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My Personal Development Jorney only just beginning part 1

Updated on January 15, 2016

This is what woke me up as it seems I have just been going with the motion my whole life. I wanted to find out why I was here and what was my destiny? I was just allowing life to pass by with no real purpose...... Then it was like someone flipped the light switch in my brain to on....

It occurs after Alice has shrunk, and she’s exploring the dark,

mystical forest – desperately attempting to find her way.

Suddenly the disappearing-reappearing Cheshire Cat pops up,

perched high in a tree, and offers to give her directions.

“Where you are going?” he asks.

“I don’t know!” replies Alice.

The cat responds: “Well, if you don’t know where you’re going,

any road will take you there!” from a book written by Karl Moore

I know some of you know where you are going and your purpose in life, but for the rest of us " Do you know where you are going or what your purpose is? If you were anything like me, I have two words for you "WAKE UP".

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought, the mind is everything, what we think we become".. Buddha

Behold the power of our mind and its just not the Buddha, Jesus or Gandhi...All of us has this gift. You just have to know how to apply it with your thoughts. I live with one of the most spiritual beings on this planet and that is my mom, yes everyone has a tendency to love their mothers unconditionally but my mom always struck me as different, growing up with her I am proud to say that she never did anything wrong. I am not exaggerating, she lived as close to a monk as one can get, nothing material matters to her, she has told me that we are here only for a little while and we cannot take material possessions after we pass.

Praying all your life when you didn't even have a mother to guide you, her mother passed after giving birth to her, her father worked all the time really hard and remarried into one of the worst families in our history, she grew up as a step child and was abused in the worst ways possible, she would run away at night to try and kill herself, by throwing herself to an oncoming vehicle at the age of 13.

Do you know it is her mind and guidance from the higher power that allowed her to not only live but she is one of the strongest people I know to date. I am going to follow in her footsteps. Another point I want to make is when you use your mind to make it work you must Believe and have faith...

I recently started using the Law of Attraction to put my mind to the test, I first said I wanted to see a white butterfly, 2 days later I saw a white butterfly flying towards me. I then said I wanted to see a caterpillar, 3 days later they were on a tree in the front yard eating away at one of out flower trees. Beautiful bright orange and black, I was shocked because our gardener said to me that no more caterpillars were to come they all turned into butterflies. These caterpillars were huge, I immediately thought of the caterpillars in that Super Mario game, the forest of illusions. I said to myself I thought this was something someone imagined little did I know it was real and I just manifested a tree load of them.

In the US, living in Baltimore at the time, they were small black and gross looking. These caterpillars has no comparison to the ones in the Islands. I was overjoyed, The pictures do not do them justice, these things were ginormous. I am now in the meditative state which is to reach the higher power. No offense I still love my Baltimore, MD..

"You never know what you can do you try! Start controlling your mind, do not let it control you"

Start testing yourself with the little things and the push your limits....

Hope you enjoyed this post more on this topic to come in Part 2


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