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My Supernatural Experience - Tell Me I am Overreacting.

Updated on August 20, 2015

Practical person, impractical experience

I have a practical, logical personality and this is the sole 'unusual' experience of my life that I have not been able to explain away. This Hub is a clinical description of events from over 15 years ago.

Why clinical?
Because I need to be able to explain the facts without letting emotion cloud your assessment of what might have happened. Because I would rather be told I am being silly than that I have my proof of the existence of the supernatural.

I want to talk about this, but also don't want to. I want to share details of the incident, but I am embarrassed.
Why? Because I fear that someone will recognize that it's me writing about this stuff... and that is not the best for someone who works in the fields I do - it could erode the perception of my capabilities and adversely affect my credibility.

Background - The Island

Firstly, some background about the place the incident occurred:

I was working on a small island.
It is designated a sensitive/protected area. (Trespassers-will-be-shot deal)
There is nothing of monetary or mineral value on it.
The island has a history of supernatural incidents, some supposedly deadly.
It faces the open sea on three sides and the mainland on the other.
You get there from the mainland by government-sanctioned powered craft which operate a few hours a day.
You can also get to the island from the mainland by (government-authorized) helicopter.
Rowing from the mainland is hazardous but technically possible (may get you shot, though).

The Setting

The specific area of the incident:

There is a small power-generation plant located on the very tip of the island facing the open sea.
I was outside the plant, which is surrounded by high fences and barbed wire (this is normal for power plants).
A narrow track runs outside the fence for security and maintenance checks.
There were people within shouting distance but out of sight.

The Incident Starts

This is what happened:

It was the early hours of the morning, probably between 3 and 4am.
I don't remember the moon phase, but the sky was clear and it was possible to see clearly without torches.
I had a discussion with a colleague, who then left me by myself.
I walked along the track and noticed a narrow path leading away from the plant.
The path was visible for 5 or 6 yards, then obscured by thick vegetation.
I decided to ascertain where the path led (related to my job, but I cannot elaborate).
I felt 100% normal on the track.
I felt 10% normal and 90% uneasy as soon as I got on the path.

What I felt

I put the uneasiness I felt down to being alone in the dark and walked on.
I reached the point where vegetation completely blocked the path.
I could not see what lay beyond at all.
I must have stood there, looking at the dense foliage for a few minutes.
There was an almost physical force holding me back. (NOT supernatural)
My mind was screaming "Go back!"
I almost turned and went back to the 'safety' of the track.
I fought that instinct because I felt it would be extremely cowardly and personally embarrassing.
I pushed through the foliage.

Very close, except both the jetty and boat were in much worse condition
Very close, except both the jetty and boat were in much worse condition | Source

What I saw

I was surprised to find myself on a wooden jetty - I hadn't realized I was that close to the water.
The jetty was pretty rickety and led out a few metres over the water.
I walked to its end.
There was a rickety rowboat tied to the jetty with a thin rope, bobbing up and down on the water.

The sight of nothing frightening eased me somewhat, but the voice in my head was still screaming at me to go back.
Satisfied that I had conquered my irrational fear, I headed back off the jetty and pushed through the foliage back to the track, my uneasiness still not quelled. I could not make myelf look back.
I stayed in the area of the plant for another hour or so but avoided even looking towards the path.
Colleagues then came and we moved off together.
I did not mention to anyone what I had seen (and not seen).

Ummmm... so, where's the scary bit?

So what, you ask, and rightly so.
Initially, I was so embarrassed at being scared over nothing that I did not tell anyone of the incident. Also, the light of day had made my feelings seem very silly to me.
Back on the mainland about a week after it occurred, colleagues and I were discussing the trip.
Although no one claimed to have had supernatural experiences, some did say they had felt uneasy.
This admission from others made me decide to narrate my own experience.

After I finished, everyone was quiet. Then, a friend asked, "What kind of boat?"
I described the small, wooden rowboat bobbing on the water as best I remembered.

Regarding me strangely, he said, "No one rows to the island."


Those words stood my hairs on end, as they do know when I recall them.

There are no civilians on the island, individuals are only allowed on it if they have been vetted and issued passes, and even then, they are only allowed to travel to-and-fro on the scheduled vessels, not on their own. Waterborne vessels vary from the powered craft for transfers and supplies, zodiacs used for patrols and sometimes military vessels.

There was no way any of us could imagine that someone could turn up on the side of the island away from the mainland in a rowboat. It made even less sense that whoever it was could approach and moor at a particularly sensitive site as a power-generation plant.

We all went silent.

15 Years On...

Because my work there is finished, I no longer have access to the island.

I have asked others who have been there about the jetty near the plant but no one seems to know about it. That is not unusual in that people are only allowed in the specific areas where they are required for work and not permitted to wander about. Moreover, the fact that the path to the jetty I saw was obscured by vegetation makes it even less likely that even those working at the power plant would be aware of what lies beyond.

Some say it was nothing, and I usually tend to agree. But whenever I am near water at night, that incident plays out in my mind, my resolve falters and I am left wondering...

Reasonable or ridiculous?

Was my experience of something supernatural?

See results

This Hub stemmed from a question I asked a few days ago.

Feel free to answer it or leave comments.


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    • Terrex profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Hello Nightcat.

      Get in the boat?!! God, no!!!

      I did research the island - I include a little bit of info below, in case you are interested.

    • Terrex profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the analyses guys, and for taking the time to write some pretty thorough answers.

      I have researched the island - how could I not after that experience?

      Again, because of the nature of what happens there, I cannot tell you its location or purpose. I have sanitized the facts I discovered so the island cannot be identified (and I will not get into trouble):

      People died there during a period of conflict.

      1. It was converted for official use and the civilian population relocated.

      2. The civilian population claimed (completely unsubstantiated) incidents of supernatural encounters.

      3. The encounters continued after the relocation program, and some have been reported to be fatal. A number of those deaths can be confirmed, and whereas some are unusual, there is no evidence of the supernatural.

      4. Incidents have continued to happen at several sites around the island.

      There is no history of a ghost etc. near the power plant.

      5. An official policy document by the government organization that controls the island tacitly concedes the incidents and proposes certain workarounds, although in the name of very un-supernatural factors.

      I will think about your advice and see where I get.

    • eugbug profile image

      Eugene Brennan 

      4 years ago from Ireland

      Well not to be too flippant, but it sounds like the plot for an episode of a cross between "Lost" and "The Blair Witch Project". Seriously though there was probably some perfectly rational explanation for the boat and jetty. If you know where the island is, does the jetty appear on Google maps?

      The sense of being watched and feeling uneasy in an unfamiliar location is hard wired into our brains, presumably for survival reasons. I always have this feeling when hiking in the forest, even though there aren't any dangerous wild animals where I live. I'm sure its possible under certain conditions for our brains to go into into a runaway fear/paranoia state and feel intense unease, thinking everything we perceive is significant, sort of a situational pareidolia.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 

      4 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      The hallucination theory is also valid - EMF fields do cause strange things, sometimes. However, they shouldn't have made you 'feel' strange ahead of time...

      One of the problems we humans have to deal with in this life is our sixth sense or intuition. Since we can't see it, anything that comes from that kind of experience is always going to be in question.

      It sounds to me like you are a sane person (whew!) who had an intuitive experience so powerful that it seems unmistakable to you that it was 'different' than anything else you have ever felt. So much so, that it could be considered 'supernatural'. I prefer the term 'inexplicable'.

      Our minds are capable of so much more than we use them for - like bending spoons, etc. So, your impression of the situation says a lot. 'Something' happened, but what? It's easy for the imagination to take off on a tangent.

      There definitely could have been 'danger' there and your intuition was warning you for whatever reason. Unfortunately, our sixth sense doesn't talk to us, much - so we are left guessing. I would imagine that it isn't always important for us to know 'what, whom or why'.

      Humans are in the dark like they are because we are here to experience this life. And we can't experience it if we already know everything ahead of time - like, if you knew what danger lay behind that foliage curtain; you would not have 'mustered up the courage' to go check it out and have the experience. It is the journey that molds us - and you, Sir - are brave, ha! :)

    • Nightcat profile image


      4 years ago

      Well, I don't know what types of equipment and generators you had on the island but both EMF fields and magnetic ones can trigger hallucinations and these can of course be frightening. If no one rowed there, and there was no further evidence of the jetty or rowboat you either hallucinated (we humans do it all the time) or somehow saw part of a past event that some people believe can be recorded in an area with certain mineral or electrical conditions, and replayed for sensitive individuals much like a hologram image, but is also considered a type of hallucination. You being able to walk on the jetty negates either theory. So with your flight or fight response kicking in to warn you, you may have encountered a supernatural event. Or not. I certainly believe you saw and walked out on the jetty, and you were certainly being warned of something. Sometimes we get lucky and danger passes us by. I'm just happy you didn't get in the boat whether it was mundane or not. Because your flight or fight response was warning you of something. Can you research the history of the island? The jetty may actually still be there and your human mind, so good at preserving our species knew it was a dangerous place for one reason or another. In the end it comes down to what you know happened. If you know you had a supernatural experience, it obviously can never be proven, but you'll know it happened. Once you've ruled out all other possibilities such as getting spooked by stories of the island, and that's normal, we are a story-sharing species after all, or reacting to the fear of other members of the group, there's an excellent change you experienced an unexplained event. I do know you were frightened for a good reason but what it was I can't tell you. Sorry to ramble, but it sounds like you have a lot of research ahead of you, hope this helps!

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 

      4 years ago from Jamaica

      We all experience a bit of supernaturality....many just dont see


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