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Weird Cycle of Creation with No Beginning, and Our ET Origin - According to My Intuitive Speculations

Updated on June 26, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

Our Consciousness Is Not Limited by Body  -  It's merely an Embodied part of the Universal Consciousness
Our Consciousness Is Not Limited by Body - It's merely an Embodied part of the Universal Consciousness

Just Another Dude Exercising Imagination

Let me start with a statement that could equally pass for a confession and a disclaimer. I am not an astrophysicist, an astrobiologist, not even an astrologer - in short anything that would start with "astro". Also, I never saw "Star Trek", "Star Wars" - and as you must already be guessing, nothing starting with "star".

Furthermore, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, or Neil de Grasse Tyson are merely names that I heard - being just proud enough to know they are definitely not football players or fashion designers. But even if by any chance they were, I wouldn't know it, since I am not into football or fashion.

As for the last bullet to my competence to write about "cosmic matters", and especially mathematics, Albert Einstein I know only for his definition of insanity and for his cute bushy moustache - and my math is one of the most painful memories from my high school years.

O.K., now that we've got this behind us, I can breathe much easier, while hoping that no one may take my speculations too seriously.

In the Playhouse of My Mind, Many Outlandish Forms Are Possible
In the Playhouse of My Mind, Many Outlandish Forms Are Possible

Ever Heard of "intuitive Logic"? Well, now You Have

Everything that follows is nothing but a product of my "intuitive logic". You must know the process - when you try to connect some dots by making some sense between them without having much evidence to play with.

I can promise you it won't be any more or less weird than the stuff that you know from science fiction movies, with the only possibility of its being weird in a new way. In the above disclaimer I forgot to mention how I am not too good with organizing my thoughts when it's about such a huge topic, so you may see me all over the place - while counting on your own ability to do some connecting between the dots.

Now, here we go, so please, fasten your seatbelts for this dizzying journey.

Let's Get Off This Bus of Causalities and Time Involved

This busy intuition of mine is telling me that there is something like a cosmic cycle of simultaneously occurring and interconnected realms that would hint at "creation of everything", except that it isn't that, since "creation" is including the element of time, and "my cycle" never started.

To our minds which conceptualize in a linear fashion of causalities, with a cause and effect consuming time with a starting and finishing phase - this kind of speculating certainly must look weird. But who is forcing us to be locked into that frame of mind, why not assume a reality where all elements involved have coexisted indefinitely. If we can fathom the concept of space having nothing like dimensions, then we can also imagine a perpetual cycle of cosmic events.

So, for the first assumption, outside of Newtonian physics which involves limits - everything is happening all at once and "from ever".

On that Tiniest of the Tiniest Realms We Are a Consciousness, a Math, an Idea, an Energy, and a Bundle of Particles  -  All at Once
On that Tiniest of the Tiniest Realms We Are a Consciousness, a Math, an Idea, an Energy, and a Bundle of Particles - All at Once

A Strange Conversion

Let me continue with a metaphor. Two gases, oxygen and hydrogen combined form water, a liquid, losing their characteristics of gases. I can intuit a similar situation between the quantum realm and the Newtonian one, that is this material reality as we experience it together with us in it.

Leaving water for a moment before I return to it - the rumor has it, or is it a scientific fact by now, that on the quantum level everything ever manifested and yet non-manifest belongs to infinite possibilities. Just like numbers, with all their operations known and yet unknown that never had to be "created", all "ideas" of anything have always been in their state of a potential. No one ever had to say: "From now on 2+2 will equal 4", and likewise, no one had to "invent" ideas for anything in existence and yet to start existing, they have always been there.

There I see a logical progression "starting" with numbers - but again, they are a part of a cycle simultaneously happening and in interplay with others.

So, let's see the full cycle. Numbers and math lead to logical organization - which leads to ideas - which lead to energy waves - which lead to particles. At that point there is a jump from one reality to a parallel one - physical, which converts the "creative tension" between math, ideas, waves, and particles into a new drive of "evolving".

And now we are back at our metaphor with water. Just like those two gases lost their characteristics, even though present in water, so the quantum design of man lost its characteristics, even though present in our DNA.

Due to the factor of time, the conversion between man's quantum design into the phenomenon of man took time, with the "slow" processes of material world making impossible for quantum design to just make us pop up on the scene. Let's put it this way: gases being light can behave the ways that heavy liquids can't.

Time Does Not Exist Except in Our Linear Minds
Time Does Not Exist Except in Our Linear Minds

Interplay of Fundamental Factors

Now we come to the concept of inter-conversion among those factors of math, idea, energy waves, and particles. If I understood it right, Einstein said that mass could convert into energy, and energy into mass. I can think of two ordinary examples for that.

First, it has been proven in neuroscience that the more we use our brain, the more new dendrites are created in brain, meaning more mass. Likewise, the more energy you use with your body, the bigger muscles you get.

That alone gave me the idea that other factors mentioned are also convertible into each other. So, the big question in connection with all this may be - why the phenomenon of man? And mind you I don't just think earthly man, but man-like creatures all over the universe, some of them possibly many, many millennia ahead of us.

By the logic of that fundamental "tension" between the factors to enhance each other, the new, Newtonian realm was pushed by quantum design via DNA towards the "end" of the cycle, where man's brain would be developed enough to take the dip down the rabbit hole backwards - from matter to energy, from energy to ideas, from ideas to logic, from logic to math. That would finish the full cycle, coming back to the most basic - math.

Something that in cosmos is happening simultaneously - took man "time" to get to, everything being linear in his world of atoms.

For those folks still locked in the linear reasoning which is suggesting that "someone" had to start the whole process - no, there is no "process" on those other realms, only in material, Newtonian world. Consciousness is just another constant, like math, like logic, like ideas, like energy, and particle. It's all around indefinitely.

Some of Us Still Refuse to Evolve
Some of Us Still Refuse to Evolve

Let there Be Man!

So I got to the idea to play with yet another analogy, this time between our creative drive to come up with better technologies and the creative drive of those communities of highly advanced civilizations on other planets to "shorten" the evolutional process from one cell organisms to a conscious being - meaning homo sapiens as we know ourselves.

At the phase of some savage monkey-like creatures roaming around the earth, those smart asses from other planets decided to intervene with crossing their DNA with that of the "monkey".

Hence that big evolutional gap between those idiots being chased by dinosaurs and nowadays advanced idiots of texting while driving, or creating wars, or from those savages to those sudden blooming civilizations building Babel's Tower, pyramids and other architectural wonders which nowadays technology couldn't duplicate.

We might as well consider ourselves a "genetic bastards", cross-species between an incredibly intelligent beings and those primates. We have an ample evidence of both natures present in us - one of them that is operating on low frequencies, with animalistic urges of arrogance, territoriality, hoarding the means of survival, fighting for an "alpha" status in the herd, pardon, society, and so on.

And then another kind of a nature that is artistic, musical, creative, and yes - spiritual. As we implement those spiritual practices of meditation, self-discipline, proper eating without sugar and wheat which deteriorate our brain - we are taming the beast inside our nature and allowing those genes of our advanced line of ancestors to come to their expression.

With All Pessimism aside  -  Some Day Man will Live up to His Predestined Potential
With All Pessimism aside - Some Day Man will Live up to His Predestined Potential

So what's Our Future in My Crystal Ball?

Now, why those dudes up there don't show us some mercy and instill those higher frequencies into us, so that we stop monkeying around with these politicians, corporations, a garden variety of religious beliefs, pollution, global warming hoax...etc?

Well, let's help ourselves with another metaphor. Ever made a mistake by plugging a radio into an outlet meant for a stove? What happened? You burned it because of too high voltage. Something similar would happen if we got suddenly "inspired" by those mental frequencies of those smart ET's.

From time to time we are witnessing another phenomenon of a genius, which in my opinion is a fluke of the nature where those ET genes find a crack of opportunity in animalistic foundation and get to their expression of an incredible intelligence or a talent.

Coming to the end of my speculations, my intuition is telling me that we are all potentially avatars, divine beings with incredible abilities, (positive)powers, harmonious in our hearts with love and ability to instantly heal ourselves.

Those flukes of spontaneous remissions where a terminally ill patient suddenly recovers without any logical explanation - are some of the examples of those latent abilities. Another one is the phenomenon of hypnosis.

Indeed, there is so much happening that's beyond science and any logic - so let's leave it at this beautiful idea that one day we all may come back after experiencing another quantum leap from our quantum design into a human - but this time around with more of our distant forefathers in our minds and in our hearts.

Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 22 months ago from Canada

      Hello Gilbert - We can send man to the moon and split an atom, but we have only scratched the surface of the mystery about the human true potential. There is hope, especially for those minds that keep exploring their own nature. - All the best, Val.

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 22 months ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      I think it's fascinating you suggest we all have passive genes that can be activated in certain situations. Our human brain is probably capable of astounding powers some of us have not discovered yet, too.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 22 months ago from Canada

      Minneronka Twin - Thank you so much for the nice comment and for the follow. All the best, and be well. - Val

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 22 months ago from Minnesota

      Super creative and quite an imagination. Glad to be following you.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 22 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers - Hey, here came someone to remind me of those who might take my fantasy seriously - just when I stepped out of religious mambo-jumbo of Questions & Answers. I don't think they are likely to take my fantasy seriously, because I gave them enough to know how I don't take theirs seriously either.

      As for those fine scholars, they are just too smart to take every fantasy to their heart. Imagine how much they would fume over Star Trek. My stuff is not even trying to be"impressive" enough to qualify for filming. LOL, that would be some crazy movie! Inseminated monkeys and everything. But maybe some politicians running a war would recognize themselves there.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 22 months ago from Canada

      Kathryn - Wherever you look you see that the nature insists on variety as one of its creative principles. Our material world consists of some over 100 different chemicals, and even though they may be cataloged as metals, gasses, etc., they are all unique in their nuclear configuration. Nothing is uniform in the universe, and to a sharp observer everything has its unique signature and fingerprint. Similarities don't count as uniformities.

      According to my hub, idea of anything can be expressed as an equation, so can the "original blueprint". On its way up from math and a quantum possibility it gets consolidated as a material manifestation. We live in a multi-dimensional world. You are a woman, but in another realm you are a magnificent dance of subatomic particles and light.

      Daily you are re-creating yourself, through metabolism, but also through your thoughts. You are just as much a mini-creator as you are a composition of living cells, only a difference in perspective. In our linear minds we like causalities with causes and effects - but in another realm it's all happening in an eternal NOW, no need for anyone or anything to "ignite" the process. - A self-perpetuating process in a cycle between brain and equations. - Thank you for your interesting comment. - Be well, - Val.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 22 months ago

      I am speechless and so is everyone else, it appears. I'm surprised that you haven't been attacked by a horde of Pentecosts waving a stack of Bibles, followed by Michio Kaku, Neil de Grasse Tyson, and the ghost of Carl Sagan leading a horde of scientists. Lots of truth hiding in a great satire, my friend.

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 22 months ago from LA

      This was a great journey presented so quickly! Thanks!

      You wrote:

      "a space visitor inseminated one of them "monkeys" and created a homo sapiens." Must have been pretty amazing space visitor. Probably an understatement. But the question remains … where did THEY come from?

      I think there is one original blueprint for all the varieties of bodies and brains on earth. They have exact similarities when you look at the bone structures. Someone told me elephants have four legs … but when you look closely, NO! Elephants have arms, elbow joints and "fingers" just like all dinosaurs/animals/humans. Even birds have fingers including a thumb on the end of their arm / wings, I have noticed when eating chicken wings.


      That's my question.