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My Supernatural Experiences

Updated on June 21, 2019

My 'haunted' house

My childhood home was a strange place. Bizzare things went on in there and I still think about those experiences. It's hard to tell if they're real or not because the imagination of a child is huge, so whether I made these things up or they actually happened is something we will never know.

First ghost experience

My mum was a single parent so it was just her, my sister and myself. We lived in a small townhouse for many years, this would be the house where all the creepy stuff happened. I miss it and wish I could go back to how used to be, my childhood was fun. I was a bit of a loner and loved playing with my toys alone, I was also a bit of a weirdo but anyway that's irrelevant to the story.

So, from three-years-old up until six my sister and I would share a room. My sister is two years older than me, so I would follow her lead. Some nights when mum would put us to bed, we would sneak out of our room and run around the hallway. Our mum would tell us off and put us back in bed, we thought it was hilarious, I have no idea why.

One night mum put us to bed, tucks us in, does the routinely book reading and bids us goodnight. Instead of going to sleep straight away my sister and I talked to each other. I would have been around four or five and talking about my favourite Furby, who knows.

We suddenly hear our mum tell us to get back into bed. Both my sister and I were confused since we hadn't moved. We told her we were in bed so she comes in to check for herself. There was a look on her face, suspicion maybe? She asked us if we had run in the hallway. We said no and asked why. She told us that she saw a little white figure run in the hall. We told her it wasn't us. Mum seemed to believe us, maybe we sounded sincere or maybe she noticed we were still tucked in tightly. That was the first experience with paranormal stuff.

What did I see?

I know in the first story I didn't get to see what my mum saw, but this next story was my first ghostly sighting and this all happened in the same house, just a few years later.

It was a hot summer night and I had kicked the doona off of me. I was about eight or nine and had my own room finally. So I had woken up in the middle of the night feeling rather thirsty. I sat up to reach over for my bottle on the bedside-table and as I sat up I noticed a white glowing shape at the end of my bed. It looked like a child but not really because it was white and glowing. I thought it was just my doona bundled up at the end of my bed. I only looked at it for a split second and then turned my head to look for my water bottle.

I looked back at the end of my bed and noticed my doona was actually kicked off me and bundled up near the wall (my bed was against a wall). The glowing shape was now gone and I freaked out. I didn't get to have a drink of water that night, instead, I grabbed my doona and covered myself up with it. Sweating and thirsty I somehow fell asleep that night. But I was scared to look around my room at night after that.

The scariest smile I've ever seen

This happened a year or two later and it happened in the morning which is weird.

It was 7:30 A.M. my alarm goes off so I need to get up and get ready for school. I stay in bed for a little while, trying to wake myself up.

Finally, I sit up and stretch. Looking around my room I focus my attention on my closet door, which is white. What I see freaks me the f*#k out. A beautiful smile is staring back at me, not staring, obviously but it was smiling and opening up like it was laughing at me. I couldn't hear laughter but I could tell that it was laughing. Writing that out gives me chills and also sounds way too bizarre to be true. Was it my imagination? Was I just tired? I don't know, it looked so real and I can still see the image in my head to this day.

I watched those straight nice teeth open up into a smile. I blinked and opened my eyes wide. I rubbed my eyes and looked again, it was still there. I looked a little closer and was petrified so I ran out of the room. All that happened within 30 seconds. I never saw that smile again thankfully.

It's been years

These are my three top stories that I remember as a kid. There are a few other things that happened not only to me but my mum, sister and even my aunty who had an even more haunted house than we did. Whether it's true or not, it's fun to remember all those scary times. I haven't had anything weird happen for a long time. Now that I've said that maybe something will come up. Have you got any scary stories that you can't explain? Please share in the comments, I love reading about this sort of stuff.


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    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      21 months ago from Sri lanka

      oh Thank you !!!

    • Foolise profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from Melbourne

      That's creepy. I really like stories like that.

      I will write some of my own and stories from my own family members in a few days just for you. :) stay tuned

    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      21 months ago from Sri lanka

      Actually I haven't experienced incidents like this but I've heard of them. In our neighboring house a man committed suicide by hanging himself. And few months later my grandfather told us that he saw our neighbor in front of that house's gate early in the morning, nearly at 2.30 a.m.

      And I like to read all the experiences you got. So I request you to write them all if possible.


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