will answer me in his way and that no matter what I originally asked for, his answer is what I needed. Those mornings that I've woken up late for work, leaving later than usual I've avoided more accidents that you can shake a stick at. The times that I slowed down just a bit and someone ran a red light our lives were saved. The time a smoke detector kept going off during the night, we never went into a deep sleep, we were saved from the odorless carbon monoxide leak from our boiler. That time a gun carrying drug dealer came to my house looking for my daughter's ex-boyfriend and he wasn't there saved us from witnessing his murder. If we had witnessed his murder we would have been silenced ourselves. My brother's scheduled business trips for Rayethon being changed a few week's prior to 911 saved his life. Otherwise he would have been on that ill fated flight. My mother listening to a police scanner decided to check out a fatal accident yet when she came to the intersection that could bring her there made the decision to visit friends instead. That was a blessing in disguise because that fatal accident she almost saw was my brother Ricky, my mom's first born. Can you imagine her going to that accident scene and realizing that was her son. I Thank God all the time that she was saved from seeing that horrific scene.

My family and myself have had so many blessing's in disguise that as God is my witness will never doubt his exists. We know that he answers us, that his angels watch over us, help us, guide us and save us on a daily basis. One day we will meet him and share our gratefulness with him in our eternal home.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      6 years ago from trailer in the country

      Awesome hub...God is good and knows the beginning from the end...and the end from the beginning.

    • glmclendon profile image


      6 years ago

      Good read. God answes a prayer for you everyday. He says yes, no, not now. He knows what we need and how to give it to us. Sometimes we say Lord what is this all about, but He knows and He knows how much we can bear. Thanks for sharing.

      Stay Well


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